The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2895

Chapter 2895: Where To?

On the Gods’ Ruins Continent, where Huatian the Great had been before, Great Emperors continually land in the Original Realm after coming through the space teleportation grand matrix. All Great Emperors had sent a representative before them to keep an eye on the area.

The seven Great Emperors that Ye Futian had killed with one spear had also all come from there.

And even now, the area would still be visited occasionally by various Great Emperors.

At present, in the lower sky regions of the area, there was a mountain peak. At the top of the mountain peak was a figure quietly sitting cross-legged. He was tall and had a remarkable disposition. Just by sitting there, he did not seem like he belonged in the world.

That figure was Ji Wudao.

Ever since the battle he had lost to Ye Futian, Ji Wudao seemed to have gone into anonymity and never made another appearance. He knew that after he had been defeated, Ye Futian would receive his inheritance and fully take over. When that happened, he would have no hope of fighting with Ye Futian anymore.

Unless he received more than Ye Futian.

Ji Wudao quietly sat there, as if he had been cut off from the world and no longer cared about the things in it. Even if war were to break out in the Heaven Realm, he would be the last to know and had no interest in finding out either.

Time passed day by day. In the present day, a strange phenomenon was seen in the heavens. After that, a terrifying aura descended, and the teleportation matrix was torn apart as a figure appeared in the high sky region. He stood there, overbearing as could be.

The figure looked all around him while the emperor’s might swept across him, and divine consciousness covered the boundless area. Following that, he fixed his gaze on the peak of the mountain where Ji Wudao was.

In a flash, he headed toward Ji Wudao, and across the boundless space, a divine power descended upon Ji Wudao.

Ji Wudao opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. He saw the figure that had just appeared, but his expression remained calm and unperturbed.

In the past, an extraordinary cultivator had emerged from here. He was Huatian the Great from ancient times, and his abilities were unparalleled. He had previously fought within the ninety-nine heavens and lost when the other party borrowed the power of the Heavenly Path to defeat him.

As if he had sensed something, the Great Emperor that had appeared suddenly stopped in his tracks and did not continue making his way toward Ji Wudao. Subsequently, he turned around and left as if he knew that Ji Wudao was not one to mess with.

However, his wanting to leave did not mean he could leave now at this juncture.

A terrifying divine power enveloped the area he was in, and Ji Wudao reached forward with his palm to grab across the distance. The Great Emperor’s expression changed, and his divine power flared up. Then, a horrifying black hole appeared and devoured the divine power. The divine power flowed furiously into the black hole, and his body was also no longer under his control. His robe was fluttering frantically in the wind.

The black hole grew bigger and bigger and devoured the area he was in. Next, he too was finished and no more to be seen.

Almost immediately, the terrifying aura vanished, and everything went back to normal. Ji Wudao shut his eyes and stood there quietly as if nothing had taken place. He calmly continued cultivating.

Not long had passed before he opened his eyes again and took a look at the heavens. Then, he transported himself toward the higher sky region. Reaching out his palm, he ripped a hole in the teleportation matrix and disappeared into the hole.

After his departure, the hole revealed itself, and everything was back to normal as if nothing unusual had happened.

From afar, a cultivator who had witnessed all of this felt his heart beating faster. That was Ji Wudao, who had once been thought to be the next Heavenly Emperor. Where did he go?

In the Heavenly Palace, in the ninety-nine heavens, Donghuang the Great had also received the news about what had happened in the Gods’ Ruins Continent.

He had been chatting with Ye Futian and his godfather Yu Tu and Ye Baichuan. They were all fatherly figures in one way or another to Ye Futian.

The news was brought by Donghuang the Great’s direct disciple, Du You. Donghuang the Great frowned slightly after hearing the news.

Ye Futian, too, was surprised, and he asked, “Father, are those cultivators also ancient Emperors? Where did they come from?”

He had previously killed seven Great Emperors with his spear. The seven of them seemed to have been gods of judgment, but up till now, Ye Futian still had no idea where they were from.

Donghuang the Great’s expression turned graven after hearing Ye Futian’s question. He answered, “Back then, your mother already had some inkling that these things would happen. We had also discussed this issue and felt that it could be related to the Battle of the Old Heavenly Path.

“The Heavenly Path is a conscious being, and when one reaches the ultimate cultivation level, they would be able to become the Heavenly Path, also the God of the Heavenly Laws, and the God of Origins. Of course, you know about this,” Donghuang the Great added. “In other words, the universe we are in is vast and without end. It contains numerous worlds and unlimited space. However, it can be created by cultivators who have reached the ultimate cultivation level.

“We must ask ourselves: how long has civilization existed? Probably hundreds of millions of years. In this long period, how much has happened that we don’t know of? During the period before the disintegration of the Heavenly Path, we called it ancient times. But is there an even earlier period than?” Donghuang the Great asked.

Ye Futian looked thoughtful after hearing what Donghuang the Great said. He thought he understood what Donghuang the Great had in mind.

“The Buddha said that there is a world in every flower and knowledge in every leaf. In Buddhism, there are thousands of big worlds and thousands of little worlds. Who wrote these Buddhist classics?” Donghuang the Great’s expression also became serious. “Is the Heavenly Path the only one?

“Is the universe we are in the only one?”

Donghuang the Great’s contemplations caused the cultivators to fall into silence. The area grew acutely quiet.

Were there any other Heavenly Paths? Were there any other universes?

Ye Futian had created a Micro Heavenly Path within himself. If the Micro Heavenly Path was completed, in the future, many cultivators could go in there to train. Would they in the myriads of worlds in there know that there was another world outside?

“This was also part of the reason your mother wanted to recreate the Heavenly Path back then. If other universes and worlds existed, the recreated Heavenly Path should be the guardian. Thus, she aimed to reach the ultimate cultivation level and also hoped the people of the world would desire to reach a higher plane,” Donghuang the Great drawled on slowly. “And now, there are some things that are worth exploring further. But for now, you do not need to bother about these things. I’ll find the answer, and when I find it, I’ll let you know. For you, your present goal is still cultivation. No matter what we face in the future, we are still reliant on great power.”

Ye Futian nodded. Donghuang the Great’s remarks were thought-provoking. If the seven Great Emperors he had killed were not from ancient times, were they cultivators from other worlds?

Was it because they could find the path to this universe after the disintegration of the Heavenly Path?

No one knew. Where too did Ji Wudao go after tearing a hole in the teleportation matrix?

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