The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 30

I ate it.

You XiaoMo feels someone supporting him. He only manages to catch a glimpse of Ling Xiao before losing consciousness.

Soul force overuse? One look and Ling Xiao can see that there is a problem with You XiaoMo’s condition. He frowns. He is not that well versed with mages and their practices. But he knows that usually a mage is able to tell how much soul force he has left when refining magic pills. So, most mages, when they feel their soul force running low, they would stop refining magic pills and take the appropriate amount of rest before starting again. If not, they could incur some sort of aftereffect. Such as exhausting their soul force and being unable to recover for some time. Or being extremely fatigued, unable to move for a few days, and things like that.

And here, You XiaoMo actually overuses his soul force while refining magic pills. Ling Xiao doesn’t get it. Yet he still lifts him up. Unexpectedly, this young boy is lighter than he imagined. After placing him on the bed, Ling Xiao’s eyes fall on the magic pill firmly grasped in his hand. Is this that magic pill?

Ling Xiao pries open his fingers one by one and takes the magic pill. It’s only a level one magic pill. Looks pretty common. The spiritual energy it contains still cannot compare to the place where he used to live.

But ——- this level one magic pill is quite different from the one he ate yesterday. It’s as if the energy contained inside is even more pure, even more concentrated. Most importantly the impurities is much less compared to the ones from yesterday. This point amazes him. Looks like this convenient Little brother can really give him such a pleasant surprise ne!

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes, conveniently tossing the magic pill into his mouth. After a few chews, he then swallows it straight into his stomach. Just like that, the magic pill that You XiaoMo risked his life for, overusing his soul force, is simply eaten and gone!

Taking a deep breath, Ling Xiao feels that this is the best magic pill he has ever eaten. Although the amount of energy contained in the magic pill is not much, but it is especially pure. Spreading out from his throat through his four limbs, it has been a long time since he experienced this weightless feeling throughout his whole body.

After finishing the magic pill, Ling Xiao walks towards the wooden table. Three bottles and bits of magic herbs are scattered on the simple and crude wooden table. Each bottle holds several magic pills. In a sweeping glance he sees that they hold from ten to fifty magic pills. After tasting each one, he can’t help but raise his brows. They all taste different. Furthermore, none of them are as good as the one he just ate.

A vague expression flashes across his face. He then switches his attention to You XiaoMo who is still passed out on the bed.

A thin and weak body. A slender neck. He only needs to exert a little force to make him disappear from this world. But this young boy, so weak that he is almost not worth mentioning, can actually refine magic pills that perfectly suits his taste. This phenomenon has not happened before, not even with many high level mages. One can’t deny that his interest in him is getting stronger and stronger.

“Considering your contribution in the matter of refining magic pills, I’ll give you a helping hand.”

Ling Xiao bends over. From the back, it looks as if his whole body is pressed onto You XiaoMo. He grips his lower jaw with one hand and gives him a breath of air. That breath of air seems to have a magical effect. You XiaoMo’s eyes that were originally tightly shut suddenly start to move. After ten breaths the eyes slowly open. What fills his field of vision is a magnified face. Although it is a very handsome face, he jumps up in fright.

A shudder run through his whole body. He tries hard to bury his head under his pillow, “You you you ……. what do you want?”

Seeing him in such a frightened state, Ling Xiao’s lips curve up suddenly, “You fainted, so I gave you a breath.”

“Gave me a breath?” You XiaoMo suddenly raises his voice, his eyes bulging in disbelief. He then covers his own lips, like someone who had just been taken advantage of, looking at the gleeful Ling Xiao.

“What kind of reaction is this?” asks Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo lowers his eyes and says resentfully: “No … nothing.”

Liar, Ling Xiao can obviously read the ‘You’re bullying me’ accusation on his face, “Little brother, good children don’t tell lies.”

I am not a child!

You XiaoMo pouts and asks after some hesitation, “Elder brother Lin, you … how did you give me, uh, give me a breath?”

After saying this, before Ling Xiao could explain, he already starts to blush. He really doesn’t want have crooked thoughts, but those words really makes one think that way.

Ling Xiao stares at his face, causing You XiaoMo to get redder and redder, almost to the point of hyperemia. Only then do his lips start to curve upwards slightly, saying softly, “Of course it’s mouth to mouth ah!”

As if being struck by lightning under a clear sky, You XiaoMo is dumbstruck. Inside his head, those three words ‘mouth to mouth’ reverberate. *wu wu* His first kiss is gone just like that. What’s more, it’s with a man!

Ling Xiao gets more and more intrigued by his expression. This is the first time he has seen someone with so much expression on his face.

Even though he finds it very amusing, Ling Xiao doesn’t forget to get to the important matter, resuming, “Little brother, did your brothers not tell you about the dangers of overusing your soul force?”

“Ah?” You XiaoMo looks up both resentful and flustered, just lacking two streams of tears down his face.

Ling Xiao straightens his body and sits down by his side, explaining, “The reason why you fainted just now is because you overused your soul force. Don’t tell me you don’t realize that oh.”

Hearing those words, You XiaoMo jumps up and cries in alarm, “That’s right, my magic pill.”

Saying this, he jumps from the bed and rushes over to find the magic pill. Ling Xiao didn’t touch the few bottles of magic pills on the table. Although he did take one each but You XiaoMo doesn’t notice because the one he is looking for is not one of those. He’s searching for the very last magic pill that he refined. But no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t find it.

You XiaoMo thinks back. He remembers that before he fell back, that magic pill seemed … seemed to be firmly grasped in his hand? As if from a psychic connection, You XiaoMo turns around and immediately crashes into those smiling eyes of Ling Xiao, tinged with mischief and hidden meaning.

This type of expression is the one that You XiaoMo loathes the most. Because during that night in He Ping town, that was the exact expression Ling Xiao had when he finished off several bottles of magic pills.

Seeing him look at him, especially that look of suspicion, Ling Xiao laughs and says wickedly: “If you are looking for that magic pill, I’m sorry to say, I ate it.” Saying this, he licks his lower lip, as if savoring the aftertaste!

You XiaoMo warns himself, I must endure!


magical rhinoceros horn – psychic connection


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