The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17

Article 3. There is One Who Smells Like Cool Water

Today, which was four days before the high school entrance ceremony, I woke up early in the morning and turned on the computer with my toes. Then I clicked the mouse with a toothbrush inside my mouth.

During the break, my daily routine always began like this. Once I get up, I turned on the computer with my toes, chill all day long web surfing and laughing at funny photos, and then go to bed when I feel sleepy.

Right. I become the laziest bum ever during the break. I go outside only when I have an appointment.

I skimmed the search engine with drowsy eyes. Nothing special today as well. My wandering eyes were then drawn to one of the trending topics. It was the 7th one.


No, no way. I might have seen something wrong. I opened and closed my eyes twice but nothing seemed to change. Oh, come on… I murmured as my face turned pale.

There are many Yoo Chun Youngs in the world. There might exist people with that name all over the globe. Haha.

I spoke to myself like that. Still, it did not make me feel comfortable. The clock was pointing 8 in the morning, but it was still dark outside like deep in the night. Similar to the way my mind was right now.

If there was one thing that extremely developed as I stepped into this world, it was detecting danger with my intuition, which was almost close to having supernatural power.

Whenever I felt in my bones that danger was approaching, it turned out to be all true. I did not want to confront the fact, so I pulled my head, bit my nails, and, at last, moved the mouse cursor to the ‘Yoo Chun Young’ in the trending tab and clicked with my shoulders bent down.

Then a fancy screen popped out on the white background. As I watched it for a while, I groaned shortly.


First, I thought it was a joke. Second, what the hell. Third, I should transfer to another school.

The very first thing that appeared on the screen was a photo of Yoo Chun Young wearing a tilted black fedora.

As if he was a British gentleman in the 19th century, he wore a black suit standing with his legs crossed in an L shape while leaning against a beige wall.

His hand was on a table with a vase on, and a pop-art illustration vividly portraying the colors of pink and sky blue were hung next to it in a golden frame.

Every element inside the photo was outstandingly unique, but the black fedora and Yoo Chun Young’s pale face were the most harmonizing. His cheeks were red as if he put a blush on around his cheeks, and that seemed to be a perfect match with the flowers in the vase.

His face was seen every day, but I could not take my eyes off of him. He was a fascinating visual and just look at him is enough to melt anyone’s heart. As I kept my eyes on him, I thought this was only available because I was inside a novel.

I scrolled down Yoo Chun Young’s career below his name and most of the brands he had worked with were all well-known. He even had photoshoots with famous celebrities. As I carefully browsed the facts concerning his career, I realized how ignorant I was of Yoo Chun Young’s modeling career.

However, it was out of interest. The more I got to know him, the more unreal he became.

When digging into the underlying cause, the reason we fought about a month ago would perhaps be dues to this. The unrealness of his world. The gap between the novel and the reality.

While I gaped at his face on the screen, my phone that was thrown away on the bed started to ring. I was so startled that I dashed into the bed and snatched out my phone right away. The name appeared on the phone screen was, surprisingly, ‘Yoo Chun Young.’

I sat down on the bed. My eyes were going back and forth looking at the phone and Yoo Chun Young’s face on the monitor.

The guy who ranked the 7th on the online trending topics was calling me right now. I found it hard to believe that this was all true. In the meanwhile, the phone was ringing for more than six times.

I scratched my back and finally answered the phone. Yoo Chun Young was not that type of guy like Woo Jooin who would call for no reason.

A short breath was upon my ears and soon, his low and unique flat voice continued. He asked me in a hurry soon as I picked up the phone.

[Hey, are you awake?]

“Huh? Yeah…”

I mumbled. He might be asking if I was awake by his phone call right now, but I got out of bed less than 5 minutes ago, so I thought it was pretty much the same.

Then, Yoo Chun Young breathed a sigh of relief. What? What’s so wrong with being awake right now? As I knitted my brows, he kept on with his usual calm voice.

[Can I ask you a favor?]

“Something hard?”

A moment of silence swept between us. His next voice was even lower than usual.

[Not sure.]

“What is it?”

I asked lying down on my bed. My brown hair scattered around my face. Yoo Chun Young said nothing for a while on the phone.

Was it that serious? I rolled my eyes while lying on the bed. Yoo Chun Young was receiving the warmest reviews from me by being a relatively normal character among the others in the novel.

If he asked me something, it must have been very important. He still remained silent as I thought it that way. I just broke the ice.

“Okay, fine. You don’t have to tell me if it’s hard or easy. I’ll just listen, but you should do me a favor later in return.”

[Yeah, let’s do that.]

“So, what is it?”


He then murmured. Computer? My expression was then enveloped with a frown with the unexpected word he uttered. Yoo Chun Young continued,

[Would you stay away from the internet for about 3 hours from now?]


My head was up to look at the monitor while lying on the bed. Inside the screen, there was the handsome Yoo Chun Young with the fedora on, glaring at me with that fierce eyes. They had its usual blue hue, but this time, they were horrifyingly cold.

Should I say I already turned it on? I had that in mind for a second but refused to do so since his voice was too serious. I responded instead,

“Okay. Then what should I do, I’m so bored?”

I said with a smirk, but having no internet did not mean I had nothing to do.

I could go to Ban Yeo Ryung’s house or watch TV alone in the living room. I was just being a little naughty to tease Yoo Chun Young more.

However, Yoo Chun Young gave an unexpected answer as if he was waiting for my question.

[Then I’ll go to your house.]


Excuse me? I asked this in my mind. He then scarcely responded to my monologue with a calm voice as if he did not know what his words might mean.

[I could go hang out with you then. Let me take my clothes on now.]

“Umm, huh?”

I sprung out of the bed with surprise and sat with my legs crossed. He is coming to my house right now? Just to hang out with me? Would that be a reason for him to come? I guessed he really did not want me to see him on the internet as the 7th-ranker on the trending topics.

It was then when I tried to explain to him that I was fine, I could watch a rerun of yesterday’s comedy show on the TV instead. As Yoo Chun Young brought up the next words, I could hardly say anything.

[Should I get you something?]


I gathered my thoughts. Although I was not sure about what to say, I heard his family was as wealthy as Eun Jiho’s. I discovered a few days ago that Eun Jiho’s family owned a five-star hotel. Yoo Chun Young, therefore, would be a man of a big caliber as well.

When I come to think of it, Yoo Chun Young always wore designer brands from head to toe. It was not that he was obsessed about it, but maybe because it was nothing special to wear such things in his family.

Yes, Yoo Chun Young is rich. I held my mouth wide open and said, “Umm… I… can eat something expensive…”

[Which one.]

My response was barely something one would call a proper reply, but he just cut me off and threw that question. He was indeed the guy who took the role of ‘― ―’ in this novel. I could hear him moving busily through the phone and that he was already putting on his shoes.

I answered with hesitation, “Tiramisu… A whole size.”

Not a slice, a whole size.

Yoo Chun Young became silent after my request, then he hung up the phone. Without any positive remarks.

I sat down on the bed vacantly holding the phone. What is going on right now? Did I go too far asking him for a whole sized tiramisu? Should I just ask him for a slice then? I meant, was he really coming to my house or not?

My mind was thrown into confusion, but I decided to relax. Whether he came or not, I would do what I should do. I scratched my head and got out of the bed. Then I trudged to the computer.

As I sat down on the chair and scrolled down the screen, I figured out why Yoo Chun Young appeared at the trending topics. A news headline typed in a big font came into my eyes.

The mysterious trending model Yoo Chun, his real name is Yoo Chun Young… Known as the heir of Balhae Group.

I read along while resting my chin on my hand. How far would this novel go now?

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