The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1251

1251 Side Story 30: Let’s Watch Together, the Fireworks in the World (Final Chapter)

The weather was clear and there was a gentle breeze blowing.

The Capital Sports Center.

Shen Li, who was wearing a casual black outfit and a baseball cap of the same color, got out of the car. Not far from the roadside, she saw He Xiaochen, who had arrived first, trying to pull on her exquisite white suit backet. She looked over in excitement and clasped her hands together.

“Ah Li! Thank you for fulfilling my dream! You don’t know this, but I’ve liked Ji Xiru for such a long time! I can finally see her in person today! What do you think? Do I look okay?”


The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up.

“He Xiaochen, your meeting just ended and you didn’t even have time to change clothes before rushing over. Anyone would be touched by your intentions.”

He Xiaochen was currently working as a simultaneous interpreter and was busy with work.

But no matter how busy she was, it did not stop her from chasing after stars.

He Xiaochen said earnestly, “Ah Li, you don’t understand. Looking at beautiful women is the biggest motivation for us to survive.”

Shen Li raised her chin.

“Let’s go, the rehearsal should be starting soon.”

Lin Fengmian’s seventh-anniversary concert was just around the corner. This time, they had specially invited the internationally renowned cellist, Ji Xiru, to collaborate.

When He Xiaochen found out about this, she sent Shen Li several 59s voice messages in excitement.

That was why arrangements for today’s trip had been made.

The two of them walked out, and soon, someone led them to the rehearsal venue.

The confidentiality regarding the concert venue was very strict. Other than the staff, there was basically no one else at the scene, so it was very empty.

However, this did not affect He Xiaochen’s mood at all.

She looked at the young man playing the piano and the slender figure playing the cello on the stage. She covered her mouth and struggled to stop herself from screaming.

A beauty was truly a beauty!

She felt as if she had been resurrected!

By the time the rehearsal ended, the sky had already turned dark.

Shen Li led He Xiaochen over to say hello.


Lin Fengmian’s popularity had not waned in the past few years. He had received all sorts of music awards and was truly a well-deserved superstar.

However, in front of Shen Li, he was still as obedient as ever.

“Sister Xiaochen.”

He Xiaochen clutched her heart.


Although he had addressed her in this way for a long time, she still got excited every time she heard it!

Lin Fengmian knew the purpose of their visit today, so he specially introduced Ji Xiru to them.

Ji Xiru was wearing a long white dress today, giving her a gentle and intellectual.

She greeted Shen Li and He Xiaochen with a smile.

“Hello, I’m Ji Xiru.”

He Xiaochen’s eyes were shining.

“M-miss Ji, I’m a fan of yours! I really like you!”

Ji Xiru’s eyes curved as she smiled.

“Thank you,” she said.

In the end, He Xiaochen had successfully taken a picture with the beauty and even had a meal with everyone.

Shen Li realized that Ji Xiru was just as He Xiaochen had said before- very gentle and patient. But… she did not know if it was an illusion, but she felt that Ji Xiru seemed to look at her a little too often.

It really did not look as if it was their first time meeting.

He Xiaochen stared at the table and played with her vegetable salad, feeling aggrieved.

“Do you really not want to eat?” Shen Li looked at her.

He Xiaochen whimpered.

“We’re taking our wedding photos next month.”

She had finally slimmed down!

Forget it!

She would just settle for a feast for the eyes. She would just look at the beauty!

Just as the gathering was about to end, Shen Li received a message from Lu Huaiyu, saying that Suisui and Guoguo missed her, and that they were coming to pick her up.

She replied, “Okay.”

However, Ren Qian was the fastest to arrive.

He Xiaochen was surprised to see him.

“Eh, aren’t you going to the class president’s celebration party today?”

Ren Qian’s suit was in his arms, as he smiled lazily.

“He lost the case.”

He Xiaochen’s eyes widened in shock.

“What? Is there actually a day when Pei Song would actually lose?”

She could not be blamed for making a fuss.

After Pei Song graduated, he had entered the top law firm in the Capital. He had never lost a case in the past few years. He had a good reputation in the industry and had a promising future.

Everyone had thought that he would definitely win this case.

Who would have known that he would lose the case?

“Who could be that powerful?”

Ren Qian blinked.

“Tong Yin.”

“Tong Yin? This name is so familiar… Wait a moment! Wasn’t she from the Law Department at Xijing University? She was one year below us, wasn’t she?”

