The Lust System

Chapter 9 Tilly R-18

Chapter 9 Tilly R-18

Max went to grope one of Tilly's breasts from her clothes and inserted his tongue into her mouth. Tilly was wearing office clothes that outlined her voluptuous body. Max slowly undressed her, removing her clothing piece by piece, unbuttoned her shirt leaving her in her black bra that barely covers her huge breasts.

"W..we can't do this"

Max moved on to lick and bite Tilly on her ear while saying,

"If you tell me you don't want to, I'll stop."

Not waiting for her reply, Max untied her bra and directly groped her big breasts, kneading it softly in his hand.


Tilly gave out a small moan. Then Max went down to suck and play with her nipples using his tongue making her let out another moan. Tilly pulled his head hard against her breasts making him suck her nipples harder.

Her proactive actions made his dick excited. Max laid her down the bed and removed her skirt. Slowly, he kissed her downward all over her body and pulled down her stained panties.

Tilly's naked body presented itself in front of him with her legs spread wide open. Tilly looked especially attractive with her faintly blushing face and her sweaty hot body.

Max stared at her intently making her cover her face in embarrassment. He then got down and gave her wet hairless pussy a long lick.


Max opened her pussy lips and played her hole with my tongue while pinching her clit causing another soft moan to leak from her mouth.

Tilly's mind was already overwhelmed with lust. Saying,

"Please don't tease me anymore."

Max gave her a smirk and removed his clothes as he was also getting impatient.


Tilly gulped as she stared at his long hard dick. She couldn't move her gaze, at the same time her breathing quickening.

Max teased her pussy with his dick, rubbing it all over her sensitive lips. Finally, Tilly couldn't stop herself to say,

"Please put it in!"

Tilly was even more impatient than him, feeling aroused all over her body. Max slowly shoved his dick inside her, feeling his dick tearing through her hymen into her soaked pussy that's coating his dick with her hot walls.

Tilly then hugged him tightly while crying out in pain. Max went straight to kiss her lips, swirling his tongue with hers.

After a few moments, Max started thrusting his dick inside her with her still crying out in pain. Max just couldn't stop moving. The pleasure he was feeling was so heavenly that he just kept on thrusting faster and harder.

Max heard watery sounds ringing out every time he thrust in. After repeatedly thrusting, Tilly started to feel pleasure. Muffled moans started leaking out of her mouth. Slowly she stopped restraining herself, continuously letting out louder moans.

Tilly wrapped her legs around his waist and started meeting his thrusts. Max kissed her all over her face, neck and breasts while pinching her nipples and grabbing her ass.

After a few minutes, Max felt close to cumming so he started thrusting deeper inside her hitting the door to her womb while enjoying her tight walls coiling around his dick.

Soon, Max heard Tilly moan loudly and felt her walls repeatedly contract, making it even tighter. At the same time, he exploded, emptying his load straight inside her womb.

Max laid on top of her, feeling exhausted, catching his breath. He then heard Tilly say,

"That was amazing!"

Max was expecting her to get angry at him or to be embarrassed. Never did he thought that Tilly would actually say she liked it!

Max pulled out my dick from her pussy. Seeing his cum slowly flow of out of her hole made his dick rock hard again. So Max teasingly said,

"We still have time. Want to have another round?"

"I'm still sore!"

"What should I do about this then?"

Max pointed towards his hard dick, standing straight up! He then added,

"How about you help me with this. Please?"

"No! It's dirty."

Tilly replied while pointing towards his standing dick coated with different fluids.

"It's your juices anyways! I understand, maybe you just don't know how."

Max said while nodding and giving her a look of understanding.

"Hmph! I'll show you!"

Tilly got up and stood in front of him showing her nude body in its full glory. Cum dripping down her legs, Tilly kneeled in front of him and looked at his still hard dick. Max then gave her a look of provocation which made her quite angry.

Tilly grabbed his dick, slowly started stroking it while looking curiously at it twitching. She went closer giving it a little lick which made him let out a groan.

Tilly smiled seductively at him and continued stroking his dick faster. But Max knew he wasn't going to blow off his load with just her stroking. Tilly then went on to take the head of his dick in her mouth.

Feeling her tongue all over his dick while her mouth sucking him off, felt so good! Her skill is nowhere near perfect but it still wasn't bad.

Max continued watching her while she was focused bobbing up and down his dick. Max beginning to think that this wasn't the first dick she sucked because of how good it felt.

Tilly was expertly sucking on his dick that he knew it was only a matter of time before he let it out inside her mouth. Tilly then gently played with his balls and started sucking him deeper down her throat!

"I'm cumming!"

Max grabbed her head with both his hands, holding her head down. Max exploded deep down her throat, letting out a lot, filling her stomach with my cum.

"You're so good!"

Max said to her while breathing heavily. His compliment made Tilly happy that she looked at him haughtily said,

"Hmph! Of course, I'm good."

"I will show you what being good means next time."

"Next time? What next time?"

"You're mine now so there will be a next time!"

"We can't continue doing this, you're a student, Max. I can't be seen with a student!"

"Then we can keep this a secret. Just so you know, I will have more women in the future!"

"What? Are you just playing with me?"

