The Legend of Futian

Chapter 1859 Sister

Chapter 1859 Sister

Ying Qing left Ye Futian there and left the cave. She didn't like it there. To put it more accurately, she abhorred that place.

Ye Futian was abandoned in the matrix alone. The energy that poured into his body contained not only the Power of Death but also a toxin that corroded and paralyzed every part of his body and made him completely incapacitated. Wisps of air flowed out of Ye Futian's Life Palace to resist the invasion of this forceful foreign energy. However, they barely stopped the corrosion and couldn't destroy the invader at all.

Ye Futian could hardly gather enough strength at this moment.

"This is getting troublesome." Ye Futian closed his eyes and stopped struggling. He didn't want to waste any more energy. He didn't expect that he would escape from a hopeless situation only to fall into another right away.

Everything in Senluo Manor remained the same. Nothing was changed because of Ye Futian's presence. He was only a near-death guy who was brought back by the people of Senluo Manor in order to be transformed into a corpse puppet. This was nothing but usual business for Senluo Manor.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Futian had stayed in the matrix for seven days.

During this time, some people came to take away the corpse puppets that were ready to go. No one touched Ye Futian, though. Each corpse puppet belonged to the person who brought it there.

On this day, Ying Qing finally came to the cavern residence again. She looked at Ye Futian.

An astonishing look flashed across her face when she saw the color of Ye Futian's skin. Her consciousness swooped into Ye Futian's body, and she said to him in surprise, "Are you awake?"

Ye Futian opened his eyes. At that moment, Ying Qing saw a pair of inscrutable eyes that contained a frightening magical power that devoured her Spiritual Will and forced her into an illusional world.

"Don't speak." Ying Qing's expression changed the moment she heard a voice in her head. The illusional world created by the Eye Sorcery disappeared in an instant, and everything went back to normal. Ying Qing could feel the cold sweat on her back.

Cultivators in the Renhuang Plane were powerful for sure. This man was extremely dangerous.

She inhaled a deep breath and stared at Ye Futian's body below. He didn't change at all after seven days?

"How can you withstand the corrosion of the corpse venom?" Ying Qing transmitted her voice to Ye Futian. She was well aware of how scary this corpse venom could be. Even a perfectly healthy Lower Renhuang would certainly be refined if dumped inside, let alone someone who was on the verge of death like Ye Futian.

Nevertheless, Ye Futian didn't seem to be affected by it.

"You told your young master that you don't need to pay attention to me after examing my injury on that day. I suppose you don't want me to be brought to Senluo Manor. You later said you were sorry. I guess everything that has happened to me is not what you wish to see. Am I right?" Ye Futian said to Ying Qing. He was still in poor condition. It was hard for him to recover while staying in this matrix.

A strange look appeared in Ying Qing's eyes. She stared at Ye Futian and replied, "You don't need to work on me. You can't leave Senluo Manor once you're here."

She didn't want to die with Ye Futian even though she felt a little sympathetic to him.

She was not so selfless.

"You already witnessed my Eye Sorcery. I'm not an ordinary Renhuang. Senluo Manor can't keep me here as long as I recover from my injury. I can promise you something in return if you're willing to help me," Ye Futian continued to say.

Ying Qing experienced a moment of hesitancy. Sensing her reluctance, Ye Futian said, "I can take you out of here, so you don't need to be trapped in this place."

"I will ask the young master." Ying Qing turned around and was about to leave. She was wavered by Ye Futian's offer, but she also didn't want to be thrown into the matrix, like him.

"Wait for a second," Ye Futian said to her. Indecisive and doubtful, Ying Qing stopped.

"Give me some more time. A fellow of mine is about to come here. You can make a decision after seeing what kind of a person she is," Ye Futian said.

"Who is she? Which level is she at?" Ying Qing asked, "How does she know you're in Senluo Manor?"

"She has her ways of tracking me down. We have the same master, but she is junior to me. Her cultivation level is not particularly high; it's about the same as mine. But trust me, you will change your mind after meeting her. Give us both a chance," Ye Futian continued to say. Ying Qing heard him and left the cave.

Ye Futian closed his eyes again after Ying Qing left. It was a horrible feeling to be unable to control one's own fate.

He knew Ying Qing didn't do anything wrong. She had to do things against her will in order to survive.

Majestic old trees, many of which black, stood in the courtyard of a palace in Senluo Manor. There were also a creek and a waterfall at the front where one could enjoy a distant view of the architectures and mountains.

Han Lin, vice chief of Senluo Manor, was sitting on top of the waterfall and cultivating with his eyes closed. Wisps of the energy of death flowed around his body. He heard Ying Qing's footsteps approaching. But she stood quietly behind him and didn't interrupt.

"How is it going?" Han Lin asked her.

"That man has protective energy in his body. He is not totally transformed yet. We may need to wait for a little longer," Ying Qing bowed to Han Lin and answered.

Han Lin opened his eyes. Wrapped in the Will of Death, he turned around and looked at Ying Qing. His inky eyes made Ying Qing lower her head even more.

"You have been in Senluo Manor for a few years now. Are you still feeling resistant?" Han Lin asked Ying Qing.

