The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 26

Unfair conditions.

You XiaoMo has only met Lin Xiao a few times. But he has never seen him smile. Even when he was with the Junior sister or with Uncle Mo Gu, he never smiled. Not to mention speaking in such a gentle way to him. This is the first giveaway.

The second giveaway is his words. If he is the real Lin Xiao, he would know that he would not be together with Uncle Mo Gu. They had already parted ways this morning when they arrived in He Ping town. If they are together, it would only happen tomorrow morning. This only means the ‘Lin Xiao’ in front of him is not the one he has seen before.

But he clearly admitted that he is Lin Xiao. Furthermore, his face is exactly like that of Lin Xiao. If there is any difference, it would be his clothes. The Lin Xiao in the morning wore a black robe. This Lin Xiao is wearing a white robe. Not only have the clothes changed, the demeanor and aura also feels like it is a completely different person.

You XiaoMo doesn’t even care if the Lin Xiao in front of him is an impostor. He only knows that the white-robed Lin Xiao gives off a more dangerous vibe than the black-robed Lin Xiao.

He stammers: “Elder… Elder brother Lin, I still have things to do so I’ll be off. See you later!”

Saying this, he turns around to go, pretending that he doesn’t see that ‘Lin Xiao’ has something he wants to say. As a result, before he could even take two steps, You XiaoMo feels his neck tightening, leaving him unable to breathe. Soon after he is lifted off his feet, soaring into the air and twirling around before coming face to face with ‘Lin Xiao’, their noses less than five centimeters apart.

“El… El… Elder brother Lin?” A completely terrified You XiaoMo looks at the handsome face right in front of him.

Ling Xiao doesn’t speak but smiles slightly and heads back into room closing the door with a *peng*. In his hands still hangs You XiaoMo. Only when it is just the two of them, does he set You XiaoMo down.

Gaining his freedom, You XiaoMo immediately scoots away from Ling Xiao. This action only makes everything clear. Ling Xiao confirms his intention, dialing up the intensity. His smiling face dripping with sweetness, becomes even more elitist and overbearing, like a bloodthirsty gentleman. That’s exactly right! A bloodthirsty gentleman!

You XiaoMo realizes for the first time that someone can actually be described as a bloodthirsty gentleman. Quite simply a marvelous combination. If he was just a bystander, he would probably find it wondrous. But now that he is one right in the center of it, he doesn’t feel one bit of excitement. He would rather not have this opportunity.

“Great warrior, I don’t know anything. I didn’t see anything. For real!” You XiaoMo has his hands over his head, trembling while speaking those words. He then stares both expectantly and with terror at that man, as if he is waiting for him to let him off in a big show of mercy.

With his lips curved, Ling Xiao pressures him into a corner, his eyes filled with interest and fixed on You XiaoMo, “Oh, what is it that you know? And what is it that you saw?”

You XiaoMo freezes. He again feels a huge urge to give himself a tight slap. Don’t tell me that this man did not realize that he has already seen through his pretending to be Lin Xiao. And here, he actually dug a hole for himself. No matter what the reality is, he feels that today is an extremely unlucky day.

“I … I … I know you are not Elder brother Lin Xiao.” You XiaoMo’s face is completely red from the pressure.

Ling Xiao looks at his helpless expression. Appearing just like a lost and adorably pitiful small white rabbit. He can’t help but feel a little delight. No sign of being shamed to anger.

After a while, You XiaoMo hears a voice coming from the top of his head.

“Since you have seen through my disguise, I have no choice. Let’s see, how should I dispose of you? Should I kill you, or boil you, or fry you?”

You XiaoMo immediately -_-||. Is there any difference between these three choices?

“Whichever one is also not acceptable. I don’t want to die.” You XiaoMo says in a small voice with a sad face. It hasn’t even been ten days since he came to this world. If he were to die yet again, who knows if he will end up in hell or just vanish in puff of smoke. Too terrifying!

“Then what should I do? After all, you know my secret.” Ling Xiao pretends to be in a difficult position while saying this.

