The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 23 - You Set Me Up!

Chapter 23: You Set Me Up!

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As Han Xiao began to weld and assemble the parts he created, the prosthetic arm began to take shape. The others were surprised by the fact that Han Xiao did not create any excess parts. He had been thoroughly efficient from the start, which proved that he had actually planned everything out.

“My god, he won’t actually succeed, will he?” muttered Old Man Lu, causing Lu Qian to glare at him. What a sly grandpa!

Seeing them look so amazed almost caused Han Xiao to burst out in laughter. How could he possibly fail when he already had the blueprint in his memory?


You have created [Bionic Arm – Left (Mechanical Version)], giving you 2000 exp!

[Bionic Arm – Left (Mechanical Version)]

Special Item

A very realistic prosthetic created using the principles of machine dynamics and suspension. Adjustable to suit the user’s needs, it is soft, yet extremely durable!


The polished metallic prosthetic took Han Xiao a total of 2 hours and 33 minutes to make. One look at its structure and everyone present could tell that it was an extremely functional prosthetic.

Everyone was shocked!

He really made it!

As Lu Qian covered her mouth in disbelief, a single thought came to her mind.I’ve struck gold!

“This prosthetic will look realistic if you cover it with—”

“Save the bullshit, let’s test it now,” interrupted Old Man Lu as he swallowed his saliva. Although Han Xiao had truly exceeded his expectations, his mind was still unchanged.

The tall old man rolled his eyes at Old Man Lu and picked the prosthetic up to examine it. He instantly fell in love with it. It fit onto his stump extremely comfortably, unlike other prosthetics that had nonadjustable, rigid attachments. The reason that he did not like to wear a prosthetic arm was that they always got in the way of his movement. However, Han Xiao’s creation did not give him this problem. It felt so realistic that when he moved it, it felt like he had grown back an arm! The elastic suspension enabled him to effortlessly make simple movements.


This was the only word that could describe how he felt about it.

“What do you think? Satisfactory?” asked Old Man Lu coolly as he sipped on his beer.

Lu Qian looked anxiously at the tall old man.

The tall old man found himself in a tight spot. Should he help his friend? Or should he say his true feelings? Which was more important?

“This thing is excellent. I’m satisfied!”

Old Man Lu spat out his beer and glared at the tall old man as he coughed continuously.

Weren’t we allies‽ We had a plan!

“Since you like it, you can have it.” Han Xiao was not surprised at all.

The tall old man nodded his head and replied, “I will remember this favor.”

Old Man Lu was flabbergasted. The arm was made with my materials! Did you ask for my permission‽

“Then, can I stay?” Han Xiao turned to Old Man Lu and asked, his lips curling.

Old Man Lu’s shock immediately turned into embarrassment. As he turned around to head upstairs, he reluctantly replied, “Whatever, if you want to stay, then stay. Let’s see how long you’ll last.”

Lu Qian shook her fists in celebration.

The tall old man smiled at Han Xiao before leaving the workshop. After walking out of the alley, he entered a black sedan car that had been waiting for him.

The chauffeur respectfully passed a mobile phone to him. As the tall old man picked up the phone, his entire demeanor completely changed. He now looked extremely stern, a totally different person from the genial old man from before.

“The Germinal Organization fugitive has snuck into the Western Capital. These are the coordinates…” he spoke in a deep voice. “Have the intelligence department monitor him for now. I have come into contact with the target, and will slowly find out his intentions. Unless necessary, do not act.”

Deserters of the Germinal Organization were highly valued by the Six Nations as they sometimes held valuable information. Unfortunately, most of the deserters were usually small fry. Han Xiao, on the other hand, was the first person to have a bounty issued for on him; it followed that it was highly likely that he possessed crucial information.

In the workshop, Han Xiao turned his eyes back from where the tall old man had left.

His performance should have let the tall old man know that he was not hostile, and laid the groundwork for a better relationship.

