The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Chapter 2


Holy Christ? I stopped walking.

“What’s wrong?” Ban Yeo Ryung asked me in confusion.

Instead of a response, I was standing still with a deep impact. My head was aching as if it was hit by a hammer.

My face slowly brightened. Okay, I got it! I yelled at Ban Yeo Ryung while clenching my fist.

“Why are you confusing me, girl!”


Her face turned grim, feeling abashed. I pointed the school and yelled with a bright smile.

“Oh, the uniform seemed completely different! This is not the school that I attend!”

“What are you talking about?”

“The one I’ll be going to is Dae Dam Middle School! I’ve never heard about this Ji Jon Middle School. Even the building is different. This isn’t my school!”


She asked me while looking confused. I laughed again with a refreshed face at the white colony walking into the entrance of Ji Jon Middle School.

Yes, this was not my school! That’s why the uniform was different since it was not my school!

I guessed my mom was confused about what school I’ll be attending that she bought a different uniform and sent me to a wrong school. The girl named Ban Yeo Ryung in front of me brought me here because I was wearing the same uniform as her.

I said to her, “Bye! I’m going to my school! We live next door so let’s keep in touch!”

“Umm, D… Donnie! Where are you going?”

She got surprised and pulled my arms. Where am I going? I should probably say something to her!

“Going to my school! It’s Dae Dam Middle School. I’m not going to this place!” I replied to her with a bright smile.

“What’s wrong with you, we took the placement test together in here about a month ago!”

What she said made me stiff. What? However, I decided to keep smiling.

“No, you’re confusing me with someone else. I took my test at Dae Dam Middle School!”

“What? There isn’t any school like that around here!”

“Yes, there is. Maybe you’re not getting it right.”

Ban Yeo Ryung, the fact that you do not know does not qualify it does not exist.

I convinced myself and tapped her shoulders. It felt like I became the most generous person in the world now. Ever since I realized I don’t have to wear this insane white uniform for 3 years, my mind was filled with bliss.

After tapping her shoulders twice, I turned back with a grin on my face.

“Bye! I’ll head to my school then!”

“Donnie, hold on!”

Regardless of her desperate voice behind my back, I turned away from the school with light steps. Since her voice sounded quite urgent, I felt people were staring at me, but it was none of my business. They are students from a different school! I was thinking that when I stepped away from the school.

Bam, something smashed my head. I lurched and stepped back.

As I was lowering my head, the first thing that came into my eyes was a shoe. It’s definite to wear sneakers as a middle school student, but it looked more like a student loafers. This large size looked like it belonged to a boy.

Unlike the girl’s white uniform, I slowly followed the boy’s black uniform from head to toe. When his face came into my sight… oh gosh, my jaw dropped.

I am not the type who focuses on a person’s face. Even looking at a handsome celebrity would not make me lose composure. It was my first time to become unable to speak except when I first saw Ban Yeo Ryung.

After a moment, I quickly stepped back as I got awakened.

Why… why are these people appearing in front of me ever since this morning? It was the second time in my life to see such a perfect face in a day.

He had jet-black hair like Ban Yeo Ryung. The tips of his hair were blue under the sunlight. Koreans’ hair tends to look brown under the sun, but Ban Yeo Ryung’s hair was purple and this guy was blue, which were rare colors. It’s hard to look good with blue-black hair, but this boy had transparent icy skin. His skin was even paler.

The pupil inside the sharp big eyes was… when I saw that part, it took my breath away.

It was blue. Not blue-black, but a dark vivid blue shade that could be seen in the bottom of the ocean or in jewels. His sharp and high nose made me understand that his hands could be cut by the ridge of his nose.

His overall look was nice and neat. While I was thinking of the image of a still life painted with oil paint or Sumi-e with black ink, the boy slowly furrowed his brows.

“Oh, sorry, no, I apologize,” I spoke with a surprise.


A solid response. His cold voice resembled his appearance but did not seem too annoyed.

As if he had a quiet personality, he took a brief glance at me, turned around, and left.

Before he turned back, the name tag on his black jacket was visible under the sunlight. Yoo Chun Young. It was a unisex name, but it matched him well.

Anyway, I rubbed my cheeks feeling embarrassed. He was so handsome. Ban Yeo Ryung was a pretty girl, but Yoo Chun Young was so beautiful for a boy. Not to mention, he was very tall. Already around 175cm high as a middle school student, his eye level was apparently different when I bumped into him.

I never saw a boy as gorgeous as him. My heart was beating fast. As I glanced at his back with a little crush, I encountered a jeering crowd.

