The Lord's Empire

Chapter 1424 - Xie Yue

Chapter 1424: Xie Yue

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As the various factions were discussing these matters, even more information traveled to their ears. Having four Emperor Stars was unheard of, and soon they found out that the four Emperor Stars had descended in the Heaven Awaken World before.

Moreover, they had descended one by one and had caused great disturbances in the Heaven Awaken World. Many factions in the Heaven Awaken World had taken note of this and were trying to find this person as well.

After hearing about this, the Underworld factions realized that this person was not some nameless person; he had also caused great commotions in the Heaven Awaken World. No wonder he had caused such great commotions when entering the Underworld.

Now, the Underworld factions were even more curious about that person’s identity. Even an idiot would understand how terrifying that person would be in the future. He would definitely become someone whose name would shake history.

Some people even wanted to keep that person in the Underworld. Since that person had the Death Race’s sovereign bloodline and supreme Emperor Star, he could be counted to be part of the Underworld. It would be better for him to work for the Underworld and not return to the Heaven Awaken World.

After hearing that that person had caused many disturbances in the Heaven Awaken World as well, the Underworld factions became even more eager to find him.

By now, the Ksitigarbha family had unanimously agreed to kill that person. However, they would not stupidly reveal this because that person was already a threat. If they dumbly revealed this, they would not benefit at all and would be viewed hostilely by him.

In fact, the family might suffer losses because of him, so they would not reveal this information. They would do everything secretly and not act unless they were certain of success.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. The secret passageway’s teleportation channel could transport a great distance, as it was specifically built to avoid higher-beings.

Everyone’s bodies blurred and their surroundings disappeared before they reappeared elsewhere. Because of how far they had traveled, they felt a bit dizzy and sick.

Zhao Fu was the least affected, and looking at the people around him, he asked with concern, “Are you all alright?”

Everyone stayed where they were for a while, and soon they had recovered. They nodded to show that they were fine.

Following this, Zhao Fu planned to lead his group ahead, as he felt that this place was not safe. It was possible that some people would follow them here, so they could not stay here for long and had to leave as soon as possible to avoid anything unexpected.

“Husband, there are people there.” You Qinglan, who was hugging Zhao Fu, pointed towards the right as she spoke.

Zhao Fu looked over and saw that there was a pavilion on a hill, where seven people with extraordinary bearings were talking and laughing.

Sensing their auras, Zhao Fu’s expression became quite serious, as these people’s cultivations were all extremely powerful. He did not know where he had been transported and he did not want to make any trouble, so he said, “Don’t mind them; let’s hurry and leave this place.”

The others nodded and made to leave.

However, the people in the pavilion had already noticed Zhao Fu and his group, and a muscular and crude-looking young man laughed as he said, “That boy’s quite lucky, bringing around so many beautiful women. Two of them are as beautiful as goddesses; I’m so envious.”

A handsome young man next to him lightly laughed and said, “You must be joking, brother Yan. With your identity, you only need a single sentence and countless women will offer their bodies to you; why do you admire him?”

“Qing Ya, three of them are women from your family,” an extremely beautiful woman with a mature figure said.

The woman referred to as Qing Ya was dressed in white and was also extremely pretty. Her hair was half white and half black, and she calmly glanced over as she said softly, “Mm, I don’t know which branch family they’re from; I don’t have any impression of them.”

One of them, a fair-looking young man dressed in monk clothes looked a bit serious as he said, “I feel that person is not ordinary and gives off a dangerous aura; it’s also quite inauspicious and disastrous.”

“How about we call him over and ask him who he is? I’m a bit curious about him, and I’ve never met someone like him in the Underworld before,” a young man dressed in green dragon inscription robes and said as he laughed, giving off a noble aura.

“Haha, why not? With our identities, him meeting us is his glory. I’m somewhat interested in his women,” a violet-clothed, somewhat evil-looking young man said as he laughed.


Following this, he spoke in a loud and arrogant voice, “Do you people know who we are? Hurry up and kneel and pay your respects.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu slightly frowned. He was not interested in these people and prepared to fly into the sky.

Seeing that his words had been ignored, the evil-looking young man felt quite furious and the others felt quite confused; in the Yin Domain, there was almost no one who did not recognize them, yet that person dared to ignore them. Perhaps he was someone from the Inner Domain who did not recognize them.

The evil-looking young man said coldly, “I am the Xie family’s Xie Yue. Hurry up and kneel and apologies, and have your women serve me for a night and I’ll spare your life.”

Now, Xie Yue had given out his name. Almost everyone knew of the Xie family, and ordinary people who heard his name would have already knelt in terror.

The others had calm smiles; even if that person’s family was powerful, facing a top-tier family from the Yin Domain, he still had to submit. They were waiting to see how that person would react, but they knew that no person would not prostrate themselves.

“Scram.” His reply was a single word, and it was incredibly powerful. This caused everyone else to look confused, while Xie Yue was infuriated.




Xie Yue pointed out with his finger and a violet aura flowed out, turning into a violet tentacle. It contained ferocious power as it shot towards Zhao Fu incredibly quickly, reaching him in an instant.


Zhao Fu took out the Sadistic Killing Sword and slashed out a sharp sword light. It slammed into the tentacle and caused it to explode, turn into countless traces of Yin Qi, and dissipate.

Everyone was quite surprised; they were all Divine Realm experts, and their attacks definitely could not be easily blocked by someone with Earth Realm Cultivation. Seeing this, they felt even more interested in Zhao Fu.

Xie Yue looked furious and drew a sword, releasing a massive aura as he turned into a ray of light and shot towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing Xie Yue rush over, Zhao Fu turned to the others and said, “Hurry and leave this place. Head towards the location before.”

The women wanted to say something, but Zhao Fu went to meet Xie Yue. In order not to make trouble for Zhao Fu, they could only leave this place.


Xie Yue swung his sword and a devilish violet sword light slashed out towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu also slashed out a sword light, and as they collided, a massive explosion resulted.

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