There were three things for Han Xiao to gain from coming to the workshop. The first was that Old Man Lu kept a very comprehensive collection of Mechanic-related basic knowledge.

The second was that this workshop was a good place to hide from the Germinal Organization. While the Germinal Organization had spies across the Six Nations, they did not know every single nook and cranny. This workshop was one of the few places that they were not aware of. And even if they found it, there was Old Man Lu. Old Man Lu was far stronger than the current Hila. Although he appeared like some carefree good-for-nothing, he was actually one of the few Class-D superhumans on the planet. On beginner planets in Version 1.0, the strongest superhumans were only Class-C.

There was a lot of discussion regarding why Mechanics were a superhuman class, such as: ‘If Mechanics were limited to a normal human’s standards, it would restrict their inventions by over 90%’, and ‘Only a superhuman can use some of the stronger machines they make.’ At higher levels, there were stricter requirements for using the machines that Mechanics made. Some of them were even not usable by the other four classes, but only by Mechanics.

Mechanics were not all about big guns and giant robots! A high level mechanic could specialize in one of many things. They might prefer to wield swords, specialize in assassination, or even pilot mobile suits! These were but a few of the endless possibilities that the class had to offer.

The official information described the class as such: “Masters of combat machinery and compaction. Well balanced.”

After learning [Compression Technology] and [Spatial Technology], mechanics would be able to disassemble and compress huge machinery into small capsules that they could activate whenever they wanted to reassemble them instantaneously!

After learning certain skills like [Rapid Assembly], Mechanics with a large amount of energy would be able to create machines on the fly without the need for tools or equipment. All they needed was sufficient energy and necessary materials, and they would be able to bypass the creation process and instantaneously create whatever they needed.

Player inventories were weight-realistic, and with these abilities, mechanics were the only class—apart from Mages and telekinetic ESPers—to be able to disregard weight constraints.

The third reason that Han Xiao had come to the workshop was the most important one, for the secret story line! Its rewards were some blueprints of early level godly equipment!

In the future, Old Man Lu would leave the workshop and leave behind a digital safe that contained these blueprints. He would instruct Lu Qian to pass it to her father, Lu Cheng, who was a warlord amongst the wanderers. He and his father, Old Man Lu, were always on bad terms.

Back in the game, a player managed to complete the tedious quest line and obtain the password to the safe. He then had to painstakingly search for the necessary materials to craft those equipment. However, it all proved worth it. With just that equipment, he was able to dominate the PVP arena and set the highest record of 38 continuous victories!

While all that time and effort was certainly worth it for that player, Han Xiao didn’t have to go through the entire quest line as he already knew the password!

Although the secret quest line was a competitive quest, and only one person could complete it, other players that attempted it also learnt the password to the safe. Since it was not a big deal, the password was posted alongside information to the quest line in various forums.

Still, the story line only occurred after release, so there was still plenty of time before then. Han Xiao intended to foster a good relationship with them first.

For the godly equipment!

“I’ll explain your apprenticeship. Your meals and accommodation will be provided for; there is an unused room on the second floor. Your job scope will consist of helping out with maintenance work, as well as orders. I’ll pay you $1000 a month, is that fine?”

Lu Qian looked at Han Xiao nervously. She knew that he was skilled, but she truly did not have the money to offer him a higher salary.

“I accept!” said Han Xiao without hesitation, at which she rejoiced.

On the second floor was a full apartment complete with a living room, a kitchen, and several bedrooms.

Lu Qian brought Han Xiao to his bedroom. It was furnished simply with a wooden bed, a wardrobe, a book shelf, and a small work space.

“This is now your room,” said Lu Qian happily as she passed the key to Han Xiao and began to dust the area.

She really couldn’t be any happier. A thousand dollars was a very small amount of money, not even enough for an average person’s monthly meal expenses! Han Xiao was a steal!

I must treat this kid well so he won’t run away! she thought to herself.

Han Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Shouldn’t the job applicant be the nervous one, instead of the boss?

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