The Magus Era

Chapter 1901: Go on A Long Journey

Chapter 1901: Go on A Long Journey

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Early spring, the grasses were tall and the nightingales were flying in the air…

In farmlands, countless farmers worked hard to keep the crops growing. On grasslands, livestock were strolling in groups, looking like large clouds drifting over a green ocean. High up in the air, warriors mounted on fierce birds and flew across. The shrill screams of the mounts tore apart the clouds in the sky and made the children chuckle and chase on the ground.

Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming stood by a large riverside by side, gazing at the boats on the river. A fisherman put a hook into the water and caught a feet long large fish. The old fisherman shouted out loud, and he was nearly dragged into the water by this large struggling fish. A strong boy rushed up from behind, gripped the fish grills, and pulled this fish up to the boat, then knocked it out.

This boy was a peak-level Senior Magus, but judging by his young face, he was only about thirteen years old!

After the establishment of the Great Xia, the natural fortune of the humankind thrived. Within a couple of years, the population increased rapidly, and more and more talented ones emerged among the young generation. The comprehensive strength of the humankind was rising at a scarily high rate.

Especially after Ji Hao killed the three foreign world creators, their magical natural fortune powers merged with the humankind. Thus, the humankind rose even faster. The changes which happened in the past few years even shocked Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming!

"Uncle, don't blame me for throwing away my job. It's just...I owe somebody a favor, and need to return it!" Ji Hao lazily looked at Si Wen Ming while handing a large dragon skin scroll to him. "Here, the Magi Palace is going to divide into nine halls. This is the organizational system, and the evaluation standard of Senior Magi based on the nine cauldron tests, as well as the power distribution between the human emperor and the Magi Palace, all in here."

"I racked my brain, uncle." Ji Hao pointed at his head and yelled at Si Wen Ming, "Do you think these were easy to come up with? Especially because, I'll leave, and so will the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind. The heaven..."

Ji Hao raised his head and glanced at the sky, then lowered his voice and said, "The heaven will be under the control of Donggong and Ximu, but all the star kings are Supreme Magi from our humankind. I've also put some of my thoughts in there for your reference!"

Si Wen Ming seriously took over the dragon skin scroll and sighed, "Are you really leaving? Aren't you going to stay and help me? We have a lot of work to do for Great Xia."

Ji Hao remained silent and then chuckled.

What could he do? Could he stay? But, he had promised the mysterious man! What the mysterious man asked Ji Hao to do wasn't difficult, but was extremely time-consuming, and needed luck. He made the promise, so he had to do it!

Looking at Ji Hao's smiling face, Si Wen Ming helplessly shook his head. He then raised his head and gazed into the sky. His eyes were sharp as a pair of swords, seeming to penetrate the sky. "Alright, you'll leave with a batch of people, and they will all be human beings. Many other splendid worlds exist outside Pan Gu world...When the situation in Great Xia is stabilized, I'll take a batch of people to travel outside the world as well."

"Uncle, what do you want to do?" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming with surprise.

Si Wen Ming also chuckled and responded happily, "For our humankind, of course, I'll try my best to plant the flag of Great Xia all over the universe."


The Xuanyuan sword quaked intensely on Si Wen Ming's waist. An endless sword intent spread from it and made the Pan Gu sword buzz on Ji Hao's waist.

Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao each put a hand on the hilts of their swords to comfort these two combative fierce weapons.

Si Wen Ming smiled and continued, "Those non-humankind beings came into our world, so of course we can go out and explore too! In the future, Emperor Fuxi, Emperor Shennong, and Emperor Xuanyuan will be leading the humankind to guard Pan Gu world forever, while the others will travel with me!"

Ji Hao nodded.

Emperor Fuxi was wise, so he would be controlling the whole situation.

Emperor Shennong was mild and honest, and could win over people's hearts.

Emperor Xuanyuan was fierce and decisive, so he would conquer the world.

Under their joint leadership, Great Xia would be stabilized and the humankind would have no worries.

More importantly, after what happened years ago, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, Priest Yu Yu, and the two masters all suffered severe injuries. By now, they had all closed their dojos to focus on their recovery.

Except for Spirit Wa, the group of powerful human beings who broke into the level of saints with the Praying and Sanctification altar were the strongest beings in Pan Gu world now, while Spirit Wa was the protector of Great Xia. What was to worry about?

Perhaps, in the future, alarming affairs would still happen. But in the future...

When Si Wen Ming marched out of Pan Gu world with a human force, and when he led hundreds of millions of Supreme Magi to conquer countless worlds...who could predict the future?

