The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 6 - Taking Action!

Chapter 6: Taking Action!

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The Valkyrie Lab was hidden underneath an abandoned farm situated within an extremely large forest. The farm itself was enclosed by a tall electrical fence.

A Black Harrier helicopter descended on the abandoned farm. Six fully equipped agents dressed in black emerged from the aircraft.

“I am the captain of Night Owl Squad 3, Silver Blade. I’ve come under orders to transport the Valkyrie Squad,” introduced the stony-faced captain.

“Stop wasting my time,” replied an irritated Hila as she fixed her tousled hair. “There are vehicles in the hangar. I’ll take the helicopter.”

No. 1, who had been chosen to lead the Valkyrie squad, stepped forward.

“Test subject No. 1 greets officer!”

“Follow us.”

“Yes sir!”

As Hila hopped on the helicopter, she frowned.

“Strange… It feels like I’ve forgotten something…”

Machinery tuning room.

Han Xiao was almost done with crafting the Lightweight Mecha Arm. It had proven harder to craft than expected. In the game, blueprint crafting was guided—the player simply needed to input the materials and follow a few simplified steps. Now, however, Han Xiao had to do everything manually. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it did give him the freedom to make small modifications.

Although the organization had taken away most of Han Xiao resources, there was still enough left for him to work with. He had primarily used manganese, a tough alloy well suited for making weapons and armour.

While the design of the Lightweight Mecha Arm was very basic, it would have to suffice.

Han Xiao put down the wrench in his hand. The Lightweight Mecha Arm was now complete.


Lightweight Mecha Arm (Left)

Quality: Average

Basic Stats

– Damage: 35~58

– Defense: 13~17

– Power Level: 38

– Durability: 270/270

Equip Requirement: 25 STR

Stat Bonus: -3 Speed

Length: 0.51 m

Weight: 14.7 kg

Additional Bonus: +10 STR


Han Xiao gained 3000 experience points from crafting the arm. Crafting generally rewarded more experience than assembly or enhancement.

Han Xiao currently had 21 STR, so he needed to spend another 4 stat points to equip the mecha arm.

After crafting the mecha arm, Han Xiao crafted a 73-WASP and enhanced it to 38-47 damage. He also forged a 10 damage carbide tactical knife.

He hid the Lightweight Mecha Arm and the enhanced 73-WASP before heading out to the canteen.

The canteen was like a recreation room of sorts for the staff in the facility. They would come here to relax and while away the time. Han Xiao had learnt a lot of information from eavesdropping on their conversations.

A groups of guards were chatting nosily.

“I want to go outside too! Being confined for so long is getting on my nerves.”

“Well, Hila’s an officer. Her status is much higher than ours.”

“Man, I’d do anything to spend a night with her.”

“Hey, watch your mouth. Do you know why she’s an officer?”

“Because… she’s a superhuman?”

“Of course she is!”

Han Xiao rejoiced at the confirmation of Hila’s absence.

“Looks like today is the day,” he murmured to himself.

Han Xiao got up and headed to basement 3. His target was the surveillance room.

There were two guards stationed outside the surveillance room. Before entering the corridor, Han Xiao slapped a piece of half-chewed bread onto the surveillance camera.

He had learnt that the guards did not take their shifts seriously, and true enough, nothing happened even after a while.

After composing himself, Han Xiao entered the corridor and approached the two guards.

“No unauthorized personnel,” warned the first guard.

“It’s Zero. Just shoo him away,” laughed the second.

The first guard nodded. He was about to push Han Xiao away when, suddenly, Han Xiao grabbed hold of his wrist and stabbed the second guard in the chin with a knife. The knife pierced all the way into the guard’s brain.

Han Xiao then immediately maneuvered around the first guard to perform a chokehold on him.


Han Xiao had dispatched of both guards in an instant!


You have dealt a fatal blow!

You have dealt a fatal blow!



You have killed a Guard of the Germinal Organization, gaining 360 experience!

You have killed a Guard of the Germinal Organization, gaining 360 experience!


Han Xiao carefully placed the guard on the ground before checking their stats.


Lv. 7 Agent

10 STR, 15 END

150 Health



You have acquired 4 bullets.


Han Xiao re-equipped the dagger before slowly pushing the door open.

A jaw-dropping sight greeted him.

Two guards were pressed together in an extremely compromising position. The sound of the door opening had startled them, and they were staring at Han Xiao in horror.


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