“She was not only a junior there, but she also interned at Brother Pei’s firm before. Oh, she was following Brother Pei at that time.”

He Xiaochen came to a sudden realization.

“Oh, was she the one who got drunk and called him an evil capitalist and wanted to sue him for exploitation?”


Ren Qian massaged the space between his eyebrows.


He Xiaochen’s memory was always so peculiar.

After the initial surprise, He Xiaochen’s interest was piqued.

“This little junior is pretty good! So, the apprentice has overpowered the master– What is this called? Overturned serfs rejoice! You’re really a role model for our generation!”


Ren Qian looked a little embarrassed.

He Xiaochen was stunned and poked his arm.

“What’s wrong? Is my evaluation wrong?”

Ren Qian paused.

“You probably don’t know this, but Tong Yin held her celebration party opposite Brother Pei’s law firm.”


“And she…”

When he thought of how Tong Yin had gotten drunk and barged into the firm before proceeding to vomit all over Pei Song, and how Pei Song had not been able to take it anymore and pulled her away with a cold look on his face, Ren Qian felt that it was better for him to keep his mouth shut.

In a sense, He Xiaochen was right. Tong Yin had indeed defeated Pei Song.

On all sorts of levels.

Ren Qian opened the car door and said with a smile, “I’m done. May I ask if you can condescend yourself to allow me to send you home now? ”

He Xiaochen nodded with a smile.

“Thank you for your trouble, my beloved!”

She got into the car and bid farewell to the group of beauties through the window.

“Ah Li! Younger brother! Miss Ji! I’ll see you at the concert!”

Ren Qian started the car and teased, “It seems that you’ve been quite busy today.”

He Xiaochen finally withdrew her gaze reluctantly and turned to look at him.

She was in a particularly good mood today, so she generously said, “Don’t worry, this empress here will still bestow her favor on you today.”

Ren Qian glanced at her with a smile.

“Thank you so much for your special favor. I’ll have to work hard to repay you.”

One after another, everyone left.

“Miss Shen?”

Shen Li turned her head and saw that Ji Xiru, who was behind her, was walking over.

“Miss Ji.”

Ji Xiru coughed lightly.

“Well, actually there’s something…”


Ji Xiru had only just started speaking when two crisp voices were heard.

Shen Li turned around and saw a black G-Wagon parked not far away.

Lu Huaiyu got out of the car, carrying Guoguo with one arm while holding Suisui’s hand.

The two little dumplings immediately shouted excitedly when they saw her.

Shen Li was stunned.

This car…

Just as she was thinking about it, she saw a tall figure get out of the car.

Lu Yuxiao.

She was so surprised that she did not notice that Ji Xiru’s body had tensed up the moment she saw the figure.

Ji Xiru felt that it had been a mistake to come out today.

Not only had she run into her ex-boyfriend while on a blind date that afternoon, but she had also mistaken his younger brother’s children for his. And now, she had even bumped into this family at night!


How wonderful.

The heavens clearly wanted her dead.

Shen Li touched Suisui’s head and took Guoguo from Lu Huaiyu’s arms. Then, she asked, “Why is Big Brother here too?”

Lu Huaiyu replied, “Oh, Big Brother just sent the two of them home. We just happened to meet, so we came together.”

Also, the two little dumplings would follow, no matter what.

In the end, he had not even gotten out of the car. Instead, he turned around and came this way.

Shen Li nodded.

It was just nice that she had driven here today.

She looked at the two dumplings and said, “Did you behave yourselves when you followed your uncle today?”

“We did!”

Lu Guoguo nodded her head vigorously. Suddenly, she saw a familiar face behind Shen Li and immediately waved excitedly.


Shen Li turned around in surprise.

Did… she know her?

Ji Xiru actually wanted to run, but running at this time would only embarrass her further so there was no point in doing that.

Moreover, her heart softened when the little dumpling called out to her.

She smiled at Suisui and Guoguo as she greeted them.

“How are you guys?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows as he said, “What did you call her?”

Lu Guoguo made a face.

“Pretty auntie is a big sister!”

Lu Yuxiao walked over a few steps behind her.

The unique pace of a soldier was once the one she was most familiar with.

At this moment, every step he took seemed to be stepping on her heart.

Within a short period of time, Ji Xiru had already practiced countless ways of greeting him in her mind.

‘Captain Lu, hello. I’m really sorry for treating your nephew and niece as your children.

‘Captain Lu, what a coincidence, we meet again.

‘Captain Lu.’