With her stomach in knots, Ying Qing shook her head and replied, "Ying Qing doesn't dare."

"That means you do feel reluctant, but you're afraid of expressing it," Han Lin said in an icy voice. However, he didn't mind her answer. He smiled and said, "Senluo Manor only refines our enemies or people who are about to die anyway. We're offering them a new life, a chance to live again. What kind of objection do you have?"

"Young master, I don't have any objection," Ying Qing bowed again and answered. She didn't dare to raise her head.

"Okay," Han Lin nodded slightly and said, "You should cultivate diligently so you can reach the Renhuang Plane sooner. Go away now."

"Yes." Ying Qing nodded and left. Her strides were long and steady, yet her heart was filled with dread. She could feel a chill down her spine. Despite Han Lin's mild eyes and calm tone, she had an ominous feeling. What would her life be if she advanced to the Renhuang Plane...

She heard some rumors in the years she spent in Senluo Manor. Several Renhuangs allegedly violated the rules of Senluo Manor and were transformed into corpse puppets.

Ying Qing paid frequent visits to the You Pavilion in the following days to remind Ye Futian to improve his disguise. Ye Futian understood that she agreed to help him despite not saying it explicitly. She couldn't do anything but wait inside of the You Pavilion.

One day, a giant demonic beast spread its wings and flew to Senluo Manor. It was a Demon Emperor, whose cold and piercing eyes were jet black with a metallic sheen. Its wings gleamed like dark, sharp blades.

A pretty woman dressed in men's attire stood on the demonic beast. She looked extraordinarily energetic and spirited.

They were Xia Qingyuan and the Black Wind Condor.

Ye Futian knew the Black Wind Condor would come for him since their hearts were linked. The Black Wind Condor sensed Ye Futian's condition when he left the Original Realm and brought Xia Qingyuan to follow his course. However, they encountered some trouble when going through the space crack and would have died in the chaos if not for the Black Wind Condor's ability to track Ye Futian's location.

They also suffered serious injuries during the trip, albeit not as severe as Ye Futian's. After resting for a while, they learned about Ye Futian's situation and came to Senluo Manor after asking around about it in the Outer Realms.

A guard with a stony face appeared and asked, "Who are you?"

The Black Wind Condor's eyes were filled with disdain. The invisible Demonic Qi enfolded the guard and alarmed him.

"I heard people in the Senluo Manor cultivate the power of the Great Path of Death. I'm here to learn a lesson or two," said Xia Qingyuan. The Black Wind Condor barged directly into Senluo Manor. The guard had no choice but to let them through.

"Who dares to intrude into Senluo Manor?" Many cultivators came out of the palaces in Senluo Manor. Several of them were in the Renhuang Plane.

Xia Qingyuan took a brief look at them before the terrifying Swords of Death shot out of her body. Those Renhuangs hurried to protect themselves from the Swords of Death.

At that moment, Xia Qingyuan's Divine Wheel bloomed behind her. It was a frightful, dual-colored lotus that symbolized life and death.

The dual-colored lotus emitted dangerous Light of Death and illuminated the vast space. Those Renhuangs who came out to stop her stared at the brilliant Divine Wheel of the Great Path open-mouthed.

It was... a perfect Divine Wheel.

"Welcome to Senluo Manor, my friend." Hearing a voice that came from the distance, the crowd drew back immediately. The Black Wind Condor stretched its wings and sprinted to a great hall in Senluo Manor, where a large number of cultivators were gathering.

Han Lin sized Xia Qingyuan up and down. She had a perfect Divine Wheel and was obviously a stunning woman, despite the way she dressed.

"I wonder which Goddess the Senluo Manor is honored to host?" Han Lin asked the woman respectfully. In light of her beauty and her perfect Divine Wheel, she probably wasn't anyone ordinary. On top of that, she was confident enough to barge into Senluo Manor.

"How dare you ask my lady's name?" the Black Wind Condor said arrogantly. Its strident voice was cold and piercing.

Han Lin glanced at the Black Wind Condor. How came that even her demonic beast was so impudent?

"My last name is Xia," Xia Qingyuan said to Han Lin. "I have been studying from my master, who sent me into the real world after I proved my path. I heard that the cultivators in the Senluo Manor are good at the Great Path of Death. So I come here to learn from you."

Xia Qingyuan had a stately bearing and had achieved the first-order Divine Wheel. The young girl must be extraordinarily talented in order to develop the perfect Divine Wheel and prove her path at her age. She did seem like someone who immersed herself in cultivation.

If that was the case, this young woman was probably inexperienced and unworldly.

Her master must be a recluse with tremendous power.

A series of ideas popped into Han Lin's head. Such a beautiful and wide-eyed woman was no doubt naive.

He felt a rush of excitement at that thought.

"Your master must be an esteemed man. May I ask his name?" Han Lin said.

"My master is a countryman who doesn't know much about cultivation. You won't know his name," Xia Qingyuan replied. Han Lin's grin turned even broader. Just as he expected, her master was definitely a powerful man.

Ying Qing stood behind Han Lin and stared at Xia Qingyuan. She began to believe what Ye Futian had told her.

This must be his sister under the same master!

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