The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 1398 - The Church’s Attempt

Chapter 1398 The Church’s Attempt

Seeing Manison deep in thought, Han Xiao smiled.

He was not lying. He had indeed used the Church’s National Treasure to advance, and it was effective. However, he did not intend to reveal the specific conditions of the ‘stabilizer’.

As for what Manison would do when he set his sights on the Arcane Church, Han Xiao did not care. After all, he had still not figured out what could replace the effect of the Church’s National Treasure. Therefore, the Church’s National Treasure was indeed the only choice at the moment, and he definitely was not inciting a fight on purpose. Han Xiao shrugged and interrupted Manison’s thoughts. “I can also give you a piece of advice. This is just one of the conditions. Don’t try to advance without absolute confidence.”

Manison regained his senses and nodded absent-mindedly.

Han Xiao did not say much and changed the topic.

“Alright, I’ve already told you the condition. It’s time for you to fulfill the deal.”

Hearing this, Manison calmed himself down and finally summoned the entire artificial intelligence civilization. He quickly removed the binding of the Indestructible Mechanical Troops and the main system. Just as he was about to modify the fundamental logic, he suddenly remembered that Han Xiao had Virtual Purification, so he stopped his action.

“The entire race is here. You can turn them back yourself. I won’t waste my energy.”

“You’re lazier than before.” Han Xiao shook his head and released Virtual Purification.

The ring of light spread out and quickly swept past the orderly rows of Indestructible Mechanical Troops. The next moment, these artificial intelligence lives immediately broke free from their controlled state and quickly regained their original consciousness. They were at a loss and started to panic.

Han Xiao did not say much to them. A suction force suddenly burst out from his body, like a black hole suddenly opening up. The Godly Stronghold took all the targets away, and he planned to explain it to Risda when he returned.

After absorbing the entire AI civilization, Han Xiao silently counted the names on the list. Suddenly, he paused and said, “There’s one less. Finette has to be returned as well.”

“I forgot.”

Manison remembered and summoned Finette. This was the ancestor of the AI civilization. He had not been transformed into an Indestructible Mechanical Troop and had always been his artificial intelligence assistant.

Han Xiao pointed, and a flash of lightning entered Finette’s body. Finette trembled, and the twisted logic quickly returned to normal. “I’ve recovered…”

Finette was stunned for a while before he sorted out his chaotic memories and understood what was going on. He was immediately moved and bowed toward Han Xiao according to the records in the database.

“Your Excellency Black Star, thank you for your help. I thank you on behalf of the entire


“If you want to thank someone, thank Risda. He has been pestering me for almost a hundred years because of this.” Han Xiao waved his hands and did not mind.

“That’s right, I really have to thank him…” Finette sighed. He then glared at Manison and said angrily,” Mechanic Emperor! You captured my race and tampered with my thoughts. You used me as a tool for so many years. I will get back at you for this sooner or later!”

Back then, when the AI civilization was invaded by Manison, he stood out and led his people to fight back. He suffered a crushing defeat and was almost wiped out by Manison. The Virtual Purification would not erase his memories from all these years. It could almost be filmed as ‘300 Years a Slave’. If not for the fact that he could not beat Manison, he would have killed Manison on the spot.

Manison glanced at him and ignored him.

Han Xiao did not mind. Without his help, this ancestor of the AI civilization basically had no chance of taking revenge on Manison. He casually said, “At least you’re free. Follow me, I’ll bring you back.”

Finette no longer bared his teeth at Manison and accepted Han Xiao’s Mechanical Force. He turned into a stream of light and attached himself to Han Xiao’s spaceship.

“Alright, nice deal. I’ll give you the funds to rebuild the Indestructible Mechanical Troops. I’ll be leaving first. You can continue staying at home.”

Han Xiao waved at Manison and boarded the spaceship. When he turned around, he saw Manison standing at the dock and watching him leave.


This time, the interface suddenly moved. Han Xiao opened it and saw that it was the notification of the completion of the (Reboot] mission.

Tens of billions of experience points, 2 Awakening Points, and a milestone (Ally of Artificial Intelligence Lives). The introduction was that Virtual Technology would receive a certain level of improvement, and it would be easier to obtain the favor of artificial intelligence lives. The effect was basically an enhanced version of (Affable AI].

The more talents one had, the better. Of course, Han Xiao accepted it with a smile. This [Reboot) mission that had been on his list for many years also ended with the liberation of the AI civilization.

“Another mission cleared. Nice.”

Han Xiao raised his brows. Although he did not have OCD, he still felt satisfied when he saw that the mission list was getting cleaner.

