The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 356

Chapter 356

Ch.356 Dreams of an Alternate History (4)

Su Yaya, who was forced into a divorce, didn’t believe that Shen Xiuqi could be so cruel. She didn’t want to leave the capital, she didn’t want to just go back like this, she didn’t want to be driven out of the capital in such an embarrassing way, if the snob relatives in her family knew about this, they might just ridicule her, how embarrassing is that.

So she did not leave the capital to head back to her hometown. She stayed, and got some people to secretly look into Shen Xiuqi's every movement. She was trying to find a suitable opportunity to get back together with Shen Xiuqi.

However, Su Yaya had a very difficult time there. After she got a divorce with Shen Xiuqi, even though Shen Xiuqi did not pay her the ten million alimony, she still had many gold and silver jewelry that Shen Xiuqi had gifted her, along with some savings. If she brought these things and savings back to her hometown and restarted a new life, she would be able to live quite comfortably, but she didn't do so.

Su Yaya looked for help everywhere, she wanted to see Shen Xiuqi again, and get back together with him.

So, one day, she ran into a man who claimed to be Shen Xiuqi's business partner. She had indeed met him before at a reception when she was still with Shen Xiuqi.

The man told Su Yaya that he could give her this opportunity and help her with this favor. He was about to hold a cocktail party in a few days and had invited Shen Xiuqi to it. On that day, she could come, but she needed to give him some money for this favor.

Su Yaya, who was desperate, asked him how much money he wanted. The man signalled a number. Su Yaya felt that it was a little much, but the man laughed and said that his guests also had to pay to come to the cocktail party, so the both of them bargained, and finally agreed on a price. The number was exactly all the money that Su Yaya had on her.

However, after Su Yaya gave the man all her money, the man ran away with it, disappeared, and she could not find him.

Su Yaya, who was deceived into nothing, went to the Shen's and cried for help, but the staff at the front desk wouldn’t let her meet Shen Xiuqi, no matter how pitiful or helpless she sounded, the staff did not give in.

In the end, Assistant Chen, who just happened to have come down, saw her, and asked what was going on, only to realize that Su Yaya had been scammed.

Su Yaya cried and begged Assistant Chen, "Let me go up and meet Xiuqi, I beg of you."

However, Assistant Chen didn't let her do so, he gave her some money and said, "Go home, President Shen won't see you."

Su Yaya didn't want any money, so she cried and threw a fit about wanting to meet Shen Xiuqi. Assistant Chen got annoyed with her, so he asked the security to escort her out.

Later, Assistant Chen reported the incident to Shen Xiuqi and told Shen Xiuqi that Su Yaya had been scammed and that her life was miserable.

At that moment, Shen Xiuqi sat behind his desk and was silent for a while, before saying to Assistant Chen: "Contact her family and let them come and bring her back home."

Assistant Chen was stunned after hearing the instructions he just gave. After some thought, he understood what he meant by this, and immediately arranged for someone to contact Su Yaya's parents.

Father Su and Mother Su quickly rushed to the capital, found Su Yaya, and brought her back home.

Su Yaya, who just got back home, did go through a period of time where people mocked and laughed at her. She stayed at home all day and didn't dare to even step out of the house. She was afraid of seeing people and was also afraid that her relatives would come and visit.

To take care of Su Yaya's emotions, her family moved to the countryside to live. Without the relatives who kept bothering them, life finally got better.

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