The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 21

Life story and the winged bird.

It’s not just him alone going down the mountain this time. It’s unclear how many TianXin sect disciples go down the mountain each month. You XiaoMo doesn’t know how many disciples there will be from the other peaks, but there are four others from Earth peak going down with him. Among the five, other than the two who are fulfilling the orders from the masters to buy supplies, the other two are going home to visit their families, after being away for a year.

As for “You XiaoMo”‘s family, he had asked the other disciples that entered together with him. He found out that he was raised in a single-parent home. His mother who raised him passed away from overwork when he was seven years old. After that, he was entrusted to his mother’s sister’s family. His aunt’s family lives in Peach blossom village. It’s a small place but very famous for its peach blossoms. When he reached 17 years old, his aunt’s family was looking for a reason to drive him out of the house. It just so happened that the elders from TianXin sect came looking for disciples. A simple life story. You XiaoMo could almost guess how his aunt’s whole family must not like ‘him’.

But he heaves a sigh of relief knowing that ‘You XiaoMo’ doesn’t have a close relationship with his aunt’s family. A bad relationship means his aunt’s family would not welcome his return. Not needing to return means he wouldn’t have to face the danger of being discovered that the soul is no longer the same. Furthermore, he doesn’t know how he would handle his aunt’s family. But most importantly, he doesn’t know where Peach blossom village is. He also doesn’t know what anyone in his aunt’s family looks like. If he were to return and run into his aunt’s family without recognizing them, that would be extremely dangerous!

Because there only five disciples from Earth peak going down the mountain, Master Kong is worried that they would run into danger. So he asked Heaven peak’s Uncle Mo Gu to help look after them. Uncle Mo Gu is leading some disciples to purchase necessities. He is the most senior disciple on this trip so it’s only natural to entrust the disciples to him. They are after all TianXin sect disciples.

Other than disciples from the Mage division, You XiaoMo also heard that disciples from the Warrior division will also be accompanying them this time. Although disciples from the Mage division are skilled in refining magic pills, their military ability is generally not strong. That’s why disciples from the Military division would accompany the group every time a high level mage goes down the mountain. Especially since the high level mage going down this time is Uncle Mo Gu.

You XiaoMo follows the other disciples and waits at the foot of the Earth peak mountain for an hour before Uncle Mo Gu and the others show up. They could hear their rowdy voices from afar but none of them dared to make any complaints. Compared to the five moody disciples, that group of people could be described as raucous. Each and every one chatting and laughing, as if they are going on a pleasure trip. But the one attracting the most attention is not Uncle Mo Gu. It’s a girl surrounded and fawned on by a few young male disciples. One look at her and You XiaoMo can’t help but sigh at the hand of fate.

That girl is the Junior sister he saw twice in the library. At that time he had guessed that she is a Heaven peak disciple. Looks like that’s true. However, that Elder brother is nowhere in sight. After meeting up, Uncle Mo Gu doesn’t say anything, not mentioning the issue of being late. Just like this, they grandly head down the mountain.

TianXin sect is located in the middle of lush green mountain peaks. It is said that this place was opened up by the founder of TianXin sect to serve as a sanctuary. Later when TianXin sect became the largest sect in Long Xiao continent, the sanctuary also expanded a great deal. With the lush green mountain peaks as the center, TianXian sect’s domain covers everything within a hundred mile radius.

Today their destination is the town on the outskirts of this hundred mile radius. It’s also the closest town to TianXin sect, where TianXin sect gets their supplies from each month. Because the distance is quite far, after they descend the mountain, they get on winged birds to reach their destination.

TianXin sect has about a hundred winged birds. They are specially raised for transportation. They are about five to ten meters tall. They are mainly used by the Mage division because unlike the Mage division, martial artists from the Warrior division are able to fly on their own once their have reached a certain level. Some winged birds can hold five people so You XiaoMo and his brothers go ahead and take one of those. Their quiet moody atmosphere contrasts sharply with the others ahead of them.

The winged birds are very fast. The hundred mile distance is covered in the time it takes to brew half a cup of tea. The three winged birds lands in a clearing. You XiaoMo looks around. It’s like a public square surrounded by a few short buildings. There are also a few thatched pens holding more winged birds. Needless to say, this place must have been set up as a TianXin sect outpost.

You XiaoMo jumps down from the back of the winged bird and just as he is about to follow the group, a familiar face walks up to them. Someone that makes him feel guilty when he sees him. He is none other than the one whose private conversation he overheard two days ago. The Elder brother ‘Big brother Xiao’. He later finds out that it’s not the xiaocharacter from yunxiao. Rather it’s the xiao character from xiaoxiang. His full name is Lin Xiao, the most talented disciple of the Warrior division. He is also the Elder disciple of the Grand Master.


yunxiao – ?? – the skies

xiaoxiang – ?? – portrait

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