The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 19

Before going down the mountain.

When You XiaoMo goes to submit his work, the disciple that records the results was very surprised. Forty level one magic pills. For a new disciple, this number is quite amazing. But because they are low grade magic pills, he only needs to hand over half. The other half is his to keep. TianXin sect definitely does not lack level one magic pills. Especially low grade magic pills because even if they were to sell them, they wouldn’t bring in much money. Today, You XiaoMo’s gains are twenty level one magic pills and ten merit points.

Level one magic pills are not worth much to TianXin sect. But for You XiaoMo, it’s a valuable opportunity. Yesterday, after he figured out that he could plant magic herbs in the blue teardrop dimension, an idea formed in his head. He plans to grow level two magic herbs in that space but he needs seeds. Although Earth peak collects all types of magic herb seeds, but because he is brand new probationary disciple, if he were to act rashly, he would only attract attention. You XiaoMo doesn’t want to risk exposing his dimension, so he is left with buying seeds from the foot of the mountain.

But buying seeds requires LongXiao continent currency. Before this, he had rummaged through all of “You XiaoMo”‘s belongings. Surprisingly he only has two sets of clothes and nothing else, leaving him feeling depressed. No money means he has to first make money. Yesterday he was fretting over this. He never thought that today he would get this opportunity. So, You XiaoMo decides that two days later, he would apply for permission to go down the mountain.

In the evening, You XiaoMo doesn’t go carry water for his bath. Nowadays, he just heads straight for the lake in his dimension. He is also not worried that other people would suspect him because there are many here that don’t take baths for two months.

Upon entering the dimension, You XiaoMo is not in a hurry to take a bath. Yesterday he tired out himself to point of death clearing a ten meter square plot. Although the area is not small, but since there are many types of magic herbs, he would definitely need more land soon. So You XiaoMo carries on with his huge weeding project. This night, he clears a big patch of land before taking a bath.

The next day, You XiaoMo heads to the stone room as usual. The other four disciples are already there. Although they give him unpleasant looks, they don’t say any hurtful words because Elder brother also arrives, just a few steps behind You XiaoMo.

Seeing You XiaoMo, Fang ChenLe smiles, “Little brother, I already heard from Little brother Wu. Good job. Worthy of my acknowledgement of you.”

Hearing this the delight You XiaoMo feels from seeing him immediately drops to half. Yet another one trying to get him into trouble. When Elder brother said those words, he clearly felt the surrounding atmospheric pressure plummet.

“Elder brother, there is something I need your help with. Is this a convenient time?” You XiaoMo tries his best to ignore the other four disciples.

“What is it?” Fang ChenLe asks.

“I would like to go down the mountain in two days. May I ask for permission now?”

Thinking it is something serious, Fang ChenLe smiles saying, “So it’s this matter. That’s quite simple. If you want to go down the mountain, you just have to ask Little brother Wu. He is in charge of this area. But since you have just arrived, you can only stay one night. After that, you must return.”

You XiaoMo didn’t expect that it would be someone he knew. Praising heaven and earth, he thanks Elder brother.

“Elder brother, there’s one more thing. That is.. May I take this cauldron back with me?” You XiaoMo looks at the level one cauldron on the stone platform, with a gleam in his eyes. If he had the money, he would buy one for himself at the foot of the mountain.

Fang ChenLe is stunned but soon nods, “You may.”

Level one cauldrons are not a precious things, easily bought from outside. Furthermore, Little brother is asking to increase his training of his own accord. He feels extremely happy. After all, it’s someone he personally trained.

After getting a positive answer, You XiaoMo is delighted. His success rate in refining magic pills is just as high as before but the grade is still unchanged. Although the magic herbs provided by the Hall of Enchanted Herbs is not the best, but if the magic herbs are distilled multiple times, even if the grade stays the same, the associated risk of the magic pill will be reduced considerably. But You XiaoMo doesn’t want to stand out, so he purposely only distills the magic herbs once. But once in a while he would make a pill that has been distilled multiple times. The pill still has the same color so as long as no one looks too closely, he won’t be found out. Like this, the time slowly trickles by while he refines magic pills.

Just when the last disciple leaves the room, You XiaoMo finally finishes the last magic pill. Wiping off his sweat, he sees that he refined ninety level one magic pills today. More than twice of yesterday’s. Maybe it’s because he is now more familiar with the process, so his speed also increases considerably. You XiaoMo tidies up and brings the magic pills to Uncle Zhao.

Uncle Zhao’s full name is Zhao Zhen, in charge of recording the distribution of magic herbs and collection of magic pills of everyone in Earth peak. Yesterday, You XiaoMo came here to submit his magic pills. You XiaoMo had left an impression on Zhao Zhen. This probationary disciple had submitted twenty level one magic pills yesterday. A success rate of a hundred percent, that in his records, is only achieved by five people in the whole of Earth peak. Of course it is an Earth peak record for a disciple refining magic pills for the first time.

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