“Suisui and Guoguo played the whole day and are quite tired. Huaiyu, you should take Ah Li and the children home to rest earlier.”

A deep voice sounded.

He did not even acknowledge her.

Ji Xiru was momentarily stunned. She finally looked up but avoided looking at Lu Yuxiao. She planned to say those few prepared words before turning around to leave.

Indeed, he had not even spared her a glance.

Ji Xiru pursed her lips.

“Lil Ru?”

A young man walked over and asked with a smile, “It’s late, shall I send you back?”

He was the conductor of the orchestra. He was gentle, handsome, and nice.

However, they had only known each other for a short time, and…

Ji Xiru subconsciously looked forward and met Lu Yuxiao’s gaze.

Her heart skipped a beat, and out of reflex, she refused.

‘Thank you, but it’s fine. I… I don’t live far from here. I’ll just go back later.”

Lu Yuxiao had already looked away and had started walking across the road.

Ji Xiru hesitated for a moment, but she still gritted her teeth and followed.

She had not even apologized yet!

“Captain Lu!”

Lu Yuxiao had long legs and could walk faster than her.

By the time Ji Xiru finally caught up to him, Lu Yuxiao had already opened the car door and was about to get in.

“Captain Lu! Wait a minute!”

Ji Xiru hurriedly called out to him.

He then turned around.

“Is there anything else, Miss Ji?”

Ji Xiru said nervously, “I… I misunderstood you this afternoon. About Suisui and Guoguo… I’m sorry!”

Lu Yuxiao stared at her for a while, then said, “Miss Ji, you don’t have to apologize. After all, the ignorant are innocent. Besides, we’ve broken up for so long. If Miss Ji were to still be knowledgeable about my situation like the back of her hand, then…”

He paused and seemed to laugh.

“I’m afraid that would cause a misunderstanding.”

Ji Xiru choked, unable to say anything. She silently cursed. If nothing else, this man’s skills in dominating people had really improved after not having seen him for a few years.

She decided to forget it. After all, she had already said what she needed to say.

What’s more, causing such a ‘wonderful’ scene when they met again after a few years was extremely embarrassing for her.

She only hoped that she could disappear as soon as possible.

As she thought about this, she tightened her grip on the cello that was on her shoulder and turned to leave.

Lu Yuxiao suddenly said, “Get in the car.”

Ji Xiru stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him. “What?”

Lu Yuxiao frowned.

“Are you going to walk back with the cello on your back?”

Ji Xiru started to shake her head, but then she suddenly realized something and her eyes widened slightly.

“… Do you know where I live?!”

“No, I don’t know where you live,” Lu Yuxiao said after a pause.

Ji Xiru was about to refuse when she heard the man opposite her coldly say, “Don’t break my cello.”

Ji Xiru instantly felt guilty.


This cello had indeed been a gift from Captain Lu.

He was just sending his cello back.

The cello was even more precious than her now.


She responded in a soft voice.

A slender and powerful hand reached out.

Subconsciously, she clasped his wrist and tried to get into the car.

This G-Wagon was quite difficult to get into.

Lu Yuyue was nonplussed.

However, he endured it.

“Give me the cello,”

Ji Xiru finally realized that she had misunderstood again and hurriedly handed the cello over.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to order you around, Captain Lu.”

Lu Yuxiao ignored her.

With a bang, the car door was closed.

The black G-Wagon quickly disappeared into the night.

Shen Li blinked her eyes when she saw this.

After that, she turned to look at Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, should I call Miss Ji… Sister-in-law?”

The two brothers had clearly done this on purpose tonight.

Lu Suisui and Lu Guoguo both looked over.

Lu Suisui thought for a moment and said, “… Is that… our first aunt?”

Lu Guoguo covered her mouth in shock and widened her big, grape-like eyes.


Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

“Do you really want to know?”

Shen Li nodded.

It was most likely that Lu Huaiyu, who had those memories, should be the only one who knew whether Lu Yuxiao ended up with Ji Xiru.

Of course, Lu Huaiyu understood what she meant.


His thoughts drifted away for a moment.

The fact was, he did not know either.

But she did not need to know this.

He gathered his thoughts and bent over slightly. His deep phoenix-like eyes looked into her eyes, carrying a hint of a smile in them.

“Shen Tangtang, what’s the point of a spoiler?”

“Isn’t it better to wait with me for the answer to be revealed?”

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly, and her moist and bright peach blossom-shaped eyes curved as she smiled.


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