The Lust System

Chapter 4 Level Up!

Chapter 4 Level Up!

After a few minutes of lying on top of my sister, my wet dick slowly became soft so I pulled it out of her mouth to stand up.

Looking at her unconscious naked body that I just played with, gave me a strong sense of satisfaction! Thinking about wanting to fuck her again. I estimated the time that I have left for the one-hour time limit of the Sleeping Serum and I realised that I didn't have much time left so I immediately went to get a towel from the bathroom to clean up the mess I made to her body.

I started using the towel to clean up her perfect pink pussy, making sure that there won't be any fluids left for her to suspect anything. I then wiped her breasts to make it look completely clean. Good thing I only sucked her nipples, not her white breasts so it didn't leave any marks. After cleaning it, I went on to wipe her neck with a dry towel so that she won't feel anything different when she wakes up.

After I wiped her whole body, I slowly put back her panties then her pajamas. After buttoning it, I checked everything carefully to see if there is something that she might be able to notice that would connect it to me.

Seeing everything in the way they should be, I kissed her lips then said, "Goodbye Sis, thanks for the great time!" While smiling in satisfaction thinking about everything I did and the pleasure I felt.

I went out of my sister's room thinking about what I should do next.

"I will definitely return!" I said while looking at her door.

After I got in my basement, I thought about who should be the next person I would go for.

But before that, "Fairy, how much Points did I get?" I asked excitedly.


You've earned a total of 1200 Points!

Fucking your sister gave you 400 Points!

Fucking her mouth gave you 200 Points!

Cumming down her throat gives 200 Points!

Since you took away her virginity, you'll get rewarded an extra 400 Points!] answered the Little Fairy enthusiastically.

[Since you earned a more than 1000 Points, you Leveled Up! There will now be more available things in the Store!] she added.

So now I have a lot of Points to spend! There will be school tomorrow and I'll try to look for the next person I'm going to have fun with. I should first look at the Store if there will be anything useful I can use at school.

"Open the Store!" I hope there will be some good things that I would be able to use at school.




Available items:


Weakness Reader - Read a girl's mind to learn their weakness. (can only be used twice a day) 500 Points

Time Stop (Weak Version) - Stop time for 30 seconds. (can only be used once a day) 1000 Points

|NEW!| Child Making Mode - Can be switched

ON/OFF for birth control. 1000 Points

Face Mask - You can change your face to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder - Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum - Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

|NEW!| Memory Wipe - Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories (one-time use) 300 Points

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points



There are new items! Child Making Mode? Great! I won't need to hold back next time. Currently, I have 1200 Points. I should definitely buy the Child Making Mode, that would leave me with 200 Points left.

What should I buy? I currently only have one Face Mask and an Aphrodisiac Powder. I also have 2 skills, the Lust Meter and the Child Making Mode. But both of those are just utility passive skills. I don't have enough points to buy more skills right now. I should probably just save it for later.

By the way, what if I bought a lot of consumables? Where would I put everything?

So I turn to the Little Fairy flying around my room and asked, "Fairy, where would I put everything that I bought? I just can't put it in my bag right? In the future, I would probably have a lot of things with me. It wouldn't be convenient."

[The items that are bought in the store can be stored in the System. You can just ask me for it if you need it!] she responded with her little voice while flying towards me.

"So that's how it is. Then can I put other things in the System too?" I asked with expectations in my eyes.

[No you can't. At least not right now. You can buy the 'Inventory' from the Store when you reach Level 5!] she hurriedly answered.

I see. Even though it's too bad that I can't store my stuff in the System. I would still be able to buy it from the Store when I reach Level 5! I would be able to use the legendary 'Inventory' that only people in the fantasy world used in stories!

I just remembered something that I'm curious about.

So I said, "Fairy, why are the things I can buy from the Store all about sex? You said I can buy anything as long as I have the Points. Is there something I should do?"

[It's true that you can buy anything from the Store! It's just that you don't have enough Points to Level Up yet! So there are a lot of things that aren't available right now for you! You also haven't completed a single Mission or got any Achievements. But since you got to Level 2, you should expect the missions to start coming!]

Oh! This is getting me excited! I have a lot of things that I want to do. I want to travel the world! Get rich! Try having sex with women from all around the world! Gain fame to be looked up upon by women, in different ways! *chuckles*

Enough of that. I'm getting carried away. Small steps, yes, small steps. I should do things slowly, I have a lot of time. I'm still a freshman in high school anyway.

