The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 17 - Delicious (3)

Ch.17 Delicious (3)

When Su Yaya snapped out of her daydream, Chen Xiuqi had sat next to her, very close in fact. His leg touched hers and his hands as well. They were almost on top of each other.

Su Yaya thought that they were too close and felt a bit uncomfortable. She wanted to shift to the side but in the next second, Chen Xiuqi detected her motive and reached over to place his arms around her shoulders. He stared deeply and intensely at her.

“Where are you going?” Chen Xiuqi asked.

She met his interrogating gaze and her weak heart rapidly thumped. After all, she needed to please Chen Xiuqi right now and hopefully leave a good impression on him. That way, when they divorce in the future, it wouldn’t end badly. So it’s better if she didn’t do things that he didn’t want her to do and things that would make him unhappy.

Now that she processed this, she abandoned her decision and sat there obediently, leaning against his arms like a kitten.

Chen Xiuqi reached for the vanilla cake on the side and placed it in front of Su Yaya. He slightly raised his chin and indicated for her to feed him.

Su Yaya was stunned and couldn’t help to criticize him. He was the one who aversed the cake she bought and gave her ugly looks. Now, he wanted her to feed him. His personality changes too quickly! Who said that women change quickly? Men do too!

Even though Su Yaya had been complaining about Chen Xiuqi’s changing atittude, she didn’t show this on the surface. She obediently scooped a piece of cake to Chen Xiuqi’s mouth.

“Eat it, eat it. It’s really tasty.” Su Yaya smiled and said.

Even though he ordered her to feed him, she decided to cooperate with him in the end. She made sure he enjoyed it.

Chen Xiuqi ate a piece of cake and it was sweet but not greasy. It was pretty good.

In the past, An Yutong liked to eat cakes, especially chocolate flavored cakes. She could eat two slices at once and ate happily. He couldn’t understand how the sweet and greasy cakes could be so delicious. Every time she wanted him to eat it, he refused. He didn’t find the necessity to try it.

Therefore when Su Yaya bought the cakes up, he aversed it in his inner heart. But after seeing how happy she was eating it and her sweet smile and the two beautiful dimples on her cheeks, he was touched. Maybe it was because she enjoyed it, he wanted to try it after tasting her lips.

Chen Xiuqi ate several pieces of cake in a row. It was really tasty. Unaware, he already finished a slice of cake.

“Is it tasty?” Su Yaya smiled and looked at him with her bright and sparkling eyes.

Eating desserts placed people in a delightful mood. Maybe it was because of this, so Chen Xiuqi was in a great mood. He reached over and pinched Su Yaya’s white and delicate face. He commented, “It’s ok.”

“Right, I told you it’s delicious. Hehe.” Su Yaya automatically changed the ‘it’s ok’ to ‘pretty good and tasty’. In her eyes, it was great that someone like Chen Xiuqi said something like this.

After he finished the cake, Chen Xiuqi sat there for a while before turning to handle his work. Su Yaya had nothing to do and didn’t dare to disturb Chen Xiuqi. She sat there quietly on the sofa and scrolled through her Weibo, playing. She tried to make herself invisible.

Su Yaya scrolled through Weibo for a while before she accidentally clicked into a fashion blogger’s Weibo. The blogger just updated with a new set of pictures.

Beautiful fashion blogger: I coincidentally met a beautiful girl today. *insert picture.jpg* *insert picture.jpg* *insert picture.jpg*

Su Yaya didn’t recognize this fashion blogger but she knew who the person in the picture was. It wasn’t anyone else, but herself.

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