“Hey, did you see that? The girl bumped into him!”

“God, did she do that on purpose?”

“Hey, come over here!”

W… what? I faced what’s in front of me. The girls who were talking like that wore the same uniform I had. They seemed to be upper-classmen. Holy… I opened my mouth, feeling the ridiculousness of the moment. Is this a novel or what? They were glaring at me just because I bumped into another student? What was more unbelievable was that the girls attacking me were not only a few in numbers but at least more than twenty.

While I was tightly grabbing my bag, the audience became more stirred up.

A girl with sharp eyes came to me and said, “Hey, do you want to know what happens if you dare to do that?”

Never thought of my life being screwed up by simply bumping into someone’s shoulder, but maybe it could happen…?

Then a scene came up in my mind. In the web novels, it happened a lot. A girl bumps into a handsome boy on her first day to her school. Later she finds out that he is the king of the school. That is how the girl finds herself in all sorts of trouble!

I was about to laugh when a thought popped in my head. This was the perfect timing for that situation. However, this is not a novel. I am also not the girl protagonist. Above all, I had a common sense unlike the girls inside a typical romance novel.

I grabbed my bag and dashed full speed to the bus station. Unlike a girl inside a novel, I had common sense and knew how to act wisely! First, let’s go to Dae Dam Middle School and figure out what to do! I put every ounce of my energy into escaping the roar of the crowds.

* * *

As I ran out of breath, the happening with Ban Yeo Ryung, the pretty girl I met in the morning, disappeared. The thoughts about Yoo Chun Young, the handsome boy I bumped into on my way out of the school, also seemed to scatter away.

Good! I breathed in deeply and stood in front of the bus station. I felt dizzy maybe because of running too fast. I looked at the bus route with my eyes crinkled and my hand on the forehead.

Most of the middle schools around would have their names on the bus stop. Even this station is named ‘Ji Jon Middle School.’ Weird. I’ve been living in this neighborhood for 14 years since I was born but I had never heard of this station. I thought about it for a moment but what should I do when it already existed. I decided to look for the school I’ll be attending. Hmm, I paused, searching for the station and thought about the students of Ji Jon Middle School for a moment.

What would they do? For example, if they went to high school and the teachers asked them,

“What middle school did you graduate?”

“J…Ji Jon Middle School.”

“Omg, J… J…. Ji Jon!! Ji Jon Middle School!! Lol”

Just by mentioning that name alone makes me die of embarrassment. Maybe they would like to remove that name from their whole life.

I shook my head while thinking about it. It was none of my business, I will not go to that school!

After that thought, I browsed the bus route but there wasn’t any name of Dae Dam Middle School on the list. Strange. I looked around stepping back from the bus map with frowned brows.

It was ridiculously quiet. The trees along the street shaded with green. I took out my phone from the pocket and checked the time.

9:00 am. It was already over time for most of the students to commute. The street was quiet without any students or commuters. When does one see an uncrowded street anyway? I looked around feeling strangely emotional and turned back feebly.

Maybe I should go to a crowded place and ask where Dae Dam Middle School is. I wore the bag again with that in my mind. Suddenly, Ban Yeo Ryung’s desperate voice rang my ears.

“There isn’t any school like that around here!”

That does not make sense! The school existed a month ago. I took a placement test there. It was not fancy. It was just an ordinary building. Why would I get confused about the school I would attend?

However, one thing that was concerning was that ‘Ji Jon Middle School’. A school I never heard of was located at where exactly ‘Dae Dam Middle School’ should be.

Come on, I scratched my head. It was a little strange but come on!

I trudged again to Ji Jon Middle School, feeling anxious. When I was about to turn the corner, a car pulled up next to the sidewalk silently. The street was very quiet but the car moved without any engine sounds. I turned around thoughtlessly. A black limousine I rarely saw in my whole life took my breath away.

The dark-tinted windows slowly descended. A guy wearing sunglasses appeared through.

He called me unexpectedly. His voice was soft and polite like those who worked in the service industry.

“Excuse me, are you a student at Ji Jon Middle School?”

“Y… yeah?”

I asked him back with surprise and was about to respond back with a no. However, he already confirmed his answer by the uniform I was wearing.

He then said to me, “Oh, then do you mind taking us a school tour? It’s the first time for our young master to go to school by himself.”

“Who said it’s the first time, and I also have Jooin.”

A firm voice from the back seat cut off the man’s words. It was a low voice, but I could clearly hear it. Not because my hearing is good, but his voice was that impressive.

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