The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

* * *

We came back to the 1-4 classroom, but I was still out of my mind. I sat down and stared at the blackboard shaking my legs.

Our homeroom teacher was quite young. He wrote letters on the board talking about something, but no one in the class was paying attention. The teacher looked upset as if he was aware of the fact. I turned my head.

Since a while ago, my cheek seemed to sting, and there I found Ban Yeo Ryung gazing at me from diagonally behind my seat. Her eyes were so set on me her black pupils looked wet.

Please don’t look at me like that, today is the first time I met you. I felt embarrassed and turned my face away.

As soon as I turned around, I found her because she was the only one looking at me.

That is, all the boys in the classroom were staring at Ban Yeo Ryung and all the girls were… I stopped thinking and looked around.

The sunlight poured into the classroom through the window, which was incomparably wider than the narrow windows of my elementary school. Though it may sound ridiculous, the boys sitting languidly under the sun with their long legs on their chair looked like editorial models.

How could people just sitting on the chair look like models? Especially when they are all freshmen in middle school! Nevertheless, they were incredibly gorgeous as if they were all created by something special.

They say God is fair. Bullsh*t. I thought while resting my chin on hand.

As if the four were used to get attention, they did not appear to mind. Yoo Chun Young, the boy I bumped into this morning, was sitting with his chin tucked, looking at the blackboard with his blue eyes. Kwon Eun Hyung, the redhead, was gently smiling next to him. They looked comfortable when talking to each other sometimes. This made it apparent that they had known each other for a long time.

Likewise, Eun Jiho and Woo Jooin seemed to be close friends from long ago. Woo Jooin took a break while talking with Eun Jiho and looked around him with his kind brown eyes. He flashed a bright grin to all who made eye contact with him. Just that action alone filled the air with screams. No, not just screams but also…

“My heart…”

“Wow, I’m melting.”

All the girls within a 5-meter radius were about to fall on their desks grabbing their heart. Honestly, I would have done it too if the strange things in the morning did not happen.

A girl I never knew says I am her friend. My uniform has changed unexpectedly. Above all, the middle school I was about to attend has disappeared. Not to mention, a school that I first saw in my life is standing where my original school is supposed to be. In the neighborhood where I lived for 13 years!

If these things didn’t happen, being in the same class with them would be such a fortunate thing. I would be appreciative and say, “Thanks for the eye candies!’ and just move on with my life. However, something was strange.

Yes, they were strange. Their pupils, hair colors, and looks were masterpieces of God. However, there was something more special about them. Only the air around them seemed to glow like a rainbow.

If this was a TV show or a novel, the main characters would be them. Everything in the world seemed to exist for these guys. That was what I felt.

A world that revolves around someone. It would not make sense, but no one could deny it once they saw these four men. No, it’s not four. I turned back to look behind the seat located diagonally. Ban Yeo Ryung was still looking at me with that coy eyes.

If the main characters exist in this world, it would be those four guys plus Ban Yeo Ryung; all five of them.

Everyone in the class seemed to be drawn into five of them.

The air was too unreal that it brought me a headache. As I raised my hand and covered my forehead, my phone suddenly rang. I opened my pocket and took out the phone. There was a message.

The three letters of ‘Ban Yeo Ryung’ were on the screen. I got terrified as if somebody grabbed my chest. Her number was saved in my contacts before I knew it. Just like the uniform that was changed by someone else in the morning.

I sat still then opened the phone.

Sent by: Ban Yeo Ryung

Are you sick? You’re being strange ever since this morning.

I did not respond but closed the phone. When I looked behind, Ban Yeo Ryung was no longer staring at me, maybe because of my reaction.

The teacher left the class. Only two hours were left until the afternoon assembly. At the beginning of a semester, the classroom should be usually noisy with kids chitchatting with each other, but everyone kept silent.

I glanced aside.

A boy sitting next to me had also fallen under the spell of Ban Yeo Ryung’s beauty. Making friends would be impossible in this situation. Then the boy turned around and smiled at me with embarrassment.

The first thing he said to me was, “Is she Ban Yeo Ryung? So beautiful. I thought she was not a human.”

“Yeah, sure.”

I barely replied and shrugged my shoulders. The boy looked delighted to start a conversation. Then there was another boy, who sat in front, joining our chitchat.

“Dude, isn’t she? She’s so pretty.”

“Better than celebrities?”

Someone at the back also broke into the conversation that went into a praising spree in the name of Ban Yeo Ryung. What is this, I thought. At least we should introduce ourselves instead of just talking about the girl?

