The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 16 - Pill’s Markings

Chapter 16: Pill’s Markings

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The person that emerged was no other than Ye Ming’s own older brother, Ye Hou. He was one of the Ye Clan’s prodigies and had reached the Spirit Cultivating Third Realm at the age of 16. He was the second strongest disciple in the Ye Clan, next to Ye Changsheng.

“Ha! I was wondering why you would even come to face me alone! So you actually called in your older brother as well, you loser!” Ye Mo snorted.

“I’ve heard of what Ye Ming has done to you. Why don’t you return his dagger, shake hands, and leave it as it is?” Ye Hou said with authority.

“Who do you think you are? This Magic Weapon would have cost you more than 100 gold piece, am I right? I’m keeping it.” Ye Mo turned and ran as soon as he finished his sentence.

Ye Hou laughed and sprinted towards Ye Mo. He was like a fierce wind, kicking all of the dust on the ground up around him.

In truth, Ye Mo had never thought of running from the beginning. It was a feint to trick Ye Hou. He knew that Ye Hou would still kill him even if he had returned the dagger.

If one could infuse their Spiritual Energy into the dagger, that meant that Ye Mo could also infuse it with his Dragon Energy and make it stronger. He diverted all of the two channels of Dragon Energy in his right hand into the dagger, turned, and threw the dagger towards Ye Hou. Infused with the Dark Dragon Energy, the blade turned into a Dark Dragon mid-air, piercing through the woods.

Ye Hou had not expected Ye Mo to take such actions. He quickly stopped and evoked the Spirit Serpent’s Palm to try and catch the dagger. He used all of his Spirit Cultivating Third Realm powers and caught the dagger, but to his surprise, he could only change the trajectory of the dagger. The dagger changed its angle and shot the other direction.

Ye Hou’s right hand was cut by the dagger as he attempted to catch it. The wound was so deep that the white bone under his flesh was visible.

And within those few seconds, Ye Mo had already ran out of the woods.

“Brother, are you alright?” Ye Ming rushed to his brother’s side and asked. He was shocked by the condition of Ye Hou’s right hand and shouted in disbelief, “How is this possible?!”

“It’s as you’d said, Ye Mo’s strength has suddenly increased. Ye Qing must’ve given him some treasures before he passed,” Ye Hou guessed.

The power in Ye Mo’s right hand’s Mortal Gate was tremendous. If he was to reach the Spirit Cultivating Realm, the outcome would be unbearable for the Ye Clan.

Ye Ming suddenly remembered something and told his brother, “Brother, the day he killed our Spirit Cultivating First Realm servant, he’d swallowed some high-grade pill that increased his strength by many times over instantly.”

“Don’t tell anyone about this. He must be hiding some treasure behind his back,” Ye Hou warned. “Let’s kill him when we have the chance. With that treasure, I might even have the chance to take the first spot in this year’s Limestone Champion List Tournament.” A devilish smile began to form on Ye Hou’s face as if he’d already won the tournament.

“You’re a dead man, Ye Mo!” Ye Hou smirked.

Ye Mo ran back to his room covered in blood. Ye Ming and his brother would not act harshly if they were in the Ye’s mansion, which made Ye Mo sigh in relief. The Dragon Energies that he’d diverted to his mind and right hand were gone, but the Rising Dragon Pillar had replenished three new channels of Dragon Energy in his Energy Center.

“Young master! Are you alright?” Senior Fu was shocked by Ye Mo’s appearance.

“I’m fine, just some minor scratches. I’ll be good as new after a good night’s rest,” Ye Mo explained. “Listen, I think it’s best if you avoid going out as much as possible for the next few days. Oh, and could you help me send a message to Xiao Cao? Just tell her that after I’ve reached the Spirit Cultivating First Realm. We’ll be leaving this place. This place is not safe for us anymore.”

With his understand of Ye Ming and his older brother, Ye Mo knew they would never let this matter slide.

Ye Mo took a few Revitalization Pills and began to meditate, focusing all of his energies in his Energy Center. His wound began to heal slowly, but a wound left by a Magic Weapon was harder to heal than those left by a Mortal Weapon.

