The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2793 - Aftermath

Chapter 2793 Aftermath

After all the strong cultivators left, Ye Futian looked toward somewhere else. It was where Xi Chiyao was.

He naturally knew who had helped make time for him in the last battle. If Xi Chiyao had not become one with the West Emperor, he would not have survived the tribulation at all.

In the distance, “Xi Chiyao” turned her eyes and looked towards him.

Ye Futian could sense that Xi Chiyao’s temperament was changing at that moment. Her eyes did not have the arrogance from earlier. She seemed to have returned to the past and had a bright smile.

“You’re back?” Ye Futian whispered to Xi Chiyao.

“I came back to bid farewell.” Xi Chiyao smiled brightly as if she did not mind that she was about to leave. The West Emperor had given her control of their consciousness so she could bid farewell.

Ye Futian lowered his head slightly, and sadness appeared in his eyes. He and Xi Chiyao first met in a great battle. He had just gotten involved with the Ancient God Clans at that time. Xi Chiyao did not defeat him in that battle and thus grew curious about him. Later, the two clans became allies, and Xi Chiyao was a good friend, though they only talked about their alliance and cultivation.

However, in this critical battle, in the most hopeless time, it was Xi Chiyao who had sacrificed herself to save him.

“Is there no other way?” Ye Futian asked.

“If you say that, my ancestor won’t even give me the chance to say goodbye anymore,” Xi Chiyao said while laughing. There was still a bright smile in her eyes. She and the West Emperor were either-or. She had already decided, so she naturally would give way to the West Emperor.

“Don’t be sad. When it was discovered that I was compatible with my ancestor’s consciousness, my fate was already decided. It’s just that today’s matter moved it forward in time,” Xi Chiyao said, not minding it. “It’s worth it that it could be helpful in the most critical battle.

“Plus, I saved a future Great Emperor, the person who will rule the seven realms someday in the future. Isn’t it worth it?” Xi Chiyao continued to speak. Countless thoughts appeared in Ye Futian’s mind, but he did not know what to say. He just felt heavy sadness.

So what if he was a future Great Emperor or would rule the seven realms? She would not be able to see it. The things he lost would not be returned.

“I have become one with my ancestor. I will not completely disappear,” Xi Chiyao said. “I can continue watching you move forward.”

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded and also smiled. He did not want her to be so sad during this farewell.

“That day will come. You just wait. At that time, maybe you’ll have a chance to come back for a visit,” Ye Futian said.

“I promise,” Xi Chiyao said. “Okay, I must go now. See you in the future.”

“See you in the future.” Ye Futian nodded solemnly. Then Xi Chiyao’s temperament changed gradually and soon became someone else.

He knew that Xi Chiyao had left. The Goddess of the West Imperial Palace no longer existed in the world. There was only the West Emperor.

“She left,” the West Emperor said.

Ye Futian already knew this. Looking at the West Emperor, he bowed. “Thank you, senior, for saving me.”

“This was her choice and her last will. No need to thank me,” the West Emperor said. Of all people, the West Emperor probably understood Xi Chiyao the most. He had felt her thoughts and understood her intents.

“No matter what, it was you who acted,” Ye Futian said. The West Emperor had replaced Xi Chiyao, but could he resent the West Emperor? It was the other who had saved him, and this had been Xi Chiyao’s choice. It was her last will.

But why would she do that and sacrifice herself?

Ye Futian’s figure went downward. Many gazes fell upon him. Of the Ye Imperial Palace cultivators, many had suffered significant injuries. It was fortunate that the five Great Emperors’ target was Ye Futian, and they were dismissive towards the rest, so they had not massacred them. Otherwise, it would have been tragic.

They all looked at Ye Futian. He had survived the desperate situation. Ye Futian had broken through the shackles, and this was great news, but none of them felt happy. They had suffered a catastrophe this time. Countless cultivators in the Outer Realms had died, turning to dust in the hands of the five Great Emperors.

“Return to the Ye Imperial Palace. Heal and recover,” Ye Futian opened his mouth to say.

“Yes, Palace Lord,” everyone responded, bowing. Then Ye Futian’s figure vanished. He left this place alone. The strong cultivators could feel Ye Futian’s sadness, and he blamed himself. However, no one would blame Ye Futian.

Five Great Emperors had come for blood. What could Ye Futian have done? He still wanted to bring the five Great Emperors away from the Ye Imperial Palace at the last moment. He’d done everything he could.

Plus, Ye Futian had almost died before he’d broken through the constraints. No one knew what he had experienced, but it was obvious that it wasn’t as simple as what they had seen.

Ye Futian returned to his cultivation court. He looked up at the Ye Imperial Palace in shambles. Even the sky above the relic had been stabbed through. There were cracks everywhere. Xi Chiyao had constructed this Ye Imperial Palace, and she’d put in so much effort. Seeing the scene before him, he felt even sadder.

He turned and went before the mountain. Then he sat down and closed his eyes.

Instead of being sad, he had more important things to do.

Cultivate. Take revenge.

First, he had to figure out what his current cultivation state was.

The cultivators of the Ye Imperial Palace returned eventually. They all went back to their pavilions to cultivate and recover from their injuries.

Hua Jieyu’s figure floated to the sky above the Ye Imperial Palace. She glanced at where Ye Futian was but did not bother him. Instead, she said to another place, “Lord.”

“Lady.” Lord Chen came over and bowed slightly in greeting.

“Lord, please arrange the rebuilding of the Ye Imperial Palace,” Hua Jieyu said.

“Yes.” Lord Chen nodded.

“Pavilion Lord Mu.” Hua Jieyu then looked to Daoist Monk Mu. The Daoist Monk also came over to listen for orders.

“Please temporarily take out the pills of the Alchemy Pavilion, especially the healing pills and divide them among those who are inured,” Hua Jieyu said. “In addition, please treat the injured.”

“Yes, Lady.” Daoist Monk Mu bowed and left.

“Masteress, is there anything we can do?” Fang Cun and the others asked after walking towards Hua Jieyu.

“Yes.” Hua Jieyu nodded. Her gaze turned elsewhere and fell upon a beautiful figure.

However, Hua Jieyu did not call her over. Instead, she walked over to the girl. The girl also noticed Hua Jieyu, and her pretty eyes looked over.

“Qingyuan.” Hua Jieyu had come to Xia Qingyuan’s side.

“Yes,” Xia Qingyuan responded.

“You are skilled in the Great Path of Life,” Hua Jieyu said. “The five Great Emperors had come and committed a massacre outside. There might be many injured people. Let’s go out together to look.”

“Okay,” Xia Qingyuan answered, nodding lightly.

“Fang Cun, Little Ling, you lot come with,” Hua Jieyu instructed.

“Yes, Masteress.” The group nodded.

“I’ll go too.” Hua Qingqing came over. Naturally, Hua Jieyu would not refuse her. The group headed out together.

Blind Tie, Old Ma, Chen Yi, and the others followed suit. The five Ancient God Clans had already retreated, but they were still afraid and on high alert.

At the same time, outside the Ye Imperial Palace, Yu Sheng had also ordered the strong cultivators of the Devil World to guard the outer regions. He guarded the sky above the Ye Imperial Palace.

Meanwhile, Ye Qingyao had come inside the Ye Imperial Palace and looked to Ye Futian.

There was someone else there. Ling Long quietly guarded in the near distance, but she did not disturb Ye Futian either.

Ye Futian cultivated quietly and alone in the cultivation court. There was a hint of loneliness!

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