So what should I do next? I should sleep. I still have school tomorrow. Should I do something at school? I think I should try to be popular! Then slowly get the girls!

How could that be possible? Uhmm I'll just think of something tomorrow at school then.

Morning, sun rays hit my eyes from the window. After a while, I got out of bed. Then I went to brush my teeth, change my clothes and ate breakfast. After that, I slowly walked to school.

Fifth High was the school I'm going to. Since I went to Fifth Middle School in the past, going to the same school for high school made it convenient as they were just beside each other.

Just as I arrived outside the school gate, I saw rows of good cars by the road. There were others that have their own chauffeurs and bodyguards.

As I was looking at the cars that are going in and out of the school gate, there was a car that stopped in front of me. It was a luxurious black BMW. The rear door then opens and a girl with a beautiful face went out of the car.

She has a pair of arched eyebrows that ease down to her long black eyelashes. Her long black hair and big violet eyes made her beauty look like a sculpture. I kept looking at her while she slowly walked inside the school. Her graceful movements make you appreciate her body more.

She was wearing a classic navy blue blazers and a brown short skirt that's only a few inches longer than her ass. Her long white legs are especially hot with her long stockings. She looked exactly how a girl from a prestigious family would look like.

Her name is Sylvia, First Year Class A. She came from a rich family. The principal and the teachers are respectful to her. No one really knows a lot about her. There were rumors that her father is the CEO of a huge corporation. Others also said her father is a Politician.

I don't really care. I just know that she's hot! I want to fuck her. But I'll do that next time when I have enough cards to deal with big families. I can't afford to make the wrong moves, especially that I'm just starting.

Whatever, there's no use thinking too much about it. I followed her inside the school since our rooms are just beside each other. I'm in First Year Class B. I'm not really smart, it is the Class A that has all the brains. My class is full of athletes. Class C would be those that have average grades and Class D has all the troublemakers. Our class has a lot of troublemakers too, but since they're athletes, a lot of teachers give them some special treatment.

Good thing, no one really picks on me. I just usually sit quietly at the back of the classroom beside the window. After sitting down in my seat, I try not to get anyone's attention and admired all the girl's hot bodies in our room. Most of them wear short skirts showing off their smooth white thighs. Sometimes with the right angle, you can see their panties and plump butt cheeks.

That's how it usually is in this school. A lot of people wanted to go to our school because of the hot girls, but the entrance exam is very strict and limited. Good thing that I went to this school since elementary so I never needed to take an entrance exam.

This day, we will have a volleyball class. This happens twice a week. The first session would only be our class playing. The second time, we would be playing against another class.

I'm excited to see girls wearing those bloomers that tighten against their butts. Imagining their smooth thighs and long white legs make me want to masturbate.

Wait, no! I'm not going to masturbate anymore! I'll just let out my lust inside these hot piece of asses... Or my sister at home.


The class is starting. Another boring time. Our teacher right now is in her 50's, I wish we can have the young teacher that teaches Class A! I heard she just graduated! She always looks so hot wearing a tight shirt and long sleeves with her breasts almost spilling out. Her black skirt always outlines her plump ass and her black stockings made her legs even hotter.

After spending most of the day sitting in class and having lunch in the cafeteria. It's already time for the volleyball class! We always have it at the end of the day so that the students can just take their time in showers or to go home right away.

We brought our bags to go to the gym on the next building because we won't be going back again. This time we would be sharing the gym with Class C. So I went straight to the locker room to put my bag and changed to a white shirt and shorts before it would be crowded. Most of the guys just did the same thing as me while talking with their friends...

Damn! I should get my own set of friends! I want them to all be women! Sex friends! That's right! I'll add it in my plans to have women by my side being my friends at school and sex friends outside! *evil smile*

As I was thinking about that when I heard something from two people speaking,

"Lydia finally agreed to have sex with me today!" said Dex, a classmate of mine.

"Really? Lydia? One of the hottest swimmer? I'm so envious that you would be able to fuck that hot ass!" James, one of his close friend said while salivating.

"She said that I can decide where we were going to do it." The guy said proudly with excitement in his eyes.

My eyes brightened after I heard their conversation! An idea suddenly came up to my mind! An idea that started from knowing how hot Lydia is!

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