The Legend of Futian

Chapter 791 - Who Was More Arrogant?

Chapter 791: Who Was More Arrogant?

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Xia Yi and Zhuge Yi were both extremely strong competitors, especially Xia Yi. Because he hailed from the Xia clan, many counted Xia Yi as a possible candidate in the contest for the Nine State Forum. However, after his exhibition of strength, Zhuge Yi of the Jixia Holy Palace was also considered to be a likely contender.

The clash between those two might prove to be the most provocative battle of all. Yaya and Yu Sheng, though strong, were paired with opponents that were obviously weaker than them. But if a fight were to erupt between Yaya and Yu Sheng, it would certainly surpass the battle between Xia Yi and Zhuge Yi. But for now, neither Yaya nor Yu Sheng moved. They stood in their own positions and watched the engagement between their peers take place.

At this instant, the stage upon which the combatants stood had been violently changed. A multitude of true dragons surrounded Xia Yi’s body, enveloping a vast void while Gravity and Repelling Rules simultaneously activated between heaven and earth. Behind Xia Yi, there appeared an immense divine dragon, its sharp claws grasping towards the void. Suddenly the Marked Door that Zhuge Yi had released rushed towards Xia Yi from the skies, only to be shredded by the dragon’s talons. Xia Yi seemed to have morphed the entire battlefield into the space of Tailfeather Rules, and the area now looked to be completely under his control.

“Xia Yi’s strength grows as the fight draws on.” Many of the onlookers trembled at the sight before their eyes. This was the Xia clan’s All Universe Flowing Method, and it was extremely powerful. If the fight continued in this manner Zhuge Yi would most likely be defeated, and Xia Yi would progress into the top three to compete with Yaya and Yu Sheng for the Nine States Forum’s top position.

From the Qi State’s delegation, the elderly man of the Jixia Holy Palace looked on calmly, unfazed by the proceedings.

Perhaps many favored Xia Yi of the Xia clan. But there was still Yu Sheng and Yaya, both of whom many regarded as the strongest.

This rare, once in a lifetime prodigy who possessed the physique of the Divine Path from the Jixia Holy Palace would allow everyone present to witness what it meant to be a naturally born saint.

Both of Zhuge Yi’s hands crystallized to form the Mark, and a wave of sound instantly began to echo between the earth and sky. %he power of the five elements coursed wildly through the battlefield. Behind Zhuge Yi, the halo around the ancient symbols of the five elements became even more brilliant, and lines formed to connect the five rows of characters.

“Wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates gold, gold generates water, water generates wood, thus the five elements are born. Thus, life is endless.” The radiant light behind Zhuge Yi became brighter and brighter, and the five elements integrated into one before emitting a dazzling elemental halo. As the halo increased in size it exuded the power of the five elements that could devour heaven and earth. Linear beams of light crossed and overlapped with one another, resembling the power of the Five Elements Grand Way.

“Huh?” The spectators looked surprised as Zhuge Yi’s breath became stronger. The essence of his spirit seemed to transform. There was a flame flickering upon his brow chakra. Scintillating rays of light shot forth from his hands, feet, and chest.

“The five elements are born of heaven. There is no imperfection in the Grand Way,” the elder of the Jixia Holy Palace said proudly. This was the genius that had not been seen in Jixia Holy Palace for more than a hundred years. This time, at the Nine States Forum, there would be a stage for Zhuge Yi.

“Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Water, Mountain, Lake.” Zhuge Yi solidified the mark between his hands, and suddenly, the eight great ancient characters were branded into a pattern with evermore dazzling rays, the patterns transforming and evolving with feverish speed as if to contain endless conversions.

“The five elements and the eight trigrams.” The hearts of the people trembled again. The pattern continued evolving, containing not only the power of the five elements—Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Wind—but also the power birthed from their interactions with one another. The eight trigrams evolved as well, causing the engraved pattern to bloom endlessly with light, illuminating the entire area.

Many people of the Nine States changed their countenance. Everyone could feel the transformation of Zhuge Yi. At this moment, with the Qi rising and sublimating from his body, Zhuge Yi’s very existence seemed unstoppable. He was layered in glory. With the engraved patterns of the five elements and eight trigrams suspended in the sky, Zhuge Yi seemed like an elected privileged of the Heavens who ruled over all. Even Xia Yi’s aura seemed dim in comparison to Zhuge Yi’s.

“Body of Perfection,” Saint Xihua said, his eyes sharp.

Divine Path was perfection, and the body of perfection was the body of a saint.

Zhuge Yi gathered the elements together, and with life everlasting, created the eight trigrams. Because the Grand Way was perfection, the five elements embodied a saint.

“The natural physique of a saint! It’s unexpected that such a character should appear in Jixia Holy Palace. It seems that the battle between the top three will be more interesting,” Sky Saint said with a smile.

This session’s Nine States Forum was indeed strong beyond doubt.

Xia Yi’s strength alone should have been enough to compete for the top spot of the Nine States Forum, but this time, Xia Yi’s position within the Top Three was uncertain.

