The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 10 - The Third Dragon Energy

Chapter 10: The Third Dragon Energy

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Ye Mo was beat after he finished helping Elder Yin refine 10 cauldrons of pills. His Spiritual Energy was exhausted.

As Elder Yin saw the situation Ye Mo was in, he pitied him and gave him five Spirit Fortifying Pills. These pills were second-grade pills, 10 times stronger than the Spirit Cultivating Pill.

Ye Mo was touched by Elder Yin’s gesture and kept those pills in his pocket. After seeing Elder Yin off, Ye Mo tidied the Pill Refining Chamber and went back to his own room.

Ye Mo quickly sat down and ate a Spirit Fortifying Pill. As soon as he swallowed the pill, he felt a surge of heat from his throat go straight to his Energy Center. The effect of the pill merged with his own Spiritual Energy, allowing him to access his energy 10 times faster than before. The concentration of the energy was also denser than what he could summon. It was at a whole new level.

Ye Mo began to manifest his Dragon Energy and tried to break through his mind’s Mortal Gate before the pill’s effect disappeared. When the first channel of Dragon Energy was gone, Ye Mo manifested the second Dragon Energy and continued to charge his Mortal Gate until his head began to ache.

“This Spirit Fortifying Pill sure is something. No wonder those geniuses could be that strong; it was really all because of the pill,” Ye Mo sighed. But in the meantime, he had the incredible Dragon Energy in his arsenal, and with enough time, he believed he could surpass all of them. He wanted to prove that he was far stronger than his father.

Ye Mo spent the whole evening training and meditating and eventually consumed all five Spirit Fortifying Pills.

He felt that if he had a few more pills, he could’ve broken through his mind’s Mortal Gate in one go.

When Ye Mo had completed his training, it was already nightfall. Senior Fu had already prepared his dinner for him. Ye Mo was deeply touched by his gesture. He ate his dinner and went straight to sleep.

Any form of training required the martial artist to be flexible and understand their own limits. If they trained too long or too intensely without rest, the training backfired. High-intensity training actually harmed the martial artist’s body.

Ye Mo woke up early the next day. After he’d brushed his teeth and washed his face, he went out to purchase Pill Refining Powder. If he could get on Elder Yin’s good side, he might just give him a few more pills.

Ye Mo arrived at the Hundred Treasure Pavillion. The beautiful Qi Yin walked towards him, her body once again moving sensually. She’d changed into a white Chinese gown, a very different style than what Ye Mo had seen last time.

“Little brother, you’re right on time. We just stocked up on some Pill Refining Powder.” Qi Yin had a smile on her face that could attract any man she wanted.

Ye Mo was glad to hear the good news. “Great! Can I get two ounces of it?”

Even though two ounces sounded little, any alchemist knew that it was more than enough. As the manager of the Hundred Treasure Pavillion, Qi Yin had already guessed that Ye Mo was just an assistant. She smiled at Ye Mo and said, “Follow me.”

Qi Yin led Ye Mo to a counter and asked the staff there for two ounces of Pill Refining Powder. Just as the staff was about to hand Ye Mo the powder, a hand stretched out and grabbed the powder from the staff.

“All of the Pill Refining Powders here now belong to me, Mo Feng!”

Ye Mo turned and saw where the voice came from. The guy had long black hair and the face of a warrior. He wore a black robe and stood proudly. A guy and a girl followed behind him, both of them with an air of arrogance about them.

Ye Mo knew who Mo Feng was. He was a member of the Mo clan who held the tenth spot on last year’s Limestone Champion List. He was not only a martial artist but also an alchemist.

“My apologies, Mr. Mo. These two ounces of powder were bought by this little brother here first.” Qi Yin flaunted her sexiness as she spoke and made Mo Feng stagger.

“There’s been a shortage of Pill Refining Powder in the Mo clan recently. I’ll pay double for those two ounces.” Even though Mo Feng looked elegant and refined, his eyes were glued to Qi Yin’s half-covered rack.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Qi Yin hesitated in front of the arrogant Mo Feng. Even though the trust of the customers was important in doing business, it was not worth it to offend the Mo clan over a mere assistant. Also, even though the Qi Clan was the strongest in the whole kingdom, they were still inside the Mo Clan’s territory.

