The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 878 - Suspicion

Chapter 878 Suspicion

The governing planet of the Pioneer Party was located in Star Zone 3, and the upper echelons within the party were observing the situation of the battle.

In the conference room, the upper echelons of the party were gathered, and the atmosphere was completely different from the meeting in the Ancient Emperor Party. Everyone had a bright smile on their face, with the Pioneer Party’s leader glowing with radiance.

Their army had the upper hand, and it was impossible for them not to be happy.

“The Ancient Emperor Party and Descendant Party are being forced back, and the citizens are also crying out for us to overthrow the rulers. The situation is to our advantage at the moment,” the staff sergeant in charge of analyzing the battle situation said.

The Pioneer Party leader had a bright smile on his face but said, “We need to be even more careful during such a moment and prevent the enemy from fighting back in desperation.”

Although the situation was looking good, he knew that it was impossible for the Ancient Emperor Party to surrender. The result of losing would be extermination.

Just as everyone was discovering the situation, the internal comms rang, and it was an emergency message from the intelligence personnel.

The appearance of the intelligence personnel appeared, and he had a strange look on his face.

“Your Excellency, the Ancient Emperor Party made an announcement.”

“Send it over immediately.” The Pioneer Party leader raised his brows.

Very quickly, the announcement of the Ancient Emperor Party appeared on the screen, and everyone present began reading it.

In this first half of the announcement, the Ancient Emperor Party claimed that they were the rightful rulers of the Gulal Civilization and criticized the Pioneer Party for using armed forces to seize authority. They then claimed that the Pioneer Party were traitors and called for the citizens to reject the Pioneer Party. They also began hiring help from the galaxy.

The details of the public announcement were extremely ordinary. They were trying to preserve their status as rightful rulers and suppress their opponents. They had made use of such a tactic for many years already, and the upper echelons of the Pioneer Party were extremely used to it. After they won, history would be written by them, and it would be useless to call them traitors now.

The way they saw it, it was completely useless for the Ancient Emperor Party to seek aid from the galaxy. This was only a civil war, which did not go against the Peace Treaty. With the Black Star Army on their side, no one in the Shattered Star Ring would go against the Black Star Army just for a Star System Civilization.

The mercenary groups that had some size would not help them, and the other civilizations would only watch by the side. Even the Bloodshed Land would not go against their titular ally for such a small matter. Thus, it was impossible for the Ancient Emperor Party to find any aid. This was the powerful effect of seeking aid from the Black Star Army. They were able to prevent the enemy from finding any support.

The Pioneer Party’s leader then read until the end and was stunned.

“Wait a moment… the Ancient Emperor Party is trying to seek aid from the Black Star Army‽”

The Pioneer Party’s leader rubbed his eyes and thought that he had misread something.

To think that the Ancient Emperor Party actually wanted to employ the Black Star Army and attempted to convince the Black Star Army to help them.

The upper echelons of the Pioneer Party all looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.

Just what was the meaning of seeking aid from their enemy‽

Even if the Black Star Army was external aid, they had already signed an employment contract. Why would they publicly break the contract? Would this not be destroying their own reputation? Furthermore, the Black Star Army was a Beyond Grade A organization, and since they had already decided to help the Pioneer Party, why would they suddenly go back on their word?

Even if you want to try and rope the Black Star Army over to your side, you should do it privately, right? With the current status of Black Star, would he openly go back on his word? Do you think he will go back on his word because of money? That’s impossible!

But if the objective of this is to drive a wedge between us, isn’t it far too coarse a method?

“It seems like the Ancient Emperor Party has truly gone crazy,” the Pioneer Party leader said with his mouth cramping up. “This should be the funniest joke that I have ever heard.”


Everyone could not help but burst into laughter.

Not too long later, the announcement of the Ancient Emperor Party was spread all throughout the Gulal Civilization.

It was not just the Pioneer Party who were puzzled. Even the Descendant Party were completely bewildered.

Are my teammates fools‽

The members of the Ancient Emperor Party felt extremely embarrassed. They were currently fighting with the enemy, but their higher ups actually tried to seek help from the enemy. Just what was this stupidity?