Standing by the river, Ji Hao said a lot to Si Wen Ming. Ji Hao had been smiling faintly, but the expressions on Si Wen Ming's face changed constantly. Sometimes, he lowered his head and seemed to be lost in his thoughts; at other times, he took out pen and ink and wrote down what Ji Hao said on the dragon scroll.

Several days passed, and Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming stood by the river the whole time.

Abruptly, Man Man's happy voice could be heard from a distance away, "Ji Hao, Ji Hao, we've finished packing. I emptied my Abba's cellar, and also brought the best winemaker from Zhu Rong Family. Ayaya, and many other things, all prepared."

A gentle gust of wind blew across. Shaosi stood on a hill as she smilingly looked at Man Man rush towards Ji Hao. Her long hair fluttered in the air.

Seeing the cheerful and energetic Man Man, Si Wen Ming laughed. "I still remember the first time we met in Southern Wasteland...I never thought you would be the one who would save Pan Gu world!" He said.

Ji Hao let out a heavy sigh. Slapping on his own chest, he gave a bitter smile and said, "Pan Yu's black hole is sealed inside me, and the three 'Pengs' also fell asleep inside me, while the Original Devil is sealed in my heart as well. After saving Pan Gu world...I have devils all over my body. Think about this, I should really go away, in case these evil things wake up someday to cause troubles again!"

Si Wen Ming smiled as Man Man jumped into Ji Hao's arms.

Ji Hao put an arm around Man Man's shoulders and looked at Si Wen Ming, whose eyes were filled with worry. He laughed, "Uncle, don't worry. When I... When I have fulfilled my promise, all Pan Yu had will become mine. By then, the three 'Pengs', Original Devil...Eventually, someone will handle them."

Si Wen Ming gave Ji Hao a meaningful glance, then slapped his shoulder hard and said, "In this case, travel safe!"

Ji Hao smiled. He clenched his fingers towards Pan Gu sword and caused a loud buzzing noise. A fist-sized blurry axe was dragged out of the sword by him. He handed this tiny axe to Si Wen Ming and said, "This is a small part of the origin of Saint Pan Gu's axe. He created Pan Gu world with this axe. Uncle, put it in the nine cauldrons, and let them nourish it. For building the Pan Gu Motherland shield or defending against enemies, it'll always be helpful."

"Feed it with lots of pre-world divine materials. Perhaps, in the future, Great Xia will have a great treasure to guard its natural fortune. It will be a good thing."

Patting Man Man's head, Ji Hao solemnly bowed to Si Wen Ming, then turned around and walked away with large steps, without glancing back.

Man Man chuckled and also bowed to Si Wen Ming, then hurriedly caught up with Ji Hao.

"Ji Hao, Ji Hao, are we going out to play? With so many people? Ah, are we going to be like those non-humankind beings? Are we going to many worlds, to fight many people and then occupy their territories and rob them?"

"Fighting wars is the most interesting thing to do...No one dares to fight me in Great Xia. It's really boring here. We should just go out to bully the daring ones! That'll be fun!"

"And, Pan Gu world is small. We've seen all of it already. We should go find some new and interesting things!"

Ji Hao walked to Shaosi, then took her hand with one hand and Man Man's with the other. Then, the three of them walked away side by side.

"But Man Man, one day, you'll be missing Pan Gu world." Ji Hao's laughter could be heard from the wind. "At that time, don't cry...After all, I don't know when will we come back, or when we can come back. If we're lucky, this may take a hundred, or two hundred years… But if we are unlucky...Who knows? Really, no one can know."

Outside Pu Ban City, an enormous troop was waiting for Ji Hao.

Mr. Crow was leading a giant number of Gold Crow warriors.

Shermie was with a group of carefully selected water-kind elites.

Wuzhi Qi and Yuanli brought an army of spirit creatures.

Heng Luo, Stone, Treeman, and the other old friends of Ji Hao from Southern Wasteland mingled in the crowd. Heng Luo was sitting on a branch of Treeman, chewing fruits while throwing nuts towards Stone's head. Peels and nuts were thrown all over the ground by her.

Feng Xing stood aside, his face filled with calmness and happiness. He was holding hands with Yemo Shanye.

Yemo Shanye had a baby bump. She smiled gently as she rested a hand on her belly. Standing behind her with sour faces was the group of non-humankind beings who were taken captive by Ji Hao years ago, but then luckily survived under his protection.

Obviously, they didn't want to leave Pan Gu world with Ji Hao.

Pan Gu world was beautiful, rich, and peaceful, that people could now live in here with contentment. Who would be willing to abandon the good life and step into the vast Chaos, to again travel homelessly, without even knowing what would happen on the next day?

These non-humankind beings were used to good lives. Why would they ever be willing to give up the rich life in Pan Gu world?

But, they were afraid of the powerful ones...

