The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 21 - The Old Man Who Plays Chess

Chapter 21: The Old Man Who Plays Chess

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Now that Han Xiao had escaped from the Germinal Organization, he no longer had access to the resources that he would need to become stronger. Joining the Six Nations would solve this problem.

Han Xiao already had a plan in mind.

In Galaxy, there was known to be a secret encounter hidden in the Western Capital.

Han Xiao arrived at the gates of a workshop concealed inside an inconspicuous alley. The workshop was nameless, but it had a spanner for a logo.

The secret encounter will be mine in this life!

There was a chess table set up at the entrance of the workshop. Two elderly men were currently engaged in a game.

Their appearances were in stark contrast to one another. The shorter elderly man was bearded and had long, unkempt hair, while the taller old man was prim and proper. Both of them were staring at the chess board intently.

Han Xiao noticed that the tall old man had a missing arm.

Both of them paid little heed to Han Xiao as he stepped into the workshop.

Han Xiao took a look at the chess board. They seemed to be playing playing an intense game of Go.

Suddenly, Han Xiao realized that it was not Go at all! It was Five in a Row!

What the hell are you guys looking so serious for‽

A woman appeared from within the workshop. “Do you need something repaired?”

She had a fair complexion, rosy cheeks, and was around 1.65m tall. Her hair was clipped behind with a black pin, and she was wearing a black vest on top of denim shorts. Although Han Xiao wouldn’t go so far as to call her a stunning beauty, she did have an extremely pleasant-looking face. She was very much the proverbial girl-next-door who had gentle eyes and a warm smile. She seemed to be in her mid-twenties—Han Xiao’s personal preference.

Women at twenty can be compared to peaches—good to look at but not yet ripe.

Women at thirty, on the other hand, are like ripe grapes.

Of course, these things are always a matter of taste.

As for women at forty…

Huh, what about fifty?

Fifty-year-old women cannot be described as fruits anymore! They are potatoes!

“May I know if this place needs an apprentice?” Han Xiao asked.

For some reason, the woman was overjoyed to hear his words. She hastily grabbed Han Xiao’s eblow and pulled him in, as though afraid that he would change his mind.

“Come in, quickly! You might catch a cold.”

Han Xiao looked up at the blazing sun and wondered, Is catching a cold the dialect here for heat stroke?

The workshop was largely coloured in black and white, and there was a second floor.

The first floor was the working area, and it was a fairly spacious area. There were a number of vehicle platforms and workbenches equipped with various tools and machinery. Han Xiao could tell from the blemishes on the workbenches that they were relatively old. There was also quite a number of metal shelves lined up against the wall that were stacked with all sorts of metals and spare parts.

“My name is Lu Qian. I’m the boss here. You can call me Sister Qian,” introduced the woman.

“Sister Qian,” Han Xiao greeted. He then inquired, “I wish to take up apprenticeship here. Are there any requirements?”

“Tell me your situation,” replied Lu Qian. Her first impression of Han Xiao was quite favorable. She particularly liked the dead look in his eyes—they made Han Xiao look like he was a bum.

He will probably be content with a low wage, she thought to herself.

“I come from afar. My name is Han Xiao. I’m 21 years old, and I have some basic mechanic skills. You can call me Technician Han.”

Technician Han? A puzzled look appeared on Lu Qian’s face.

“From afar… meaning you’re not a student of the Western Capital School?”

The Western Capital School was an elite school that only a select few could enroll in. It followed a special syllabus based on the knowledge given to Aquamarine by the galactic civilization. There, students were taught Pugilist and Mechanic knowledge. Many of its graduates went on to become important figures in Stardragon.

However, as less than 1 in 10,000 people possessed superpowers, having guidance did not make it easier to awaken them.

“I’ve only learnt some basic Mechanic theory,” Han Xiao replied humbly.

“That’s a pity…” bemoaned Lu Qian.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way,” she hastily added.

“It’s fine.”

“Anyway, I still need to test you. I do need a helper, but you will have to meet my criteria first.”

Lu Qian went to fetch a faulty household appliance back to test Han Xiao. Before Han Xiao could begin, the shorter old man at the chess board suddenly spoke. “Kid, why did you come here?”

Lu Qian frowned in puzzlement. Wasn’t it just to find work?

Han Xiao looked at the old man and replied, “I’m just looking for a job.”

For some reason, his reply upset the old man, and he flipped the chessboard.

“I am the owner of this shop. Pass my test, and I will allow you to stay.”

“Oi, Old Man Lu, you’re being a sore loser again,” erupted the tall old man.

“I have something important to do,” stated Old Man Lu matter-of-factly.

“Shameless,” replied the tall old man exasperatedly.

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