The Lust System

Chapter 17 Acceptance

Chapter 17 Acceptance

In the middle of watching the movie, his sister Yu'er initiated a conversation,

"We can't do this."

His sister said while slowly getting out of Max's arms. She really wanted it to stay like this, but she just doesn't want anyone saying anything bad, especially to Max. She doesn't want him to be picked on at school for having a relationship with her.

"We can and we just did!"

"No, this can't continue any further!"

Yu'er was afraid that she might agree with him after arguing for so long, so she got up wanting to leave his embrace planning to stop any chance of that happening, but Max hurriedly grabbed her still naked body from the back and said,

"It's fine! We shouldn't care about what other people will say. We can just keep it a secret for the time being."

Max suggested seeing his sister look like she was just forcing herself to get away from him.

That was all it took for Yu'er to stop getting away. She thought; that's right! If they just keep it a secret then there's not really any problem since they're the only ones at home. All she really needed was a reason to convince herself.

Max, seeing his sister not trying to get away anymore, hugged her more tightly. As if he felt that if he stopped hugging her, she might just use the opportunity to make a run as a last resort and it will be a lot harder to get closer to her in the future.

The entire room was covered with silence as they stopped talking, just continuing to feel each other's heartbeat with their bodies.

Max also muted the sound of the movie to make the earlier conversation more serious. He wanted his sister Yu'er to understand that everything he said was really what he wanted her to hear.

"Let's keep this a secret then, you definitely can't tell anyone as I don't want to see people judging you." His sister looking down, quietly said.

"Yes sis, I will definitely not tell anyone. But one day, we won't need to hide this anymore and no one will dare to speak up!"

Yu'er thought he was exaggerating, she didn't know that Max really thought of doing it. She will one day be in for an awakening, that her brother Max, was not the weak loner that she used to know anymore.

After Max heard what his sister said, he felt really happy inside. Now, he wasn't alone anymore. He has his sister and she will always be with him.

He was also enjoying her naked body rubbing against him, making his dick hard and pointing at his sister's behind. When his sister Yu'er felt it, she used her hand to reach for it and see what was poking her back.

Her face abruptly turned red after she felt it over her hands and realised what it was.

Max felt good when her hands grabbed his dick. He thought, 'My sister grabbed my dick, would she offer to help me relieve it? She just accepted me, maybe she would?'

Until he fell down on the sofa after someone pushed him when he wasn't paying attention. It was then he knew it was no one else but his sister who did it and heard a voice far away,

"Pervert brother!"

Max looked at his sister's hot body as she ran up the stairs still naked. She probably forgot that she was naked the entire time and became really embarrassed that the only thing she can do was run back to her room upstairs, not bothering to get her scattered clothes on the floor.

Max chuckled and sat back down to think of everything that just happened. 'Now that my relationship with my sister is back to normal or maybe more than normal, I should think of a plan for the next thing I will do.'

'Earning money in a Casino huh? What should I expect from there? I'll slowly think more about this later. But now it's time to see how much points I earned!'

"Little Dou, how much points did I get?"

[You earned a total of 1250 Points!

• 50 Points earned for kissing and groping!

• 200 Points for getting a blowjob!

• 200 Points for cumming in her mouth!

• 400 Points for fucking her pussy!

• 400 Points for ejaculating inside her!] answered Little Dou after appearing in front of him, flying in the air and added,

[You've earned a lifetime of 9000 Points! You leveled up!]




[Level: 10][9250/10000 Lifetime Points]!

[Points: 1250]


- Lust Meter (Passive)

- Child Making Mode (OFF)

- Sexual Aura (Passive)

- Time Stop

- Weakness Reader


Mission 1: Not Available

Mission 2: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points (0/1)

Mission 3: Have sex with five women within a week! Reward: 10000 Points (3/5)!

Mission 4: Take five women's virginity! Reward: 12000 Points (2/5)


[Women Conquered]



"Now that I think about it, having sex with five women didn't say five different women right?"

"I actually planned to just not do the mission but is it possible to complete it with just my sister?"

"Nevermind, that's not my priority right now. We'll see if I can complete it, if not then that will be fine too"

"Now on to my points, I earned 1250 Points huh? It's not a lot but it will be enough I guess."

"Little Dou, what do you think should our plan be for tomorrow?"

Max looked at Little Dou wanting to hear her thoughts. After thinking for quite a while, he knew that he would go to a casino to earn some money but he doesn't know where or what he actually going to play since he hasn't gotten in a casino yet.

[I think you should first use a Face Mask to change into an ordinary face. After that go into the casino and observe the players first. How they are playing and what game is the easiest to cheat on.]

[After all, you can only use Time Stop twice a day. You can't afford to waste it somewhere else that's useless!]

"Let's do it that way then. We should just be careful to not look suspicious."

Max agreed to the plan, thinking that it was the most logical way they can do it. Max started getting excited about earning a lot of money but he can only wait for tomorrow to start his plan.

He decided to buy a Face Mask and an Invisibility Potion tomorrow before going to the next city to gamble.

Looking at the items in the Store, he remembered the use of the Wish Card thinking,

'Now that I'm level 10, even if I earn a lifetime of 11,000 Points I would still not be able to level up. Little Dou said that there will be a System Upgrade that after I reach level 10.'

'Seeing that there's still no System Upgrade, I probably have to max out the required points to reach the next level.'

'But just as I thought, maybe this Wish Card would be a lot more helpful than how I imagined it to be as I can literally wish for anything and as long as I can buy it, I can have it.'

'This potential will be useful not just for chasing women, it might also be able to make me powerful in more ways than one!'

'I'll think about it more in the future. I will first focus on my task for tomorrow.'

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