The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 6

Kong Wen

This roar quiets down the whole Hall of Mages. You XiaoMo looks closely and discovers that the shrill voice came from the young man that led them here. He didn’t expect that someone so expressionless would have such a loud voice, and also so terse, but he soon finds out the heart of the matter.

Following his words, a group of people walk in from outside. The leaders look to be of advanced ages, the youngest in the thirties. Of course this is an assessment of their exterior appearances, in reality, some of them are probably extraordinary old creatures. Only after reading the books, You XiaoMo learns that the people from this dimension, especially the mystics, seem to have particularly long lives. Just when he let his imagination run wild, the group of people have already walked up to the front.

Soon the selection process begins, the three elders as if picking dishes at a buffet, taking away the good ones, the remainders are all crooked melons and cracked jujubes. Most unfortunately, You XiaoMo is one of the leftover dishes. However, he could be considered one of the lucky ones, because the highest remaining levels are those with green auras, with the worst being the ones with pink and yellow auras, basically those limited to being lower level mages their whole lives.

“You, follow me for the next half year okay.”

A voice suddenly says from above You XiaoMo’s head. Raising his head, he sees a middle aged man with slightly raised eyebrows looking at him, albeit with a somewhat dissatisfied look. You XiaoMo immediately answered meekly with a yes. The middle aged man doesn’t reply, picking a few more mediocre disciples, in fact they are all leftovers, before leading them out of the Hall of Mages.

Although he said to follow him, but the middle aged man clearly has no intention of accepting them as disciples, conveniently tossing him and his mediocre compatriots to be guided by his eldest disciple, Fang ChenLe, before hurriedly leaving for seclusion. Thus, You XiaoMo remains a probationary disciple. However, You XiaoMo still manages to figure out the situation from the Elder brother. The middle aged man is Kong Wen, who can be considered as his master in name, a minor celebrity in TianXin sect. It is said that he is a blue aura high level mage. Despite falling short of the purple aura, he is said to be able to refine a level 9 magic pill, albeit at a very low rate of success. However, that still doesn’t affect Kong Wen’s position in TianXin sect.

TianXin sect is divided into 3 peaks – Heaven peak, Flying peak and Earth peak respectively. Kong Wen is the leader of the Earth peak. Every year there is a need to recruit new blood. Therefore, every year at about this time, the three leaders will personally go to the Hall of Mages to select recruits. However, since Earth peak is the weakest of the three, every year they get to pick last. Obviously the good talents would have already been taken away by Heaven peak and Flying peak. Like Jiang Liu, who was taken by Heaven peak. Therefore Kong Wen’s mood is always the worst during this time, so that’s why he immediately left for seclusion right after coming back from the selection.

“Looks like it’s not easy being a Master.” You XiaoMo laments softly.

Little did he expect that Fang ChenLe would have such sharp ears, actually hearing what he said. Unable to stop himself from teasing, he says,

“Indeed it’s not easy being a Master, therefore it now depends on all of you, to win some praise for the Master.”

“Elder brother, you must know that our talent is the most inferior.” The young man at his side shakes his head ruefully, this he clearly understands from what he witnessed at the Hall of Mages. Fang ChenLe pats him on the shoulder urging,

“You mustn’t lose heart, inferior talent only relates to the question of potential. You only need to be willing to put in the effort, and there will still be hope. If you were to give up at the start, then obviously there is no hope.”

“Elder brother is right.” You XiaoMo agrees in a whisper.

You XiaoMo had similar experiences in his past life, so he fully understands this principle, therefore unlike the others, he doesn’t feel hopeless right from the start. Fang ChenLe gives him an approving nod.

“Alright, from now on, you are all disciples of the Earth peak. There are not a lot of rules in Earth peak, just for all you to be industrious and conscientious, help each other in times of need, and work wholeheartedly as one. Today is your first day at Earth peak. Since you are all still unfamiliar with the surroundings, I won’t be teaching you today. I will let your brothers acclimate you to the surroundings. Tomorrow I will tell you more at the regular assembly.”

Soon after, a fellow disciple comes over to help familiarize them with the surroundings. The atmosphere at Earth peak is much better than where they were before. Wrapped in clouds and mist, birds singing in the mountain forest, and especially the air, cool and refreshing, You XiaoMo no longer feels sleepy after a little walk. After strolling for an hour, that Li brother then brings them to their living quarters.


crooked melons and cracked jujubes – ugly

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