The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 10

Discovery in the Medicine Garden.

Fang ChenLe brings him to the medicine garden, and notifies the disciple on guard before leaving. Knowing that You XiaoMo was brought here by the Elder brother, the disciple gives him no trouble, simply bringing up several important points to take note of before letting him enter.

The level one garden is very big, mostly because the need is great, so it’s necessary to prepare beforehand. Upon entering, You XiaoMo sees a huge expanse of enchanted herbs swaying with the wind. The most familiar enchanted herb is the contusion herb, green colored stems and leaves, with small purple flower buds on top. This type of enchanted herb is very effective against external injuries. However most mages don’t use it to refine magic pills for treating external injuries. For mystics, external injuries are small matters, so they rarely refine magic pills to treat external injuries. However, female mystics have a different view, after all preserving beauty is an inherent part of being a woman. Flanking the contusion herb are the winter ice herb and the peaceful spirit flower. These two enchanted herbs are frequently used in refining level one magic pills, so the quantity planted is comparatively greater.

You XiaoMo squats in front of the peaceful spirit flower. Unsure if it is just his imagination, he feels that the flower on his left is comparatively lacking in vitality, while the one on his right is blooming very magnificently and full of vitality. A thin layer of white mist seems to envelop the stems and leaves of the one on the right. What it is, he doesn’t know. Looking at the other peaceful spirit flowers, there isn’t any that looks as good. Most importantly, the other plants also lack the thin layer of white mist. You XiaoMo stares absorbedly, his head full of questions. Because he can’t be sure if he was seeing things, You XiaoMo decides to shift positions.

Unexpectedly he finds five plants with the same condition among the winter ice herbs. Without exception, the plants suffused in white mist are all full of vitality and vigor. It’s too bad You XiaoMo does not have a deep understanding of enchanted herbs, so he has no idea what it means. But he’s definitely not stupid, so he vaguely guesses that those few plants must be of the highest quality. You XiaoMo then simply throws this to the back of his head.

Even though Elder brother had asked them to re-assemble two hours later, You XiaoMo was too absorbed in examining the enchanted herbs that he forgot all about it. By the time he came back to earth, he realizes that Elder brother is standing behind him smiling slightly. Surprised, You XiaoMo looks up at the sky and realizes the time. He hastily apologizes, “I’m sorry Elder brother, I, I forgot the time.”

Fang ChenLe does not rebuke him, instead smiles at him saying, “It’s hard to come by such an earnest little brother, Elder brother is very content. Luckily, this is the basics class, so there’s not much content, so I’ll just explain it again for you. Just make sure you’re not late next time.”

You XiaoMo feels a little uncomfortable but can only say weakly, “Thank you Elder brother.”

Returning to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, Fang ChenLe proceeds to give him a personal lesson. Before, he taught them about enchanted herbs, this time, he explains the basics of being a mage. The ratio of martial artists and mages in Long Xiao continent to the general population is one to a hundred. Since the population of Long Xiao continent exceeds a trillion, there is no shortage of mages. The real shortage lies in the number of high level mages. The threshold between an intermediate level mage and a high level mage is a very high step that many intermediate level mages have no way of achieving. This is related to the inborn talent of the mage. The soul level determines the future of the mage. The higher the soul level, the rarer it is. For example, You XiaoMo and the other disciples that entered with him. They all come from the same district, but among them, only Jiang Liu has a blue aura. However, low inborn talent does not mean that there will never come a time when one can hold one’s head up high. There is a niche in every occupation. There will always be people with specialized skills in each area. Even low level mages can have their areas of success.

“Elder brother, low level mages can only refine low level magic pills. But, a lot of low level mages are also able to refine them. Since only rare things are considered to be valuable, what success can there be?” You XiaoMo doesn’t really understand what he means.

Fang ChenLe says with a smile in his eyes, as if the question was not unexpected, “Little brother must know, why there is always good and bad for everything.”

You XiaoMo ponders for a moment before lighting up, “Don’t tell me it’s because magic pills also have problems with quality?”

“That’s right, you guessed it so quickly. It seems little brother is quite smart.”

Fang ChenLe nods his head in satisfaction. He praises him because when he had asked other young disciples, they were not as quick as him. You XiaoMo lowers his head, his ears a little red, neither confirming or denying. After all, he doesn’t dare to say that he is from the modern era, so he is more sensitive to this problem. Because there are many counterfeits in the modern era so the question of quality is on everyone’s minds. Even he himself has done some research on this question.

“The quality of magic pills depends on the enchanted herbs. If the enchanted herbs used were not cultivated properly, the resulting magic pills would fall short of their promise. Therefore, magic pills are divided into three grades. Low, medium, and top grades, with top grade as the best.

“So that’s how it is.” You XiaoMo senses something flash by in his mind but it disappears before he could catch it. His intuition tells him that it is something important but he fails to figure it out right up to the end of the lesson. Only upon returning to his room does he suddenly cry out *ah*.

“Could it be what I saw this morning?”

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