The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2941

Chapter 2941: The Clash Between the Old and the New

While Chen Yi was going around exterminating the enemies, the Great Emperors beside Ye Futian sealed up the Heavenly Imperial City. Standing in different locations, they unleashed the Divine Domain of the Great Path to prevent the Gods of the Human Realm from killing indiscriminately.

In another place, Ye Wuchen, Yaya, and Swordmaster of Lihen moved together in a group to set up a sword matrix. At that time, one of the Gods entered the sword matrix and threw a domineering punch that broke the void, smashing the Sword Will into pieces.

Fang Cun held a golden Divine Spear in his hand in another scene. It was emanating an overwhelming Divine Power of the Source of the Great Path. The divine artifact held in the hands of the core members of the Great Emperors were treasures born in the Heavenly Path World of Ye Futian.

In the opposite direction, a God with a burly figure walked toward them with a black Overlord Spear that was brimming with Divine Power in his hand. The void would tremble with every step he took.

Bang! After he launched an attack, the Overlord Spear tore the fabric of space-time and pierced through the atmosphere, firing at Fang Cun.

In response, the latter intensified his intent of battle and poured his Divine Power into the golden Divine Spear. Thrusting his weapon forward, it turned into a bolt of magnificent golden lightning that cracked the air in the atmosphere, aiming at the opponent.

At the collision of the two spears, the entire scenery turned into what seemed like an apocalypse, destroying everything in the atmosphere nearby. Fang Cun was sent flying backward by the impact. Right then, he turned around and headed into the sky, getting further away from the battlefield. After all, this place could not handle having so many Great Emperors clashing with each other at the same time.

Wasting no time, his opponent tailed him and headed to the sky.

The father and son duo—Blind Tie and Tie Tou—stood together in another location. They both unleashed their intimidating Divine Powers while holding Hammers of Tianshen that were packed with frightening energies in their hands to watch over that place. After noticing an approaching God, they swung their Divine Hammers and battled their enemy.

A war between the Gods broke out in different locations simultaneously. The size of their war zone was extremely vast. In the blink of an eye, they expanded it from the scale of the Heavenly Imperial City to the entire continent. Even though it was impossible for the Great Emperors of the Heavenly Realm to lock their enemies within a small space, stalling or luring the latter from the battlefield so that their fights would not affect the common people was manageable. Fortunately, their opponents did not deliberately attack the weaker cultivators.

After all, most of them were Ancient Tianshen. So, they were somewhat reluctant to do so.

The War of the Gods erupted in multiple locations at the same time.

Rumble! A violent resonant sound caught the attention of many cultivators. After lowering their heads, they noticed that the Heavenly Imperial City was moving. They were taken aback by the sight of it.

“No, it’s not just the Heavenly Imperial City, but the whole continent!” A person was stunned after realizing the fact. Those who witnessed the bizarre sighting remained in the same spot as they watched the Heavenly Imperial City getting further away from them. The cultivators who remained in the city didn’t dare to fly. So, they just let themselves be dragged away alongside the entire city. Shortly after, they noticed that the war zone was gradually moving further from them. It looked like someone was pulling the whole continent.

Eventually, the Heavenly Imperial City became small in the eyes of the other cultivators. The whole continent was moved away to a far-off distance from the battlefield.

Soon after, they caught sight of a massive phantasm of a divine dragon that occupied a huge part of the sky, pulling the entire continent away until it became minuscule. After that, the silhouette of the divine dragon moved toward the war zone in the sky steadily. A while later, they spotted a stunning woman at the scene, and she was none other than Donghuang Diyuan. She was the one who summoned the Ancestral Dragon to pull the continent away from the war zone.


With that, there were only the Gods left on the battleground.

In short, it had become the Battlefield of the Gods.

Whoosh! A silhouette took a step forward and turned into a flash of lightning while staring down at Donghuang Diyuan with a sharp look. After waving his hand, a Sky River of Swords manifested in the firmament and split open the atmosphere, slashing at Donghuang Diyuan at lightning speed.

If this slash were to hit Donghuang Diyuan, she might not get away unscathed, although she had reached the Great Emperor Plan for years already. After all, the one who launched the attack was Eternal Swordlord, a Great Emperor from ancient times.

Right before the slashes of the swords were about to reach Donghuang Diyuan, a figure suddenly showed up in front of her and stretched his hand to touch the Eternal Swords with his finger. Immediately, the entire Swords Will shattered. It slowly dissipated and reduced to nothingness.

“Father,” Donghuang Diyuan murmured. The person who appeared before her in the nick of time was Donghuang the Great. Turning to look at the Eternal Swordlord, he criticized, “You were one of those who had stood at the pinnacle of cultivation since ancient times. I couldn’t believe someone of your status would do something as disgraceful as trying to kill a junior!”

“Everyone starts their cultivation journey at different timing. There is no such thing as seniority on the battlefield.” After the Eternal Swordlord finished speaking, the whole atmosphere turned into the Eternal Sword Domain, where countless swords were fired at Donghuang the Great.

“Get out of here first,” Donghuang the Great whispered to Donghuang Diyuan. Wasting no time, she fled from the battleground with the Divine Power of Revelation shielding her so that the Sword Domain could not harm her.

At that time, Donghuang the Great’s Divine Power of Revelation had grown even more powerful. Within the Revelation Divine Domain, it would not allow any other Divine Powers to exist. Hence, most of the swords were utterly disintegrated.

After the revelation would be the void. Needless to say, Donghuang the Great had once again improved his cultivation to the next level.

Clang! Numerous swords hovered around the atmosphere with the control of Donghuang the Great’s thought. The moment the Heaven Punishing Sword Will surged its energy, all of the swords were launched at the Eternal Swordlord, shattering everything in their paths and pulverizing all things to nothingness. It was as if no other power could stand against his Heaven Punishing Sword.

“You’ve improved a lot,” the Eternal Swordlord commented after sensing the Sword Will. Compared to the last time they had clashed with each other, Donghuang the Great’s Divine Power had enhanced even further. That was indeed a phenomenal speed of improvement.

“I respect you as one of the Great Emperors whose name was known by many during ancient times. If you were to leave this battlefield at once, I would not lay a hand on you,” Donghuang the Great notified with a tone brimming with absolute confidence, even though he was talking to an ancient Super Great Emperor. It was only natural since he was one of the strongest beings in the world at that time.

“Although the future generations might never know the golden age of the Ancient Emperors, I can finally see it again today,” the Eternal Swordlord remarked solemnly as his Sword Will gradually intensified.

“Quit presuming on your seniority!” Donghuang the Great rebuked savagely. This was a fight between the Super Great Emperor of ancient times and the apex Great Emperor of the current age.

Rumble! A Divine Power of Destruction rained down from the sky, causing many to raise their heads and check out the situation above them, only to find an older man hovering there. That man was exploding a powerful aura as if he was a God who had existed since ancient times—the primogenitor of all sentient beings whose very presence would cause everyone to kneel and worship him.

This aged man was also a Super Great Emperor who was world-renowned during ancient times. He was named as one of the progenitors of the Great Emperors since he had been cultivating for ages. When his name had already been uttered by everyone, the Human Ancestor might not even exist yet.

He was the Primary Emperor, who had fought countless conquests in his life. The man hardly ever lost during the Age of the Gods and even the Battle of the Gods. Unfortunately, a legend like him had lost his life during the Collapse of the Great Path.

Now that he had been resurrected in this era, he had to face a whole bunch of opponents who were the junior Gods. These people were the Great Emperors of the younger generation, challenging the deific prerogative of the ancient ones.

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