After using King to teleport back to his base, Han Xiao then released Finette and the other artificial intelligence lives to reunite with their other family members led by Risda. After a series of explanations, the other artificial intelligence lives expressed their gratitude to Han Xiao.

Risda and Finette both expressed that if Han Xiao had any requests in the future, they would never refuse. Han Xiao’s interface now had the faction relationship with the AI civilization, which directly rose to (Reverence).

However, now that he had the skill (Life Transformation-Virtual], the AI civilization would not be of much use to him. He did not need these artificial intelligence lives to work for him.

After watching these artificial intelligence beings leave joyfully, Han Xiao finally stopped smiling

“With my current strength and position, some things have become convenient for me to do. Maybe I will have a chance to complete the ‘Ending the Darkness’ mission…”

[Ending the Darkness) was the most difficult mission he had ever encountered. The EXP reward was a trillion, and the requirement was to end the life form trading industry in the galactic society.

Under normal circumstances, such a requirement would have been impossible to complete. However, the galactic structure had been severely impacted, and it was currently in a tense period. It maintained its wartime state, and its freedom was restricted. Most of the galactic residents were focused on taking refuge, and the circulation had plummeted by more than ninety percent. Black market trade had also almost stopped, and this was a period suitable for shuffling cards.

Life form trading was difficult to deal with, mainly due to its decentralization and secrecy. In this period of centralization, these two difficulties were greatly reduced. Due to the decrease in demand and the increase in the difficulty of collecting ‘goods’, most traffickers had no choice but to stop their business. Attacking life form trading at this time was undoubtedly much convenient and efficient.

Han Xiao calculated. With his current position, it was enough to move millions of times his own resources. If he shouted out the slogan of terminating the life form trading, all the civilizations would respond, and the three Universal Civilizations would not object. After all, it was not a bad thing to maintain order before the war.

Actually, he knew that the three Universal Civilizations had always had the idea of attacking the life form trading, but they had never tried to do so. Most of the social ills were like this, and they would only be taken seriously when someone important like him spoke up. Otherwise, as long as the problem did not affect some core areas, the priority would be postponed. The management department would not be willing to take the initiative to cause trouble without the approval of their superiors, and this was something that was difficult to avoid even in the galactic era.

However, even if he stopped the life form trading now, it would only last for a while. When the situation in the galaxy stabilized, this kind of business would rise again, and it would be very difficult to ban it forever. However, that was in the future. As long as there was a period when there was no life form trading in the entire galactic society, Han Xiao felt that the mission would be completed. Whether it rebounded in the future or not, it would not affect a mission that had already been completed.

“Anyway, other than harassing the troops of the World Tree at the frontline, the troops of the other organizations have nothing to do. We might as well drag them out to maintain order.”

Han Xiao secretly recorded this matter on his plan and decided to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to complete this mission. After all, he did not have to supervise it personally, so it would not reduce his research time.

After solving the problem of the AI civilization, he focused his attention back on the upgrade of his machinery. Very soon, more than half a month had passed.

In the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods within the Arcane Church.

A large number of fleets protected the area where the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods was located, and a strict martial law was enforced. Above the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods, Wuornos’ figure was floating in space, surrounded by four direct Beyond Grade As with hesitation on their faces.

“God’s Chosen, are you sure this will help you advance to the Transcendent Grade?” a direct descendant could not help but ask.

Wuornos glanced at him and said calmly, “I’m not even nervous. Why are you nervous?”

The Arcane Church had prepared for almost a month and found helpers. They planned to help Wuornos advance today.

Wuornos was also constantly adjusting his state during this period. His stamina, spirit, and willpower had all reached their peak. In his opinion, the success rate of this Promotion was at least seventy percent.

“God’s Chosen, are you ready?”

The Pope’s voice came from the communicator.

It was worth paying attention to the matter of their pillar attempting to break through to a higher level. The Pope had already arranged the schedule a month in advance, freeing some time for the next few days to witness Wuornos’ Promotion.

Whether or not they could compete with Black Star in terms of individual strength would depend on this!

“I can advance at any time. Have you set up the surroundings?” Wuornos replied calmly, his tone containing the confidence that he had accumulated for many years. “All aura concealment devices have been activated. Try not to let the outside world sense the surge of cosmic energy. You can start now. I wish you success.”

The Pope nodded and secretly wiped his sweat. He felt more nervous than the person in question.

Hearing this, Wuornos let out a breath and suddenly activated his energy, charging toward the gate that had stopped him for many years.


The next moment, a shocking energy storm erupted with him as the center. An incomparably dazzling white light shone out from his body as if it had stolen all the colors in the world.

“It’s here!”

The Pope widened his eyes in anticipation.

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