Not only these boys but also other conversations went on like this. As I turned around, a group of girls was gathered.

“I know Yoo Chun Young! His uncle is a famous photographer, so he was in the magazine sometimes.

“Super handsome, though he looks a little brusque. What kind of person is he?”

“He doesn’t talk that much! Especially with girls, he doesn’t talk to us at all.”

“God, that’s cruel. Then what about that silver-haired guy?”

The girl who asked pointed Eun Jiho. I was looking at them with my hands on my chin. Then a girl who had eye contact waved her hands at me. Uh? As I put down my hands back hesitantly, one of the girls called me.

“Oh, you came into the classroom with those three?”

“Yeah, yeah I did.”

“Have you ever talked to them?”

A girl made a space for me. I happened to sit there and join the group. When I glanced at my original seat, there were boys there instead, talking about Ban Yeo Ryung. I smiled and opened my lips.

“Oh, we just came together because I was late. I don’t really know them.”

“Oh yeah? That’s sad.”

“I know him, that silver-haired boy. He is Eun Jiho. We went to the same school.”

Luckily, another girl continued the conversation, so all the eyes were drawn to her. Someone asked in a hurry.

“Oh, really? How is he?”

“He always goes to school in a limo — no joke. I heard he’s the only son of a rich family, so he was raised like a prince. It’s a rumor but isn’t silver hair so rare?”

“Wow, that’s amazing. He’s handsome and rich.”

“That’s not the end of it, he was always the top of our school.”

“Wow, really? Cool, very cool.”

I sat down with my arms crossed and nodded my head. Wow, he not only looked like the main character in a movie, but he also had everything. He’s gorgeous, rich, and successful in grades. Isn’t he like the male protagonist in a movie then?

The girl continued feeling excited.

“The cute boy next to him is Woo Jooin. They have been friends since they were young! Jooin is easy to be friends with, very social and cute.”

“Omg, I love it.”

The girls next to me were holding each other’s hands with joy. That’s true, I nodded.

Jooin was actually nice and outgoing. From when he grabbed my hands in our first encounter, I felt that he was touchy as if he used to live abroad.

Someone asked, “Eun Hyung also seems very nice. As you all saw, he was voted as the class president by the kids who went to school together.”

I reminded myself of my first impression of Eun Hyung at the school office. His vivid red hair under the white sunlight was truly remarkable. What about his eyes? They were gray with a hint of green.

When thinking about his hair color, he did not seem that nice. His smiling face and the way he talked were, however, very polite and kind. He sure is, I heard somebody responding.

“Yeah, he really is a model student. You know the one who teachers love and the kids in the class want to be friends with? Eun Hyung is perfect. Even his personality.”

“Wow, he’s so cool…”

“I want to go out with him.”

Some girls looked like they were stoned while they looked at him. Kwon Eun Hyung had his head turned to talk with Woo Jooin and Eun Jiho, sitting behind. They already seemed to enjoy conversing with them. Maybe because they have something in common, living a perfect life. I thought absently.

Then someone’s voice struck into my ears like a clap of thunder.

“Those boys, shouldn’t we call them the Four Heavenly Kings?

Hahahahaha! I dropped my head in my surprise and coughed like I was puking. Thank goodness I wasn’t eating anything. If I was drinking coke, I would have spat everything out! I stopped coughing and looked up in wonder.

The girl who talked about the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ was staring at me as if she saw something strange. No, I wiped out my lips and thought.

The Four Heavenly Kings? Are you out of your mind? Isn’t that the word written on the web novel I read yesterday!? If they would really use that word, our everyday conversation will go like this.

“Hey look at that, Yoo Chun Young of the Four Heavenly Kings are going to school!”

“God, how gorgeous! No, look over there, there is also Eun Jiho of the Four Heavenly Kings!”

“How can there be two of the Four Heavenly Kings walking at the same time!?”

I would cringe to death if I hear all that!

I was about to ask if they were serious. Until someone responded back.

“Hey, that’s a good idea! The Four Heavenly Kings, it even sounds good!”


It looked like I was in Alice in Wonderland. I looked aside with my eyes wide opened.

Are they serious? Do they really think that sounds good? To top it off, someone else clasped her hands and shouted, “So good!”

Then the word the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ spread out to the whole class in the blink of an eye.

It wasn’t even a few minutes until all the girls in class mumbled the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ while looking at the four boys. Holy mother of pearl, I clenched my fist with a pale face.

No, this is too much. I should get out of here, I thought. They all seemed to be losing their minds. Except for me.

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