The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 768 - Dead End

Chapter 768: Dead End

“What method?” Ye Mo asked impatiently. “Stop with the suspense and just tell me.”

Saving Gu Xingyue was also saving himself. If Gu Xingyue’s strength dropped immensely, even if they passed the passage, Invincible Ta Ba wouldn’t let Gu Xingyue go. Invincible Ta Ba had always been oppressed by Gu Xingyue. Now that Gu Xingyue’s cultivation had weakened, it would be a good chance for him to make a move against her.

Also, the brothers Man Tianhao and Man Tiancheng wouldn’t want to let her go either.

“Do you have to ask me that?” Hong Ling gave a nasty laugh. “I already told you, if you want to know what to do, you need to think back to what you did inside the Demonic Cultivation Gourd.”

Ye Mo suddenly remembered the words of Hong Ling. Fusing the Blood Spear Qi and the Black Spear Qi would create a powerful Spear Qi.

What had to be done was of course the so-called Conjoint Training.

Ye Mo had no problem doing that, but, with Gu Xingyue’s character, she definitely wouldn’t want to have that kind of relationship with Ye Mo, even if she were about to die.

“I’ll take you through this passage first,” Ye Mo said as he continued to move forward within the Zhu Immortal Domain.

But the price paid to go through this passage of death was really no joke.

The two people and one Beast got closer and closer to the shadow of the Primordial Shenrui. That Primordial Shenrui continued to growl, and the notes emitted from its mouth collided with the Rune Barrier. The Crystal Rune Barrier made crackling sounds as cracks appeared on it.

As Ye Mo felt this, he knew that the power of this Immortal Music Spell was getting stronger and stronger. It had reached its peak. As long as they could pass through the peak, the power of the Immortal Music Spell should weaken.

Gu Xingyue also felt that Ye Mo’s Zhu Immortal Domain couldn’t hold on any longer. She looked at his handsome face and frowned. Ye Mo’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat. She unexpectedly began to worry about the man in front of her.

“How are you feeling now?” Gu Xingyue asked.

A large number of runes attacked them, and the cracks on the Rune Barrier were getting longer and longer. It could burst at any time.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

When a section of the Rune Barrier split apart, Ye Mo fiercely roared a few times. He released his Transcendence Golden Body, and he grabbed the Five Elements Dragon Board in his left hand and Gu Xingyue in his right.

At that moment, the Rune Barrier completely collapsed. Ye Mo threw out the Five Elements Dragon Board.

Gu Xingyue’s eyes shrunk the moment she felt the Rune Barrier crumble. It felt like a sudden lack of oxygen. She was very clear that, without the defense barrier, both of them would soon be facing death.

But, in the next moment, she felt a Spatial Power pulling her body.

The two instantly disappeared. A moment later, Gu Xingyue noticed that she and Ye Mo had appeared at the other end of the Passage.

There, the power of the Immortal Music Spell was much weaker.

“Is this the Spatial Power? How is this possible? A warrior in the Profound World Realm shouldn’t be able to display the Spatial Power.”

Gu Xingyue was surprised once again.

Although Ye Mo had used the Five Elements Dragon Board, he’d still depleted a lot of his energy. Coupled with the previous painstaking exertion to hold up the Zhu Immortal Domain, Ye Mo’s Qi was a lot weaker. The Transcendence Golden Body instantly dispersed.

Right now, their crisis was still not over. Although the two of them were far away from the Primordial Shenrui shadow, the Immortal Music Spell could still reach them.

“Damn it. What kind of death passage is this? It’s a dead end!”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but curse. The middle of the Zhu Immortal Rune continued to shine. It oppressed the Profound Dragon Power behind Ye Mo, displaying the Zhu Immortal Domain and protecting them both.

This time, the Rune Barrier was no longer in a crystal state, but it was made of a thin material instead. It had covered the entire Rune. When the Immortal Music Spell hit the Rune, it caused one ripple after another.

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

Suddenly, the entire passage began to shake. In the distance, barely visible through the haze, the huge Primordial Shenrui shadow turned violent.

“What’s Xiao Jing doing there?”

Ye Mo’s pupils shrank. Then he saw that Xiao Jing had leaped toward the shadow of the Primordial Shenrui.

Looking carefully, there was actually a stone that shone from the middle of the Primordial Shenrui shadow. The Immortal Music Spells were all activated and emitted by the energy of that stone.

“That Xiao Jing is using its invincible defense. Does Xiao Jing not know that Ye Mo can’t bear it?” Hong Ling shouted.

Because of Xiao Jing’s attacks, the cry from the shadow of the Primordial Shenrui was getting louder and louder. The runes from the Immortal Music Spell were also completely gone. Ye Mo’s Zhu Immortal Domain burst in an instant, and countless notes directly entered the bodies of Ye Mo and Gu Xingyue.

The burst from the notes this time around couldn’t be absorbed in time, even with the Rising Dragon Pillar. The two of them were knocked away from the impact. They fell to the ground and fainted.

The sudden burst of the Immortal Music Spells lasted only for a moment, because the shadow of the Primordial Shenrui disappeared. Xiao Jing had the stone filled with runes in its mouth.

Xiao Jing itself didn’t expect that taking away the stone would harm Ye Mo and Gu Xingyue.

“This time, we’re really in danger. I wouldn’t be finished right?”

Hong Ling, who was inside the Sky Blood Lady Space, was frowning, willow eyebrows furrowed. This time, both of them fainted at the same time. But the Immortal Music Curse inside their bodies hadn’t been dispelled. They had fainted for a long time, which was very dangerous.

“Ling’er, are you okay?” Hong Ling asked.

“I’m okay,” Ling’er said. “I just have some light injuries. That Xiao Jing is too impulsive. But what on earth is that stone in its mouth?”

“If I’m correct, that stone should be the Immortal Music Stone,” Hong Ling said faintly. “The Primordial Shenrui Secret Will can emit the Immortal Music Spell entirely because of this stone. The Mysterious Primordial Shenrui Land activated the Immortal Music Stone. Now that his stone has been taken out by Xiao Jing, the Immortal Music Curse has also disappeared.”

“Xiao Jing is extremely powerful. It can completely ignore the Immortal Music Spell.” Ling’er was a bit shocked. Xiao Jing usually just slept all the time. But now, it had actually taken away the Immortal Music Stone from the Primordial Shenrui’s shadow.

It had to be noted that a lot of experts who had come here must also have discovered the existence of the Immortal Music Stone. But none of them had ever taken it.

Obviously, it wasn’t a simple task to take away the Immortal Music Stone.

“It’s useless to be that powerful. Its head doesn’t work right. It goes crazy when it sees good things.”

Hong Ling couldn’t help but curse. Ye Mo was their backbone, but now that Ye Mo had fainted, the two women and the Beast could only worry.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Xiao Jing slowly walked over. It seemed to have realized its mistake, as it had a grieved expression on its face. It stood in front of Ye Mo at a loss.

“Is this really a dead end?” Hong Ling wandered around inside the weapon space. Her willow eyebrows tightened.

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded inside the weapon space. “Lady Hong.”

“Xue Mei?” Hearing the sound, Hong Ling was surprised and she shouted, “Is that you? Where are you?”

“Yes, it’s me. I left a trace of my thoughts with you but haven’t shown myself yet. Now that Ye Mo is in trouble, I don’t care about secrecy so much.”

A stream of silver Meteorlight appeared from within Ye Mo’s body. It condensed into the shape of a woman with red hair and silver armor.

“Hei Luo, now that I’ve appeared, why don’t you show yourself?”

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