The Lord's Empire

Chapter 24 – Intermediate Village

Chapter 24 – Intermediate Village

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In order to get food, this bandit village most likely did what the Outlander villages did: split into groups to hunt. As expected, four groups of around 10 people each soon departed from the village in different directions.

When Zhao Fu saw this, he also split his forces into four groups. He led one team and followed after them. He hid in the tall grass as he looked at the bandits swaggering along while holding their sabers. He called Bai Qi over and told him his tactic.

Bai Qi looked quite awkward, saying, “Your Majesty, unfortunately… I don’t think I can do it.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu turned to look at Liu Mei beside him.

“What do you want?” Liu Mei immediately asked. When Liu Mei saw Zhao Fu looking at her, she couldn’t help but tremble and have a bad feeling about it.

After Zhao Fu gave Liu Mei a simple explanation, she looked quite cheerful. She brought along Bai Qi and three other people and openly walked towards the group of bandits.

“Oi! Stop right there!” Liu Mei called out in a loud voice as she and the other four walked up to the bandits.

Hearing this voice, the bandits turned around and saw a beauty in a red dress with four other people. Seeing that the other side only had five people, while their side had 10 people, they did not need to feel scared at all. One of the bandits lewdly smiled as he said, “What does this big beauty want from us? Do you want to play with these big brothers?”

Liu Mei enchantingly smiled, and in the next second, she brandished her whip and cracked it towards the 10 men. Bai Qi and the others also rushed up, and the battle finished in an instant. Bai Qi killed four people alone, the other three people killed one person each, and Liu Mei left three people alive.

At this moment, Liu Mei lightly waved her whip and charmingly smiled as she said, “What were you saying just then?”

The three bandits immediately knelt to the ground and begged, “Female hero! We’re in the wrong, so please spare us.”


Just as the bandit finished speaking, her whip lashed his body, and Liu Mei said with displeasure, “Who’s a female hero? I’m your granny!”

The bandits immediately nodded and said, “Yes, granny, granny…”

“That’s more like it! Who are you all?” Liu Mei asked while smiling.

The three bandits quickly started speaking and said, “We’re from the Ferocious Tiger Village, and our leader is Wang Meng. There are also 200 or so brothers inside the village.”

The three bandits mentioned the Ferocious Tiger Village, their leader, and their numbers in order to scare Liu Mei into releasing them.

However, her whip once again lashed their bodies, causing them to cry out in pain. Bloody streaks appeared on the three men’s bodies as Liu Mei coldly harrumphed and said, “So what about the Ferocious Tiger Village? That man, Wang Meng, sounds like quite a useless fellow!”

The three bandits quickly nodded and agreed.

Pa! Pa! Pa!Her whip once again landed on the three men’s bodies. Liu Mei coldly harrumphed in displeasure as she said, “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.”

The three bandits cried out in pain and quickly said in a loud voice, “Wang Meng’s a coward, and he’s completely useless.”

“Hahahaha!” Liu Mei laughed, her large breasts rippling as she once again whipped the 3 bandits, and said, “I still couldn’t hear you!”

The three bandits could only endure it and continue cursing Wang Meng.

However, Liu Mei continued to laugh while whipping the three bandits.

Zhao Fu, who was hiding by the side, found that Liu Mei might have some secret interests and hobbies. However, she was still complying with his orders, so he didn’t say anything.

“Alright! You can piss off back to your village. Tell Wang Meng to come here and lick the bottom of this granny’s shoes, or I’ll cripple him.” Liu Mei said happily. After whipping these bandits for a long time, she felt quite cheerful.

When the three bloodied and bruised bandits heard that this female demon was going to spare them, they felt overjoyed. They quickly crawled away, and after they returned, they added their own words. They told Wang Meng that the woman wanted to skin Wang Meng, make him mate with a sow, and told him to crawl over there and lick the bottom of her shoes.

Hearing this, Wang Meng was completely infuriated and his face became red. After being told that there were only 5 of them, he roared, “Brothers, come with me!”

Following this, Wang Meng took 50 or so bandits, nearly half of the village’s forces, to where Liu Mei had appeared.

Soon, Wang Meng came to a sparse area and found Liu Mei, yelling, “So you’re that bitch! You wanted your elder to lick your shoes? Today, your elder and his brothers will all take turns screwing you!”

Liu Mei did not get angry, and she instead calmly smiled – after all, there was not much point in saying anything to someone who was about to die.

“Release the arrows!!”

As the order sounded out, arrows rained down on Wang Meng’s 50 or so bandits. They were completely unprepared, and many of them were instantly killed.

Zhao Fu’s soldiers had long since killed the other 3 teams that had left the Ferocious Tiger Village and joined up with the others. Wang Meng’s 50 or so bandits were facing 40 Gnome Crossbowmen and 60 Archers, and they had been completely unprepared. Without any shelter, how could they survive?

After a few rounds of attacks, Wang Meng and the 50 or so bandits all died.

At this moment, Zhao Fu and his soldiers, who had been hiding in the grass, appeared. He ordered them to clear the battlefield and went over to Wang Meng’s corpse. After searching it, he found a small bag with tens of silver coins and Wang Meng’s Blue grade large saber.

Following this, they headed to the Ferocious Tiger Village. Liu Mei smiled as she followed behind Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu turned around and looked at her, saying softly, “You did well this time!”

Zhao Fu had wanted Bai Qi to provoke and curse at the bandits as badly as possible. However, Bai Qi was a General – how could he say such things? As such, Zhao Fu asked Liu Mei, a former bandit, to do this, and she had done it excellently.

Liu Mei lightly harrumphed and said in a pleased manner, “But of course, this granny’s not weak at all!”

Zhao Fu laughed when he heard this, but he did not say anything. They arrived at the Ferocious Tiger Village, which now only had 40 or so people, and it no longer posed a threat to them.

Zhao Fu motioned at Bai Qi, who walked up and loudly called out, “You all must have been notified that your leader and the others have died. If you surrender now, I promise that we won’t kill you all.”

Seeing that there were 300 or so enemies outside, after thinking about it for a while, the bandits decided not to fight to the death, and they instead obediently surrendered.

Zhao Fu found the Blacksmith who knew how to forge plate armor – it was a dark-skinned fellow called Deng Li.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Village Hall and conquered it, awarding him 50 Achievement Points. Because this village was quite far away from the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu chose to [Relocate] it, granting the Great Qin Village 280 EXP.

At this moment, a system announcement sounded out:

“Congratulations! The Great Qin Village has levelled up into an Intermediate Village!”

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