The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 8 - The Power in His Blood

Chapter 8: The Power in His Blood

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Ye Ming jumped to one side while holding his right arm. He could feel the pain coming from it. As soon as he saw that Ye Mo was struck to the ground, he shouted angrily, “Don’t stop! I’ll take full responsibility if he dies!”

The four servants received their order and continued to hit Ye Mo with no mercy.

“Young Master Ye Mo, please leave Xiao Cao alone. They will kill you if this keeps up.” Xiao Cao was pained from seeing Ye Mo getting hurt.

One of the servants hit Ye Mo in his back, and that angered Ye Mo. The Eye of the Blood Ruby appeared again. Ye Mo felt his blood boil. The spiritual energy from the Blood Ruby surged out from Ye Mo’s blood.

“Argh!” Ye Mo roared. A wave of red spiritual energy exploded from Ye Mo’s body, sending all four of the servants flying. They laid on the ground and spat blood from their mouths, groaning in pain.

Ye Mo stood up slowly. The Eye of the Red Ruby was intimidating. Ye Ming began to back off a little. He felt that the guy standing in front of him could be stronger than the Young Lord, Ye Changsheng.

He quickly ordered the servant that was in the Spirit Cultivating First Realm to stop Ye Mo. “So-someone stop him! Now! That guy must’ve eaten some high-grade pill from Elder Yi!”

Ye Ming stared at Ye Mo’s changes and continued to back up.

The servant acknowledged the order from Ye Ming and blocked Ye Mo’s path. He rushed towards Ye Mo as he threw his fist so fast, Ye Mo saw doubles.

Yet Ye Mo did not even try to evade the incoming attacks and took them head-on. Just as the servant’s fist was about to hit Ye Mo, red ripples began to form around him, shielding him from the attacks.

The power from the dragon’s bloodline held the strength of ancient creatures. Ye Mo was like a beast in human skin, strong and impenetrable. A mere Spirit Cultivating Realm martial artist posed no threat to him.

Ye Mo wrapped his fist with red spiritual energy and threw a punch with the force of a cannon.

Bang! Ye Mo’s punch had put a hole in the servant’s chest and blood began to spew everywhere. Ye Mo withdrew his hand. The red spiritual energy had changed into a dragon claw. He started to stroll towards Ye Ming, one step at a time.

The scene that Ye Ming had just seen made him piss his pants. His legs began to shake as he noticed Ye Mo was walking towards him.

“P-please, Ye Mo. Don’t kill me!”

But Ye Mo could not hear anything. Ye Qin’s death had deeply affected Ye Mo’s reasoning and led him to fully activate the power of the Dragon’s Bloodline. Though strong, he still lacked the will to control the newfound power and had become a killing machine. All he could think of at that moment was to kill Ye Ming, who was standing in front of him.

Xiao Cao was lying on the ground as she raised her head and saw what Ye Mo was doing. She could feel that something evil was lurking inside Ye Mo and knew that he was going to kill Ye Ming. “Young Master Ye Mo! You mustn’t kill Ye Ming!” Xiao Cao shouted.

Ye Ming was the son of Ye Qiu. Ye Mo would have to dig his own grave if he’d killed Ye Ming.

“Stop! Don’t think for one second that you could live if you kill me!”

Ye Ming backed up as fast as he could, keeping the last of his cool in front of the terrifying Ye Mo. What kind of pill did he take to become like that?

“Ye Mo!”

The shout from Xiao Cao pierced through Ye Mo’s mind. The red spiritual energy that was surrounding him started to fade back into his blood. The Eye of the Blood Ruby was also gone. Ye Mo stood still on the ground and looked around him. “What just happened?” Ye Mo asked.

Ye Ming noticed that the effect from the pill has started to fade. He tried to talk his way out of trouble. “Ye Mo! I’m going to let whatever happened today slide. None of us are going to owe one another!”

Ye Mo looked around. All four of the servants were on the ground. A hole could be found around the heart of the servant that had reached the Spirit Cultivating Realm. He was lying in a puddle of blood.

Ye Mo glanced at his right hand, which was dyed red, and was shocked when he realized what had happened. Did I do all these? What in the world just happened?

Yet Ye Mo was quick to grasp the situation. “Let this slide? It won’t be that simple, Ye Ming,” Ye Mo said coldly.

“Ye Mo! You’d better not push it. You just killed one of my servants that has already reached the Spirit Cultivating Realm. That alone is a huge crime. You’ll be in serious trouble if I report this to the Legal Division!” Ye Ming said.

“Report to the Legal Division?” Ye Mo snorted. “A guy that hasn’t even reached the Spirit Cultivating Realm managed to defeat all these people. Who do you think the higher ups in the Legal Division would help? They definitely won’t blame it on me. Instead, they will try to help me reach a higher level as much as possible,” Ye Mo replied. Now that he had mastered two channels of Dark Dragon Energy, killing Ye Ming would be easy.

“What do you want then?” Ye Ming started to worry.

“I don’t mind that you hurt me, but I won’t overlook the fact that you hurt Xiao Cao too. 100 silver pieces should be enough as compensation.”

“What? 100 silver pieces?!” Ye Ming was furious. Ye Mo was trying to suck him dry. 100 silvers were still a considerable amount of fortune, even for Ye Ming.

“Too little? You’re right, I suppose a young master of the Ye Clan is worth far more than that,” Ye Mo said.

Ye Ming took out a piece of gold from his pocket unwillingly and threw it to Ye Mo. He felt his heart wither as he did so. “At least you will be dead before you get to use the money,” Ye Ming threatened.

Ye Mo laughed off the threat and caught the gold. He put it into his pocket and carried Xiao Cao off the grass field.

After Senior Fu had heard that Xiao Cao was being bullied from Ye Mo, he quickly ran and told Ye Mei. As soon as she heard that Ye Ming had actually beaten Xiao Cao, she ran to the grass field only to find no one there. But it was clear as day that someone had fought there not long ago.

“Looks like we’re late, Senior Fu,” said Ye Mei. Ye Mo hadn’t even passed the Entrance Exam yet; coming here could only lead to his death.

Senior Fu started to worry. “I’ll go back and check. Maybe the young master has already saved Xiao Cao.”

Ye Mei shook her head and followed Senior Fu. Ye Ming, that b*stard! He could only come back and bully Ye Mo as he was always intimidated by young masters from other clans. But Ye Mo didn’t possess enough strength to save Xiao Cao?

Ye Mo carried Xiao Cao back to his room and let her swallow a Revitalize Pill. After helping her to recover through his spiritual energy, her internal injuries were almost cured, but her external injuries still hadn’t been treated and they needed to take care of it as soon as possible or it will risk infection.

Ye Mo went and fetched a bucket of water to help Xiao Cao clean her face. Ye Ming’s footprint could still be seen on her refined face and it pained Ye Mo to see it.

Ye Mo immediately applied some medicine on Xiao Cao’s injuries. When he was done and ready to leave the room, Senior Fu and Ye Mei came running towards his room.

“Young Master! Are you all right? Where’s Xiao Cao?”

“I’m fine. Xiao Cao has sustained some minor injuries. She’s asleep now and should wake up in around six hours,” Ye Mo replied.

After confirming the situation with Ye Mo, Senior Fu and Ye Mei let out a sigh of relief and went inside the room.

“Ye Mei, I’ll leave Xiao Cao to you. I have something to do in the town,” Ye Mo said as he was leaving. The gold that he’d blackmailed from Ye Ming would be enough to buy him a Pill Refining Powder at the Hundred Treasure Pavillion.

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