“Miss Qi Yin, I hope you will consider the matter carefully,” Mo Feng said as he saw Qi Yin begin to hesitate.

Mo Feng was clear about what he wanted. Qi Yin acknowledged the situation and spoke in her sensual voice, “Of course. There’s nothing to consider. All the powders are yours to take.”

Mo Feng nodded in satisfaction and took the powders. He never looked at Ye Mo even once.

Ye Mo saw the whole thing, but he was not angry. This was how the world was: justice is futile in front of the powerful. This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Suddenly, a loud, sharp slap rang out and stunned the whole crowd.

Ye Mo snatched the powder from Mo Feng and said calmly, “I’m the one who purchased it first. It’s mine.”

Mo Feng was also stunned by the slap from Ye Mo. He looked at Ye Mo and saw a boy wearing a black robe that was starting to lose its color and a pair of canvas shoes with patches on them. From Ye Mo’s appearance, Mo Feng understood that he was not an apprentice of an alchemist but only a mere assistant.

Mo Feng never thought that a mere assistant would dare to stand up to him.

Qi Yin opened her mouth slightly, stunned by what had just happened. She thought to herself, Little brother, are you out of your mind? This is the young master of the Qi clan you’re offending.

Even the crowd was rendered speechless. The alchemist’s assistant in front of them had no idea of his place. Mo Feng was one of the top members in the Mo Clan; he had already reached the Spirit Cultivating Second Realm. On top of that, he was an alchemist.

The top five of the previous Limestone Champion List had already joined the Three Major Alliance. The man that Ye Mo was staring at had the potential to become one of the new top five.

“Little brother, I think you should let this slide. I’ll save some for you when the new stock arrives tomorrow,” Qi Yin suggested as she did not want to see Ye Mo do something offensive towards Mo Feng.

“Thanks, but if this keeps happening, then the powder will be taken by the Ye Clan or the Xiao Clan tomorrow. I’m taking this powder back, no matter what it takes.”

“Then take it if you can.” Mo Feng smirked as he grabbed Ye Mo’s arm, unleashing all of his Spirit Cultivating Second Realm powers.

Martial artists of the Spirit Cultivating Second Realm possessed the the strength of four stones, which equalled to about 1050 pounds. The hand of an average person would be pulverized by that kind of force.

The people around them started to pity Ye Mo.

Ye Mo felt Mo Feng gathering his power. He instantly manifested the Dragon Energy to the Mortal Gate on his right hand to increase his grip strength. A dragon’s roar could be heard from his Mortal Gate, and Ye Mo unleashed a force that was on par with four stones.

Mo Feng felt the pressure coming from Ye Mo, and his face darkened. How is it possible for this little assistant to reach the Spirit Cultivating Second Realm? It’s presumptuous!

The two kept testing each other’s strength, determined to win the fight.

Both of their faces reddened. They were putting all their powers into this test of strength. The crowd began to wonder how the alchemist’s little assistant was able to reach the Spirit Cultivating Second Realm; he looked younger than Mo Feng.

“So, he actually has something up his sleeves!” Qi Yin exclaimed.

“Little brat! Looks like I mistook you for some weakling but I’m still not giving up the powder!” Of course, Mo Feng would not back off. If the power of those two were at the same level, then it was going to be a battle of their Spiritual Energy reserves.

Ye Mo began to waver. Even though the two channels of Dragon Energy were able to fight toe to toe with Mo Feng, he wouldn’t last very long. The Rising Dragon Pillar would able to replenish his energy, but it still needed some time. And what’s more was that he was using both channels at the same time.

As he started to feel the Dragon Energy fading, Ye Mo began to panic a little.

“Hmph! Can’t hold on any longer, can you? There is no way that I’m going to lose to a mere assistant!” Mo Feng laughed as he started to feel Ye Mo’s strength lessen.

The two people standing behind Mo Feng abegan to smirk. If the young master of the Mo Clan could not even defeat a helper, they would definitely become a laughing stock.

Ye Mo kept urging the energy in his Energy Center to pour their power into the black Dragon Pillar. Suddenly, Ye Mo felt a surge of energy rush to the pillar and out came a third channel of Dragon Energy.

“Rargh!” Ye Mo shouted as the dragon began to roar in his Energy Center. The third Dragon Energy rushed towards the Mortal Gate in his right hand.

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