The Lord's Empire

Chapter 17 – Poison

Chapter 17 – Poison

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Even though the Li Family Village and the Wild Wolf Village were ‘at peace’, the Li Family Village was in a weaker position, so the Wild Wolf Village was able to act so arrogantly. Of course, if the Wild Wolf Village found an opportunity, the men of the Wild Wolf Village would definitely break the current status quo and pillage the Li Family Village.

Even though the Wild Wolf Village had been eyeing the Li Family Village for a while, it had never found an opportunity to act, and the Li Family Village had always been on its guard against the Wild Wolf Village.

At this moment, Li Youcai kindly said to Zhao Fu, “Sir, your village will be discovered by them sooner or later. It’s best that you make preparations now, or it’ll be too late by the time they find you.”

Surprisingly, Zhao Fu lightly shook his head and said sincerely, “Village Chief Li, if I help you deal with the Wild Wolf Village, what will I get in return?”

Hearing this, everyone around them looked over at Zhao Fu. Some had looks of doubt, others had looks of trust and gratitude, and several had looks of fear.

“Sir, if you can help us destroy the Wild Wolf Village, the Li Family Village will follow you from now on!” Li Wen said emotionally.

Li Youcai quickly grabbed Li Wen and said, “Apologies, my son is young and insensible; please don’t take his words seriously.”

Zhao Fu smiled and asked, “In that case, Village Chief Li, what can I get if I destroy the Wild Wolf Village for you?”

Li Youcai hesitated. On one hand, he knew that the Wild Wolf Village had been eyeing the Li Family Village this entire time, and he wanted to find an opportunity to act against them. Li Youcai was not stupid, and he believed that the bandits would one day attack the Li Family Village. That was why they were defending with such fear every day. However, they couldn’t keep going on like this – one day, the Wild Wolf Village would attack them, which was why they were attracted to Zhao Fu’s words.

Another one of his worries was that Zhao Fu would not be able to stand up to the Wild Wolf Village, resulting in the Wild Wolf Village directing its anger to the Li Family Village as well. In that case, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zhao Fu could tell that the Village Chief had his worries, and he said, “Don’t worry, Village Chief Li, we won’t need a single one of your soldiers, and even if something does happen, it won’t affect the Li Family Village at all.”

When Li Youcai heard what Zhao Fu said, Li Youcai finally made up his mind and asked, “What would you like in return?"

Zhao Fu slightly smiled and said, “I want the Li Family Village to join the Great Qin Village!”

Li Youcai hesitated and thought for a while before finally agreeing. If Zhao Fu could really destroy the Wild Wolf Village, the Li Family Village would join the Great Qin Village.

After coming to this agreement, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi left the Li Family Village.

After Zhao Fu left, some of the Li Family Village’s villagers said with displeasure, “The Li Family Village is going to join another village just like that? Isn’t this a bit too rushed? I’m opposed to this!”

Li Youcai coldly harrumphed and said, “You idiot! If the Great Qin Village can easily destroy the Wild Wolf Village, then it must be very powerful. If that’s the case, the Great Qin Village will be able to easily destroy the Li Family Village as well. Their visit this time was most likely diplomacy before violence, and if we hadn’t agreed, it could have been us that was destroyed first.”

Hearing this, everyone came to a sudden realization and felt quite fearful.


After Zhao Fu and Bai Qi left the Li Family Village, they found the Wild Wolf Village based on Li Youcai’s directions. After observing it for a while, Zhao Fu smiled with a sense of confidence and returned to the Great Qin Village. He stopped everything that was going on and rapidly gave out commands.

At night, when it had turned completely dark, a skinny youth in the Wild Wolf Village looked around to find a tree to relieve himself when he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. He then fell to the ground and fainted.

When he came to, he found that he was bound and in an unfamiliar place. There were a few people looking at him, and the youth seemed to detect something as he cried out, “Sirs, please spare me! I have nothing! Are you sure you haven’t caught the wrong person?”

Zhao Fu looked at the skinny youth and asked, “What’s your name?”

Wang Ergou felt that Zhao Fu was the leader here, so he quickly replied, “Sir, this lowly one is called Wang Ergou.”

“Very good! Wang Ergou, I want you to help me with something. If you do it, there’ll be many benefits for you in the future,” Zhao Fu said with a slight smile.

The Wild Wolf Village, a bandit village, was where the scum and dregs of society gathered, and none of its members felt much loyalty to it, so Wang Ergou quickly replied, “Yes, yes, I’ll do anything sir requires of me.”

When Zhao Fu heard this, he gave the order, “Untie him!”

A soldier stepped forwards and undid the ropes tying up Wang Ergou, who stood there with his head subserviently lowered.

“I want you to put this in everyone’s food at dinnertime tomorrow,” Zhao Fu said as he handed Wang Ergou a bottle.

Wang Ergou’s face stiffened because he knew that Zhao Fu wanted him to poison everyone in the village. Wang Ergou’s hands trembled as he received the bottle.

At this moment, Zhao Fu also handed him a red pill and said, “Eat this!”

Wang Ergou realized that this was not in his best interests, so he brightly smiled as he said, “This isn’t necessary, is it, sir? Don’t worry; I’ll definitely do as you told me.”

Of course, Zhao Fu didn’t trust his words. If Zhao Fu trusted a bandit like him, he would be sold out in a moment, so he coldly replied, “You can either eat it yourself or have someone help you!”

Wang Ergou took the red pill, looked at it, and hesitated.

Zhao Fu tilted his head, signaling the soldiers to ‘help’ Wang Ergou with it. Two soldiers stepped forwards, making Wang Ergou finally make up his mind. He swallowed the red pill, and a sullen expression appeared on his face.

Zhao Fu took out a wild rabbit from a cage and fed it an identical red pill. He tossed the wild rabbit to Wang Ergou’s side, and after a while, the wild rabbit hopped a few times before its body stiffened and it foamed at the mouth, blood coming out of its eyes as it died.

This caused Wang Ergou’s face to become as pale as a sheet. He understood that this would be his outcome if he did not complete this mission.

“This is also for you. Don’t worry; after you’re done, I’ll give you the antidote!” Zhao Fu said as he handed Wang Ergou five silver coins.

Wang Ergou nodded his head, and his hands shook as he received the silver coins. Following this, Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers to cover Wang Ergou’s head and to take him back to where they had picked him up.

The next day, Wang Ergou returned to the Wild Wolf Village with a pale face. Because he had been thinking about this matter the entire time, he was careless and bumped into a large thug. He was slapped to the ground, a fiery pain spreading through his face, causing him to come back to his senses and to be filled with resolve.

Zhao Fu also started to gather all of his forces, including the Gnomes and Goblins, and waited for an opportunity.

At night, within the Wild Wolf Village’s Hall, a tough, fierce-looking thug sat at the head seat and roared in a loud voice, “Brothers, eat and drink well tonight; tomorrow, we’ll go to the Li Family Village and get a few women to play with!”

“Yes! Yes! Big bro!”

Everyone in the hall passionately responded, and the scene seemed quite lively.

Outside of the Wild Wolf Village, Zhao Fu coldly stared at the Wild Wolf Village and said, “Bai Qi! Do you think that Wang Ergou will use the poison?”

Bai Qi immediately lowered his head, cupped his fists, and said, “This subordinate doesn’t dare to doubt Your Majesty’s brilliant decisions!”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Alright, no need to use such formalities. Tell me what you really think.”

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