“Metal, Heaven hexagram, Sword of Innocence.” A voice sounded—it was Zhuge Yi. As his voice fell, the boundless pattern behind him bloomed with an infinite golden brilliance, falling on top of Xia Yi as if the sword of heaven itself had descended to slay him.

Xia Yi reacted, and his dragon screamed behind him. Sky and earth were shaken, and the ruthless Rule of Exclusion broke out. Golden rays fell from the sky to either part or crest backward but cascaded without bound to eventually cover the entire battlefield.

With a loud roar, the true dragon leaped towards the sky, and Xia Yi rushed toward Zhuge Yi. Wherever he passed, the rule power reached its limit. Even the swords of the heavens were forced to divert away from him.

“Earth, Earth hexagram, Prison of Terra.” Zhuge Yi’s black hair was flying as he spoke again, a pattern of light shining upon him while the power of the five elements within heaven and earth bloomed wildly. Around Xia Yi, a prison of light manifested itself and bound the space, trapping him within.

Xia Yi continued to skyrocket within the prison with the All Universe Flow Method working, his arms blasting heaven and earth with intent to pierce through the prison while he rocked and shook the expanse.

“Earth, Mountain hexagram…” Zhuge Yi continued to engrave, and the light of the pattern continued to bloom, dropping down like endless mountains to penetrate the field. Finally, the prison was broken, and Xia Yi was seen within, his long hair strewn about his shoulders, appearing slightly flustered. There was blood at the corner of his mouth, and even his breath sounded weaker.

Zhuge Yi gazed at Xia Yi; he did not continue the attack. Xia Yi returned the look. After a moment of thought, he finally said, “You won.” He never thought that he would lose and be eliminated outside of the top three. Nevertheless, he was truly defeated and there was no more doubt. Zhuge Yi’s power was obviously greater than his. Therefore, he was more qualified to enter the top three. It seemed that he made the mistake of underestimating the geniuses of the Nine States. When he returned home, he would need to reflect upon that.

After this battle, the top three contenders of the Nine State Forum had emerged.

Yu Sheng, Yaya, and Zhuge Yi.

Countless eyes gazed at the three that remained upon the forum stage; three stunning, talented geniuses stood on the highest stage of the Nine States.

“I didn’t expect there to be someone with the perfect Divine Path physique in Jixia Holy Palace. It seems that in the future, another figure of the Saint Plane will arise,” a cultivator of the Xia clan commented.

“The five elements are perfect, but to be elevated to the Saint Plane, there still needs to be understanding and feeling, which all depend on his fortune,” the cultivator of Jixia Holy Palace said with a smile. “But of course, Zhuge Yi is indeed a genius not to be had for centuries at our Jixia Holy Palace.”

Everyone at the grandstand area was shocked to hear the dialogue between these two. In the Eastern State, Liu Zong was taught at Xihua Sacred Mountain by the three saints and was praised as the future saint whose Divine Path was long expected. Now, when Zhuge Yi of the Jixia Holy Palace only qualified in the Noble Plane, could he deserve such high praise? Could it be that now Zhuge Yi had the power to vanquish Yu Sheng and Yaya to triumph at the Nine State Forum?

All three were incredibly strong.

“Congratulations to the Jixia Holy Palace for housing such a disciple.” Saint Xihua smiled. “It has been wonderful to see so many amazing talents here at the Nine State Forum. In this Forum’s final battle, who do you all favor?”

“Zhuge Yi was able to defeat Xia Yi, so he has the opportunity to win, of course. But he must be able to defeat that magical girl,” a cultivator of Xia clan said, apparently optimistic about Zhuge Yi and Yaya battling for first place at Forum.

Many of the others silently agreed. They thought that as incredibly strong as Yu Sheng was, and even given his great talent, Yaya’s genius was nearly demonic. Even Ye Guhong had been defeated by her. Zhuge Yi also exhibited unparalleled qualifications. As strong as he was, perhaps Yu Sheng would still be able to rank third.

“My thoughts also,” the Sacred King of Zhou piped up, and his eyes drifted toward Ye Futian. Behind him, Zhou Ya and Zhou Ziyi also looked in the direction of the Barren State.

This time around at the Nine States Forum, the Barren State had been basking in the limelight. Were Yu Sheng to emerge as the winner, it might encourage Ye Futian to be even more imperious.

But now it might be difficult for Yu Sheng to win.

Ye Futian looked on as he usually did, calmly watching the three contestants on the battle platform. At his side, Gu Dongliu said, “It’s hard to imagine the Noble Plane to possess this kind of strength. By comparison, I was far from it.”

“Cultivation is an endlessly growing practice. Once Third Brother was only in the Eastern Barren Territory. The situation was not the same. Zhuge Yi has been cultivating at Jixia Holy Palace since birth. As for Yaya,” Ye Futian continued dispassionately, “if we were all to stay in the Eastern Barren Territory, we would not be here today.”

Gu Dongliu nodded. All those from the Barren State behind him agreed that the Nine State Forum this time affected them greatly.