There were many who interpreted this as the upper echelons being pessimistic about the outcome of the battle, and morale took a large hit.

On the Black Star Army’s side, the members of the army could not help but laugh.

We are currently fighting a war. Can you please be more serious and not tease us like that?

Just when everyone was laughing at the actions of the Ancient Emperor Party, the players received a different message.

The plea of the Ancient Emperor Party had actually become a mission on their interface. A Grade S mission for them to help the Ancient Emperor Party.

All the players gasped in shock upon discovering that.

“So, it turns out that this is a faction series mission. It should be a Grade S mission that can be triggered regardless of which party we aid.”

“However, the army has chosen to support the Pioneer Party, so we have no choice but to choose them as well.”

“Hmm, if we support a faction up into power, we will be able to successfully change the entire fate of a civilization. I think we found a way to strike it rich.”

“What if we persuade the NPCs to start another party and support the party. Would it be even more fun?”

This mission attracted the attention of many players, and they began to show off their creativity as they discussed the matter.

However, the influence of this new mission stopped there. Not a single player would choose to accept it.

The players were not fools, and accepting this mission would mean that they had to oppose the army. It would probably be no different from leaving the faction. They had fought in the army for three versions already and accumulated plenty of faction Contribution Points. Furthermore, the potential for growth in the Black Star Army was also extremely high. A mere Star System Civilization was not worth them betraying the faction.

Furthermore, the chances of the Ancient Emperor Party winning were far too low. Thus, it would be much better for them to keep to the Pioneer Party mission, especially since both were Grade S missions anyway.

After a month into the employment mission, the players had an understanding of the three parties. The Ancient Emperor Party was not anything good, and there was no meaning to help them.

With Summer Night Flower as an example, the number of players in the Shattered Star Ring willing to take risks had decreased. Thus, the players were only interested in the opportunity presented to them by the Ancient Emperor Party but uninterested in actually completing the mission.

In the Black Star Army headquarters, a large assembly line ran through Han Xiao’s workshop without stopping to produce various types of mechanical soldiers and equipment. Bolts of Mechanical Force could be seen running through the assembly lines to increase the quality and efficiency of the production.

In another region, all the freshly manufactured mechanical soldiers and equipment were sent over with many mechanical arms modifying the equipment.

Han Xiao would naturally modify all his mechanical soldiers as much as possible, and all the modified equipment would have their grades increased. Even the cannon fodder mechanical soldiers had been raised to the orange grade.

At Han Xiao’s level, an ordinary mechanical soldier was no more than cannon fodder, but these mechanical soldiers were all elite equipment that could not even be purchased with money.

Han Xiao stood in front of a machine and personally assembled a new mechanical host while humming a tune merrily.

The sound of metal ringing could be heard all around him, and Han Xiao had already gotten used to the environment in the workshop. Creating machines was a form of enjoyment to him. As his own strength increased, Great Mechanic Han also grew to enjoy the process of crafting new equipment.

Phillip’s mini projection could be seen in front of Han Xiao, and he said to Han Xiao with a babyish voice, “Master, hum… I saw an interesting piece of news. Shall I read it out to you?”

“Alright.” Han Xiao wasn’t distracted and remained focused on hammering the alloy before him.

“It’s news from the Gulal Civilization. The Ancient Emperor Party actually made a public announcement and hoped that we will go back on our word and help them instead. Master, hum… what do you think they are thinking about?”

“To think that they will make such an announcement. Do they think I am like EsGod, without any morals?” Han Xiao laughed.

“Eh‽” Phillip was stunned, and his eyes widened. “Isn’t that the case‽”

“… You have also learned how to joke, huh?” Han Xiao immediately changed the topic and said, “Although it is difficult to understand why the Ancient Emperor Party would do so, I guess it is still understandable. If not for Ceselin, I would have never come into contact with the Pioneer Party. They… eh?”

Right at this moment, Han Xiao suddenly froze in place and thought about the Ancient Emperor Party missions. He then opened the forums to take a look.