“Let’s try the recovery abilities of the Dragon Energy.”

Ye Mo channeled one Dragon Energy to his wound, and with the help of the Revitalization Pills, his recovery rate doubled. He then focused the other two channels of Dragon Energy to his wound and, as expected, his recovery rate quadrupled.

“This Dragon Energy sure is something! It’s not only stronger than your normal Spiritual Energy, but it can also increase my recovery rate!”

With the help of the Dragon Energy, Ye Mo’s wound closed in just two hours. He was exhausted and went straight to sleep.

Ye Mo woke up early the next day and went to the Pill Refining Chamber. He wanted to try and create some Spirit Fortifying Pills before Elder Yin came in. All of the ingredients for the pill could be found in the room, but Ye Mo was reluctant to use many of them. He’d only threw in enough ingredients to make 10 pills as he was afraid that Elder Yin might find out what he was doing.

Ye Mo started the fire and directed one of his Dragon Energies into the cauldron.

“Ye Mo! Prepare the ingredients. We’re going to make more pills today!” Elder Yin shouted from outside. His sudden appearance scared Ye Mo. He quickly took his right hand off the cauldron.

What’s with him! Always appearing at the wrong time! Ye Mo cried in his mind. He was forced to stop his little experiment since Elder Yin came in early. Looks like I’ll have to buy myself a cauldron.

Ye Mo squatted beside the cauldron, pretending to be tending the flame. “Elder Yin, I guessed you might come in early today. I’ve already prepared all the ingredients and threw them into the cauldron.”

Elder Yin nodded in delight. “Not bad, not bad at all. You just might be worth teaching. After we’ve finished with today’s work, I’ll give you a few more pills.”

“Thank you, Elder,” Ye Mo replied.

Elder Yin placed both of his palms on the side of the cauldron. He began to channel his red Spiritual Energy into the cauldron, preparing to form the shape of the pills.

The Rising Dragon Pillar automatically replenished the Dragon Energy that Ye Mo had just used. He focused one of the channels into his right hand and the other two into his mind.

Ye Mo peeked at what was happening inside the cauldron and noticed the Dragon Energy that he was using before Elder Yin came in circling inside the cauldron. All of the ingredients melted into liquid under the intense heat coming from beneath the cauldron. With the guidance from the red Spiritual Energy, the pills began to take shape.

“Put out the fire,” Elder Yin instructed as he withdrew his hand from the cauldron. He took a deep breath and turned to Ye Mo. “Ye Mo, why are there only ingredients enough for 10 pills inside the cauldron?”

“Well… That’s because I was worried that you would be tired from all the work you’ve been doing,” Ye Mo said.

“You little brat. After all these years as my assistant, is flattery all that you’d learned?” Elder Yin scolded.

“But you’ve never taught me anything,” Ye Mo muttered.

“You…” Elder Yin raised his hand and was about to slap Ye Mo when he realized what Ye Mo had said was true. He’d never taught Ye Mo anything before. “Fine. After the Limestone Champion List Tournament has ended, I’ll teach you how to make some pills.”

“Thank you!” Ye Mo removed the lid from the cauldron and handed Elder the 10 Spirit Fortifying Pills that were inside it.

Elder Yin took the pills and was stunned by what he saw.

“Pill’s Markings!” Elder Yin exclaimed. “I’ve finally created Spirit Fortifying Pills with marking on them!”

Pill’s Markings literally meant markings on the pill. The clearer the markings were, the higher its price was.

Even though the Spirit Fortifying Pills were second-level training pills, every type of pills could still be divided into different quality grades. The Spirit Fortifying Pills that Elder Yin made could at most be referred to as an average grade. Only Spirit Fortifying Pills with Pill’s Markings on them could be considered pills of higher grades. Those could not only enhance a person’s training experience but also reinforce their blood flow and strengthen their Mortal Gates. Its effects were far more stronger than an average grade Spirit Fortifying Pill.

Alchemists who could refine pills with markings on them must have extraordinary control over their Spiritual Energy. They were those who would succeed in their profession as an alchemist.

This must be the Dragon Energy’s doing! Ye Mo thought to himself with excitement.

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