You XiaoMo’s eyelid twitches and he immediately raises his hand swearing: “I promise you, I won’t tell anyone about you pretending to be Elder brother Lin. If I do, may heaven strike me dead and shatter my soul, uh, forever doomed to remain a low level mage. Is this good enough?” He cautiously asks the last question.

“You are a mage?” Ling Xiao raises his eyebrow. His handsome face suddenly shows a hint of defiance. Just like his elitist and overbearing expression before, not even a tiny hint of unease.

You XiaoMo nods and then looks at him expectantly.

“If that’s the case, then go ahead and refine a magic pill for me.” Ling Xiao says indifferently.

“That, I didn’t bring my cauldron……” You XiaoMo can’t figure out what he is planning, but seeing him raise his eyebrows, he immediately adds, “But I have ready made ones. I have some in my magic bag, the magic pills I refined yesterday.”

“You mean this magic bag?” Ling Xiao raises his hand. Amazingly, in his hand is a bag that doesn’t seem to suit him. It’s none other than You XiaoMo’s magic bag.

You XiaoMo reflexively feels the area around his waist. His magic bag is not there. He can’t help but be stunned. When did he take it? He didn’t even feel anything.

Ling Xiao takes out everything from the magic bag. There are only four small bottles, emanating a light medicinal scent. You XiaoMo sees him open one of the bottles and pour out a light blue Accumulate energy magic pill, one of the low risk ones. Under You XiaoMo’s astonished gaze, he tosses the Accumulate energy magic pill into his mouth. After chewing twice, Ling Xiao raises his brows slightly. He then proceeds to pour out the remaining Accumulate energy magic pills and swallow them into his belly. The same goes for the other three bottles. Everything into his belly. As if he is eating sugar roasted chestnuts.

You XiaoMo looks at him slack-jawed with bulging eyes. Didn’t he hear that magic pills can’t be taken willy nilly …….

After eating all the magic pills, Ling Xiao licks his lips. He looks at You XiaoMo with an added shred of satisfaction, “I really didn’t expect that the magic pills you refine are quite delicious. Especially two of the bottles. The taste is not bad. So ______ congratulations, I have decided not to kill you for the time being.”

You XiaoMo hears this with an alarmed heart and jumpy body, “Time… time being? Uh, no, I mean, really?”

“I can not kill you, but ______ ” Ling Xiao throws the empty bottles and magic bag back at him, revealing a smile, “Everyday from now on, you must honor me with two hundred magic pills, specifically the magic pills in the blue bottles.”

The blue bottles are the ones that contain the magic pills with ten percent risk.

“Two… two hundred magic pills?” You XiaoMo stammers. He is dumbstruck by the amount.

With his current ability, he has no way of refining two hundred magic pills in a day. Even if he were to put off eating and drinking, especially since the magic pills he wants are the low risk ones.

“What’s the matter? You want to refuse?”

Ling Xiao’s brow twitches. In a flash, the space between You XiaoMo’s eyes feels a flash of piercingly cold pressure, almost making him unable to breathe.

You XiaoMo quickly shakes his head. After the hard struggle to spare his life, of course he is not going to refuse, “No, no, great warrior. Elder brother Lin, I just learned how to refine magic pills a few days ago. One hundred pills a day is my limit. Fur… furthermore, according to the rules of TianXin sect, I have turn over half of the magic pills …….”

Ling Xiao stares at him. According to Lin Xiao’s memory, TianXin sect does indeed have this rule. So he knows that You XiaoMo is not trying to pull a fast one, “Fifty pills, of course, if you are not willing, I don’t mind turning you into a corpse right this moment.”

But I mind! Of course You XiaoMo doesn’t dare to revolt. No matter how unfair the conditions, they still can’t compare to his measly life. So he can only agree. Just when he heaves a sigh of relief, Ling Xiao’s indifferent voice rings out again above his head.

“But, to ensure that you will not betray me, hand over half of your soul ne!”


raise horse bit towards different routes – part ways

black line – ‘-_-||’


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