The players were indeed discussing this matter on the forums, and many of the players took a screenshot of the Ancient Emperor Party Grade S mission. His guess was not wrong, and the Ancient Emperor Party’s plea for help allowed the players to trigger a mission.

Han Xiao stroked his chin and fell into thought.

Although it only seemed like a desperate move by the Ancient Emperor Party, Han Xiao could not help but think that the matter was extremely odd.

“This is an illogical plea for aid. It feels as though…” Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed. “This plea for help is targeted at the players.”

It was not that he was being suspicious, but there were far too many coincidences. Although the actions of the Ancient Emperor Party seemed like a joke to everyone, it was not a joke to the players but a way for them to trigger a mission.

Was this by luck or an intentional action?

Han Xiao hesitated for a moment. He had too few clues and was not certain about his own guess. However, he would always plan for the worst-case scenario to be safe.

There was a reason for this. In his previous life, there was a similar phase. As the players began to grow and move around in the universe, many galactic organizations began to pay attention to the players and analyzed their characteristics, specialties, and habits.

Even during the current version, there were many organizations that paid close attention to the players.

He had operated in the Shattered Star Ring for many years, and no one would dare steal his trump card force with his status. However, the situation of the players in the other Star Fields was different, and it was not strange for the players to attract the attention of the organizations.

He was not the only one who wanted to recruit the players.

Han Xiao was not too worried about this. The players had already invested three versions of their time and effort into the army, and they would not be so easily stolen by another. Furthermore, ordinary NPCs would only treat the players as a special force. Other NPCs did not have an interface and would not be able to obtain a massive amount of experience from the players.

However, it would also be extremely frustrating if someone really wanted to steal his vegetables.

I originally planned to ignore the Gulal Civilization mission, but it seems like I must pay close attention to it now. Someone has set their eyes on the players of the army.

A cold glint flashed past Han Xiao’s eyes.

A mysterious fleet then entered the border of the Gulal Civilization. This was the Ancient Emperor Party territory, and the Ancient Emperor Party fleet was already present.

In the main flagship, the Ancient Emperor Party leader looked at the star map and heaved a sigh of relief. “They’re finally here.”

That mysterious Beyond Grade A had promised to provide them with reinforcements, and this fleet was the first batch of reinforcements. The Ancient Emperor Party leader wanted to guess the identity of the Beyond Grade A through the fleet but could not help but be surprised upon seeing the insignia of the reinforcements.

This was a local armed organization in the Shattered Star Ring that was managed by four Calamity Grade Supers. One of them was even a Beyond Grade A seed. As a result, the fame and size of the organization was not too small, but many people believed that they did not have any backers.

However, it seemed like this low-profile organization actually had an unknown Beyond Grade A behind them.

Just who was this mysterious Beyond Grade A. Could it be that he had more than one organization under him in the Shattered Star Ring?

The Ancient Emperor Party leader suppressed the doubts in his heart and contacted the other party.

With the aid of this armed organization, their situation will be much better.

The flagships of both parties met each other, and the Ancient Emperor Party leader’s projection met the four Calamity Grade leaders.

“I am the leader of the Gulal Civilization. I thank…”

“We will help you suppress the traitors. There isn’t any need to thank us as we are only fulfilling our orders.” That Beyond Grade A seed interrupted the words of the Ancient Emperor Party leader.

The Ancient Emperor Party leader thought for a while before probing, “I wonder, who is the one giving the orders?”

Right at this moment, a member by the side suddenly trembled, and he was possessed by the mysterious Beyond Grade A. “Don’t try to find out who I am, otherwise our agreement will come to an end.”

The Ancient Emperor Party leader was shocked and immediately nodded in agreement.

“We have followed your suggestion, but the Black Star Army has shown no reaction.”

“Is that so?” The mysterious individual was not surprised. “Failure cannot be avoided, and the habits that I have grasped won’t always work. That’s why I need to observe and experiment more.”

The mysterious individual fell into deep thought. “However, it seems like Black Star doesn’t only have good luck but has also grasped some of their habits like me.”

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