The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 2195 - 2195 Fantasy Divine Hall

Chapter 2195 - 2195 Fantasy Divine Hall

2195 Fantasy Divine Hall

His tone was light and nonchalant, with deep pride.

The crowd fell silent for a moment.

Even though this sounded very uncomfortable, one had to admit that… there was nothing wrong with it.

Being able to use such a shocking number of Xuan formations to form a bridge and a path had already stated too many problems. They probably could not even imagine the amount of assets Fantasy Divine Palace had!

Xiao Ba pursed her red lips and almost rolled her eyes, but considering that this was someone else’s territory, she still held it in.


The rather noisy crowd previously fell silent. At this point, they finally realized what kind of place they had entered.

They were undoubtedly the top warriors in the God Residence Realm. Their statuses were high, and they were admired by people.

In the end, after they came here, they became the lowest existences.

This change in identities happened too suddenly, and many people could not accept it in such a short amount of time. Even though they had made mental preparations before they came, at this point, who could already smile and admit that they were too weak?

Jin Yunlai seemed to know what they were thinking as the corner of his lips curled up without much smiling intent. “I know that you’re indignant, but after a while, you will recognize everything.”

Then, he pointed in a direction.

Far away were many mountains.

“Over there is Fantasy Divine Palace’s medicinal mountain, and there are many treasures there. You can go and take whatever you want. As long as you can produce a pill of high standards, you can pick whatever you want. You can even sleep there.”

Some people could not help but gasp. This generosity… is huge!

Jin Yunlai pointed to the front again, and omr could faintly see a swarming ray of light that seemed like a lake. “And that side is the pool of lightning specifically for producing weapons. The lightning inside is endless. If you have the skills, you can try the powers of the lightning pool.”

The crowd was completely silent.

With such generosity and confidence, one could not help but be convinced.

“As for force cultivation… that’s the simplest. You can also see that there are rows and rows of courtyards on both sides of the Star Path. You can randomly choose one as your residence. You can cultivate and do anything else there.”

Chu Liuyue looked to the sides, and there were indeed many houses standing intricately.

“Normally, you can walk anywhere you like. However, there are two places you can’t go in Fantasy Divine Palace.” As Jin Yunlai spoke, he pointed forward. “One is the Fantasy Divine Hall in front, and another is the forbidden land behind it. The consequences of trespassing them without permission is not something you can bear. Do you understand?”

At the end, his tone became more serious.

The crowd’s hearts shuddered. “Okay. Thank you for the guidance, Seventh Deity.”

Chu Liuyue followed his line of sight and looked over, but she was instantly stunned.

A magnificent hall stood quietly at the end of the Star Path!

She had seen this hall before—it was the hall in the sky that once appeared in the Red Moon Desert! But at this point, there was no white mist covering it, and she could see everything clearly.

On the hall was a plaque with golden words written forcefully and tremendously, looking like a swimming dragon—Fantasy Divine Hall!

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