“Zhuge Yi is a rare genius. If it wasn’t for Yaya and Yu Sheng showing up, he would be first place already.” Gu Dongliu whispered, “But not many are optimistic about Yu Sheng’s chances.”

“Which disciples of the Barren State participating in this session’s Nine States Forum have been favored?” Ye Futian said casually. The facts would be the best proof. Even if Zhuge Yi possessed the natural born Body of Perfection for the Divine Path, what of it?

As they were speaking, the three on the stage assembled into a triangular formation. Zhuge Yi stood proudly in the air. The power that had bloomed from his previous battle with Xia Yi had not dissipated. He looked at the other two, obviously prepared to continue fighting without reactivating the power.

A terrible storm swept through the stage, gradually enclosing Yaya and Yu Sheng within. Yaya glanced up at Zhuge Yi while Yu Sheng stood quietly. None of them were moved.

“What does Zhuge Yi want to do?” Many looked on intently. Could it be that he wanted to attack both opponents at the same time?

Incomparably luminous patterns of the five elements and eight trigrams encased Yaya and Yu Sheng before surging downwards: Metal, Heaven hexagram, Sword of Innocence.

Zhuge Yi launched a simultaneous attack on both. The rules of the battle stated that two should not be against one. Now that there were only three left, Zhuge Yi would rather let his opponents pick; let Yaya and Yu Sheng choose. Whoever decided to move first would be the one he’d fight.

The Sword of Innocence fell, and neither Yaya nor Yu Sheng moved. They stood quietly as if they did not see it.

Brilliant energy emerged from Yaya’s eyes as her hands stretched outwards, and the Sword of Innocence descended only to suddenly stop its movement before her; time and space seemed to solidify.

“This…” Many trembled in their hearts. This girl was too demonic.

A terrible dark golden gust of air circulated around Yu Sheng. Demonic light lingered around him, and then the True Body emerged. The Sword of Innocence continuously blasted the True Body before being engulfed and demonized.

Just then, Yaya’s hands stretched out, her shirt fluttering. The endless Sword Will between heaven and earth plunged, and the void seemed to darken. An ancient atmosphere began to manifest, and her eyes became evermore enchanted. When Zhuge Yi saw her eyes, he seemed to have sunk into the world of Eye Sorcery, and the bloody sword slammed into his Spiritual Will.

Zhuge Yi’s attitude changed slightly, the light of the five elements becoming even more resplendent, and his spirit was powered to the limit. In his mind, the Spiritual Will transformed into the pattern of the five elements, becoming indestructible. But then, Yaya stepped forward instinctively and that primordial breath descended; the endless sword ignored space and distance, landing in front of Zhuge Yi.

Zhuge Yi’s pupils contracted and his intent moved. Presently the pattern of the five elements flew directly in front of him, frantically rotating and expanding. It turned into a giant golden disc, impossible to evade.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The sword penetrated, and cracks appeared on the disc, but they were constantly repaired by Zhuge Yi’s astonishing defenses.

Yaya did not continue the attack, but looked at Zhuge Yi instead and said, “Whichever one of you wins can fight me.”

“This girl…” Many were speechless and deeply shocked. Zhuge Yi had been similarly arrogant but still seemed unable to subdue her.

Yaya had issued a direct challenge to whoever won between Zhuge Yi and Yu Sheng; how presumptuous.

Zhuge Yi took a long look at her, then turned his eyes to Yu Sheng.

“Get off the stage yourself,” Yu Sheng looked up and said to Zhuge Yi.

As soon as he finished, the countless people at the grandstand area once again gathered their attention to the combatants.

This… Was each one of them more impetuous than the last?

Zhuge Yi possessed the naturally born saint’s body of the five elements, with the Grand Way of Perfection; he was praised by the illustrious of the Nine States as a future saint.

Yaya told him to fight with Yu Sheng so the victor could then battle her.

Yu Sheng told him to get off the stage.

Was the saint of the Grand Way of Perfection to be belittled in such a manner?

“Madness.” Even those from Jixia Holy Palace on the grandstand couldn’t tolerate it anymore. However strong Yu Sheng was, his tone was too disparaging.

For Zhuge Yi to get off on his own?

Was this was to announce again that the final showdown of the Nine State Forum would be between him and Yaya?

Zhuge Yi’s faced turned green, his handsome countenance distorted by rage. As he walked, strength and force exploded from within him.

He had eliminated Xia Yi, the strongest of the Xia State, and entered into the top three of the Nine State Forum for the ultimate battle. His move to directly attack the two and, by doing so, select his next opponent was a demonstration of his strong self-confidence by declaring war on Yu Sheng and Yaya, both strong competitors.

But now, what was this? He was being completely ignored by these two.

This was simply intolerable!

Boom! Even more violent breaths bloomed, and the vastness of the universe’s power exploded on the forum stage, with Zhuge’s body at the center from which it was concentrated. At this instant, Zhuge Yi seemed to be the only one between heaven and earth.

Nine State Forum would be his stage!

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