The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 19 - Zhou Peiyun (2)

Chapter 19: Zhou Peiyun (2)

Zhou Peiyun used her connections to help Su Yaya get the female side lead tryout quota 《Pamper then Marriage 》. In the end, due to Su Yaya’s appearance and excellent performance, she obtained the role as her manager.

The online drama, 《Pamper then Marriage 》, was actually shot under one of the filming companies, Sheng Shi Entertainment, under Chen Xiuqi’s name. The day Su Yaya went to audition, Chen Xiuqi coincidentally went to Sheng Shi Entertainment for inspection. That was how they met.

When Chen Xiuqi first saw her, he was moved and then started to frantically pursue her. People constantly pursued her since middle school because of her beautiful appearance. There were other noblemen who pursued her during that time, but Chen Xiuqi was more generous and charming, holding more power against the others.

Once Zhou Peiyun found out she said, “It’s true that you’re beautiful but there are many beautiful women in the entertainment circle. If you really want to make yourself known in the entertainment circle, you have to find someone to support you, like Chen Xiuqi. That would be the best.”

After Su Yaya heard this, she was moved. However, it wasn’t because of making herself known in the entertainment circle that made her moved. She thought that since she was beautiful, she was bound to be superior to others. It’s very tiring in the entertainment circle and to shoot scenes. Why must she make herself do all this work? As long as she got Chen Xiuqi to support her, she didn’t even need to do anything to enjoy everything.

Plus, Chen Xiuqi was handsome, wealthy, charming, and powerful. There were only benefits to following him and no consequences. Therefore, she quickly accepted and dated him.

While they were dating, Chen Xiuqi pampered her like usual. He was extremely generous with her and Su Yaya enjoyed this feeling. Unconsciously, she sank into the love web that Chen Xiuqi made for her and ended up truly falling in love with him. When he mentioned a contract marriage, she agreed without hesitation.

Chen Xiuqi knew Zhou Peiyun and that she was Su Yaya’s manager. The fact that she called Su Yaya at this time was probably because of work. Therefore, he nodded his head and said, “Go ahead.”

“Ok.” Su Yaya nodded and walked out the door with her phone.

Chen Xiuqi continued to bury himself in his work.

Once Su Yaya walked out the office, she planned to call Zhou Peiyun back when she called again.

Su Yaya hurriedly picked up the phone and before she could greet her, her voice exploded from the other side.

“You went shopping today? Did you know people took pictures of you? Didn’t you tell me you’re just taking a few days off? It’s been almost half a month already. Did you deal with you and President Chen’s matters? When are you coming to the company?”

“Sister Zhou, sister Zhou.” Su Yaya rushed and called her. When the other party stopped, she asked, “Which questions do you want me to answer first?”

Sister Zhou clearly paused for two seconds and then she said, “People took pictures of you and even uploaded them to Weibo. Now, it’s quickly gaining popularity. Thankfully, the comments were positive. I want to use this chance to make you even more popular.”

“I know.” Although Su Yaya responded faintly, she was ecstatic in her heart. According to Zhou Peiyun’s words, she wanted to make her even more popular, as in bringing her onto the hot search rankings?

Oh my god. She didn’t even do anything yet. People only took some pictures of her and she’s going to end up on the hot search rankings. She was practically begging for this to happen. Hahah…

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