"No! I'm serious, I'm going to have a lot of women in the future and I will take care of them all! You are also included and you can't say no."

"You're not going to leave me?"

"Of course not! Even if you want, I won't let you because you're mine now."

Max then went on to hug her. Tilly didn't resist his move and just stayed in his arms. Feeling her soft breasts sticking on his chest made him remember that they were naked. Max immediately got a hard-on poking her stomach area, wanting for more.

Feeling like doing it one last time, Max went on to kiss Tilly's neck upwards to her lips and said,

"Now that you agreed to be mine, let do it again!"

Max then led and turned her to face the train window that was showing the farmlands outside the city.

Pointing his hard dick straight to her pussy from her back, he shoved it roughly inside her. Tilly gave out a soft moan while saying,

"This is so embarrassing."

Max ignored her and started roughly fucking her from the back. Max then grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples while still thrusting hard inside her tight walls.

*Pa! Pa! Pa!*

Fleshly sounds were made as he pounded Tilly from behind. Hitting her big bouncy ass while he thrust behind her felt so unreal.

Her hot soaked passage around his dick and her ass jiggling as he thrust in were making him harder and closer to cumming.

After a few minutes, Max pounded her harder making her moan out loud. He then grabbed Tilly tighter, pushed his waist hard against her ass, and came inside her while letting out a groan.

Tilly also came the same time as him hearing her moan out loud and feeling her pussy walls violently twitch around his dick, trying to milk him more of his cum.

"Haa Haa, that felt so good!"

Max said while panting feeling tired, pulling her with him to lay down on the bed to rest. While snuggling with Tilly, Max felt a wave of satisfaction. This was a great day!

Max initiated a conversation with Tilly while softly massaging her breasts.

"What were you planning to do going to the neighbouring city?"

"The Principal made me do some errands for her."

"They said that the Principal was hot, is that true?"

"Yes, she's very young though. The same age as me. I heard she was the daughter of a board member of our school."

*announcement from the speaker*

They were notified that they would be arriving in a few minutes so they quickly cleaned up and wear their clothes.

"When will we see each other again?" Tilly asked.

"Are you missing me or do you just want to do it again?" Max teased her.

"Hmph! Whatever."

"I'll give you my contact number. Give me a call when you're free."

Max gave her his contact number so that he can have fun with her again. Since she was working in the next school close to theirs, maybe she can help him meet some hot girls from their school.

Max hasn't gone to their school yet so he doesn't really know much about it. Max then made a plan of visiting them on their school in the future.

After that, Max gave Tilly a hot kiss before they went out of the train and said their goodbyes. They still pretended to be friends outside as he was a high school student after all.

Max slowly walked straight to the mall then found a bench to sit on and checked how much points he earned this time.

'How much did I earn?'

[You earned a total of 2050 Points!

• 50 Points earned for kissing and groping!

• 200 Points for getting a blowjob!

• 200 Points for cumming down her throat!

• 400x2 Points for fucking her pussy twice!

• 400 Points for ejaculating inside her!

• 400 Points for taking her virginity!]

[You've earned a lifetime of 4000 Points! You leveled up! Please check the Store for the new items available!]

[You've earned a lifetime of 5000 Points! You leveled up! Please check the Store for the new items available!]

[You've earned a lifetime of 6000 Points! You leveled up! Please check the Store for the new items available!] announced the Fairy!

'I reached level 7! I remembered her saying that I can buy the Inventory from the Store when I reached level 5! There's also the Wish Card that will be very useful!'

[Congratulations for completing Mission 1 Reward: 500 Points!] added the Fairy!

'Now I have 2550 Points! Let's look at new items at the Store!'




[Level: 7][6350/7000 Lifetime Points]

[Points: 2550]


- Lust Meter (Passive)

- Child Making Mode (OFF)

- Sexual Aura (Passive)


Mission 1: Not Available

Mission 2: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points

Mission 3: Have sex with five women within a week! Reward: 10000 Points

Mission 4: Take five women's virginity! Reward: 12000 Points


[Women Conquered]






Current Points: 2550


Weakness Reader - Read a girl's mind to learn their weakness. (can only be used twice a day) 500 Points

Time Stop (Weak Version) - Stop time for 30 seconds. (can only be used twice a day) 1000 Points

Magical Voice (Weak Version) - People will be comfortable hearing your voice, slowly making them open up to you. 2000 Points

|NEW!| X-ray Vision - Look inside things, clothes, skin or bones! 5000 Points

|NEW!| Inventory - Storage in the System which you can put things in. Physical contact is required before storing the item. 10000 Points


Face Mask - You can change your appearance to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder - Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum - Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

Memory Wipe - Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories. (one-time use) 300 Points

Invisibility Potion - Turn your body invisible for 10 minutes. 500 Points

Health Potion - Cleans your body of any impurities making you look better and healthier. 200 Points

Memory Potion - Permanently learn everything you see in 1 minute. 300 Points.

|NEW!| Wish Card - Wish for any item, to make it available in the Store. The price will depend on what the item is. 500 Points

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points

[Animal Servant Lottery] 1000 Points



'There's a lot of new useful stuff! Now then, what should I buy?'

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