The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 1656 - Father!

Chapter 1656: Father!

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“Did I let you go?” The black-robed man spoke slowly. Every word was like a huge mountain that weighed down on the hearts of Nan Yuxing and the others.

Elder Wu Peng turned around and cupped his hands. “We indeed have no intention of disturbing you and have already apologized. I wonder if you have any other dissatisfaction?”

Is there something wrong with this person? Since he wants to kill Shangguan Yue, he can just kill her. What does it have to do with us?

Even if Nan Yuxing had attacked just now, he hadn’t hit her! Didn’t the black-robed man stop him? Was that not enough?

As a supreme Armory Refinement Master with a noble status, when had Elder Wu Peng ever spoken to someone so humbly? If not for the fact that Nan Yuxing and Elder Bai Tong were both injured today and that they still had something important to do, he would definitely not be so polite to this person!


“Pfft.” The man sneered as if he had heard a joke. “You casually barged into my territory, and you want to leave after being presumptuous and arrogant… How can there be such a good thing in this world?”

Elder Wu Peng was shocked. “You… You said this is your territory?!”

Nan Yiyi couldn’t help but say, “Who doesn’t know that countless experts are buried here and that this place is an ownerless land? Now, you’re saying that this is your territory… Do you really think we’re so easy to fool?”

Although she was a little afraid of the black-robed man, she couldn’t help but retort. Why did he say that this is his territory? This was the tombstone area of legendary warriors!

The black-robed man abruptly raised his hand and clenched it in the air.

“Ugh!” Nan Yiyi suddenly felt as if her neck was being strangled by an invisible hand! Her entire body was lifted up!

Because it was difficult to breathe, her face quickly turned red! No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t break free.


“Second Missy!”

Nan Yuxing and the others panicked when they saw this scene.

They didn’t expect the black-robed man to attack without hesitation!

Elder Wu Peng wanted to counterattack, but on careful thought, since the other party had appeared here… Regardless of whether this was his place or not, it must be beneficial to him.

It would not be good if he attacked rashly.

“Sir, we are from the Nan family of Myriad Sacred Sect. Before you make a move, I hope you will reconsider. Do you really want to go against the Myriad Sacred Sect?”

The black-robed man laughed. “So you’re from the Nan family… No wonder you’re so arrogant. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have any brains.”

Nan Yuxing couldn’t help but take a step forward. “You—”

Elder Bai Tong hurriedly pulled him back. “Eldest Young Master, Second Missy is still in his hands!”

Nan Yuxing gritted his teeth and could only endure it.

Elder Wu Peng’s expression didn’t look any better.

They had suffered more humiliation and torture today than in the past few years combined! Unfortunately, now that Nan Yiyi was in his hands, they didn’t dare to do anything.

Nan Yiyi’s struggling gradually weakened, leaving only blurry words that were unclearly spat out of her mouth. “You… Didn’t you… want to kill… her…”

Since this man’s target is Shangguan Yue, why didn’t he attack directly? Instead, he came to torture me?

What she didn’t know was that their actions had angered the other party.

Because of the lack of oxygen, her vision began to blacken, and her consciousness blurred.

Just as Nan Yiyi thought that she was really going to die here, the black-robed man finally let go.


Nan Yiyi’s body was thrown heavily to the ground!

The rough ground scratched her body. The clothes on her back were scraped, revealing bright red wounds.

“Ah!” Nan Yiyi was angry and embarrassed, but she didn’t even have the strength to get up.

Elder Wu Peng hurriedly went over, took out a coat, and draped it over her. He then helped her up.

Seeing Nan Yiyi’s miserable appearance, it was impossible for Nan Yuxing and the others not to be angry. However, it was good enough that she was now back. They didn’t dare to ask for anything else.

“Killing you will dirty my hands,” the black-robed man said casually.

Nan Yiyi’s face turned red and white, but she did not dare to say another word. Her body was trembling violently.

Crossing her arms, Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. It’s a pity that the good show is over. However, I never thought of using this man to deal with the people opposite me. This man is here for me to begin with. He is naturally not interested in anyone else.

It’s already a pleasant surprise to see them suffer.

She exhaled softly and looked at the black-robed man with a faint smile. “Let’s get to the point quickly. It’s not good to continue pestering others and delay their search for treasures.”

The expressions of Nan Yuxing and the others changed! Could it be that Shangguan Yue already knew the purpose of our trip? But from her expression, it doesn’t seem like it…

“Treasure?” The black-robed man was stunned for a moment. Then, he seemed to have realized something and laughed mysteriously.

Nan Yuxing and the others became even more nervous. But just as they thought that the black-robed man was still planning to make things difficult for them, they suddenly heard him say, “Get lost!”

Elder Wu Peng made a prompt decision and hurriedly turned around to leave with the three of them!

The few of them were more or less injured, but they were surprisingly fast. In a short while, they were already far away.

It was as if they were afraid that the black-robed man would go back on his words.

“I’m here to keep the appointment. Where’s my father?” The people in the way had already left, so Chu Liuyue went straight to the point.

The smile on her face faded a lot, and her aura turned cold.

The black-robed man waved his sleeve.

The void beside him trembled! Then, a black cage quietly appeared!

A familiar figure was trapped in chains—it was Chu Ning, who Chu Liuyue hadn’t seen for a long time!

At this moment, he looked disheveled, thin, and haggard. His clothes were tattered and stained with dirty blood. His hair was disheveled and scattered, almost covering most of his face.

Chu Liuyue could only see his unusually pale and cracked lips, but with just one look, she still recognized that it was Chu Ning!

“Father!” Endless sorrow suddenly surged in Chu Liuyue’s heart.

The black-robed man suddenly chuckled. “Speaking of which, Chu Ning was only fated to be with you for a short period of time. I didn’t expect you to really come to save him.”

Suppressing her emotions, Chu Liuyue sneered. “Didn’t you already know when you laid hands on him?”

She had been reborn as the daughter of Chu Ning.

Although they hadn’t been together for long, Chu Ning had always treated her as his biological daughter. He had given his all and could even risk his life for her.

In her heart, she had long treated him as her father.

She was Shangguan Yue and also Chu Liuyue! Therefore, even though she knew that this trip was dangerous, she still came!

“You racked your brains to get me to come here. Now that I’m here, you should keep your promise and release my father!”

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