They glanced at Yu Mu, who stood aside and was smilingly supervising them. Then, they looked at Yi Di, who was pulling open his bow, and the muddleheaded Taisi, who yawned on the side...

Reluctantly, these non-humankind beings lowered their heads. None of them dared to say a thing!

After all, even Pan Yu was sealed by Ji Hao. What could they say? They clearly understood that Ji Hao would never leave them in Pan Gu world, which now belonged 'solely' to Great Xia.

Didn't the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind start moving? Except for the four dragon kings and four phoenix masters who would stay in Pan Gu world, the other main forces of the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind had each chosen a nearby world, and begun moving to and invading them!

Even the pure Pan Gu descendants dared not to compete against the humankind, but chose to leave Pan Gu world. So, what could these non-humankind beings possibly do but leave?

Large groups of people from Gold Crow Clan and Zhu Rong Family stood a distance away as they quietly looked at Ji Hao.

Zhu Rong, Ji Xia, Qingfu, and the other from Ji Hao's families and friends had been quietly looking at him. They knew that Ji Hao was leaving, but they didn't know why.

However, none of them made an objection. By now, every word or action from him could affect the entire Pan Gu world. Therefore, no one presented an objection, or tried to persuade Ji Hao to stay. After all, they knew that Ji Hao had a reason to do this.

Holding the hands of Shaosi and Man Man, Ji Hao walked slowly to his families and friends.

The three of them kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Zhu Rong, Ji Xia, and Qingfu respectively. Ji Xia and Qingfu put hands on their heads, then prayed to the natural gods for them according to the Southern Wasteland tradition.

Zhu Rong directly transformed into a raging fire and danced an ancient ritual dance for Ji Hao, Man Man, and Shaosi. The dance was created by ancient gods for connecting with nature.

Strands of natural powers gathered towards Zhu Rong. Surrounding him, all Zhu Rong Family people and Gold Crow people began singing an old song.

The golden bridge and the East Emperor's chariot had merged into one. Controlled by Ji Hao's great power, the chariot expanded into a city, which was tens of thousands of miles wide. Carrying his followers and millions of unhappy non-humankind beings, the city disappeared into the Chaos.

Pan Gu world was right behind them. With the combined power from the chariot and the golden bridge, the city covered billions of miles in less than a second.

After a month of flying, Pan Gu world still looked tremendous from the city. It didn't become smaller in people's sights, not even by a little bit.

After the war against Pan Yu, Pan Gu world absorbed measureless original world power. Thus, Pan Gu world had started a rapid period of growth. Every day, Pan Gu world would expand for hundreds of millions of miles, and the entire world was becoming more and more beautiful.

Countless non-humankind beings stood on the edge of the city, looking at Pan Gu world while weeping endlessly.

They really couldn't understand this. With Ji Hao's power and all of the great contributions he had made, he should have stayed in Pan Gu world, standing high above the masses to control everything. Why would he stupidly leave Pan Gu world for the Chaos with so many followers?

What was good about the Chaos? Only these non-humankind beings knew so clearly about the endless dangers and risks in the Chaos, and how boring and hazardous a long journey in the Chaos could be! In the non-humankind history, the route of every expedition journey was paved with corpses!

Suddenly, the chariot was stopped by a gentle power.

From a splendid colorful glow, Spirit Wa and Fuxi slowly came out, wriggling their long snake tails.

Ji Hao hurriedly walked up and solemnly bowed to them.

Fuxi smiled and nodded at him, her eyes filled with delight.

Spirit Wa slowly came to Ji Hao, then leaned forward and gazed into Ji Hao's eyes. Her eyes were sparkling like stars. She seemed to be able to see the silent, mysterious man through Ji Hao's eyes in his spiritual space.

"Go and come back as soon as possible...Find what you are looking for...After all, Pan Gu world only belongs to Pan Gu!"

Spirit Wa reached out a hand and gently patted Ji Hao's head.

As the colorful light flashed across the Chaos, Spirit Wa and Fuxi left quietly, just like how they showed up.

The East Emperor's chariot shone with a golden light and flew deep into the Chaos. Ji Hao stood on top of the chariot as he silently gazed at the surrounding Chaos tides.

"Alright, old man, we have now set sail...We are going to find a world embryo that is strong enough to contain this piece of your soul and allow you to grow again...Oh, we do need luck for that!"

"When do you think we can come back to Pan Gu world? By then, my Abba, Amma will be gone...I will meet my families from later generations."

"I hope they can still remember my name till then!"

"Till then, even if my stories have become legends, I hope they can still remember my name!"

"I hope the bloodline of my family can still continue till then, and I hope the names of my families and my friends can still be glowing in the starry void of Pan Gu world, like the stars in the sky!"

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