The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 207 - Paying A Debt of Gratitude

Chapter 207: Paying A Debt of Gratitude

After coming to her senses, Mrs. Zhang started laughing mockingly.

“That’s utter nonsense! Did you escape from some mental asylum? What makes you think that you can cure the illness? Do you think that you’re a child prodigy, or do you just have a wild imagination?”

Behind Mrs. Zhang, Zhang Xiaoyan was also looking at Tang Hao as she would look at a lunatic.

Li Bin and Auntie Zhang did not know how to react.

Both of them knew Tang Hao to be an honest and down-to-earth person. Why would he be boasting and lying?

“Are you OK, Lil Tang?” Li Bin asked out of concern.

Tang Hao broke into laughter when he saw their faces.

He would not have expected them to believe his claims anyway.

“You can get the doctors here if you don’t believe me. They know who I am!” Tang Hao said.

“Ha! The doctors would definitely know that you’re a lunatic!” Mrs. Zhang mocked.

She got up and pressed the beeper, then returned to her seat and looked mockingly at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao was a total lunatic in her eyes. Which sane person in this world would claim that they could cure uremia in a matter of days?

If he was not a lunatic, then he must be a con artist!

Soon. the door to the hospital room opened and a doctor in a white coat came in.

“Doctor, there’s a lunatic here! You’d better examine his head or even lock him up. I don’t feel safe when he’s in the room!” Mrs. Zhang grumbled as she pointed at Tang Hao.

The doctor was shocked. “Lunatic? Where did the lunatic come from?”

He then turned around and looked toward where Mrs. Zhang was pointing.

He discerned clearly who the person was, then his entire body stiffened in extreme surprise.

“That’s him! He’s the lunatic! He’s a very boastful one. He claims that he can cure uremia! Does he think that he’s a divine doctor?” Mrs. Zhang shrieked.

“That’s ridiculous! Isn’t he a lunatic?”

Her face displayed an expression of utter mockery.

However, what happened next caused her to be utterly dumbfounded.

The doctor suddenly smiled and greeted the person. “Divine Doctor Tang!’

Then, he walked toward him and eagerly shook his hands.

The doctor looked like he had seen an old friend. He even looked as though he admired the kid.

A doctor calling a teenager Divine Doctor?

That… That was the most ridiculous thing in the world!

She was not the only one who was dumbstruck. Even Uncle Li, Auntie Zhang, and Li Bin did not know what was going on.

Lil Tang dropped out of high school and was a delivery boy until three and a half months ago. How would he suddenly be a divine doctor?

‘Wait… Don’t tell me Lil Tang quit his job to become a con artist?’ Uncle Li thought about that and his expression changed.

He did not believe that in the few months since Tang Hao quit his job, he picked up medical skills and knew how to cure diseases. The only explanation was that he became an incredible con artist that could even fool the doctors in the hospital!

“Lil Tang, don’t tell me that you’ve become a con artist now?” Uncle Li said sternly.

Tang Hao broke into laughter when he heard that.

The doctor also laughed. “I’m afraid that you are mistaken, Sir. He’s not a con artist at all. He’s a true divine doctor. All the doctors in the hospital think so, too!”

Uncle Li was shocked when he heard that. He was not sure if he should believe the doctor’s claim.

It was too ridiculous!

The doctor turned and looked at Auntie Zhang on the bed. He even looked happy. “Are you going to cure this patient’s illness, Doctor Tang?”

Tang Hao nodded.

The doctor became even more excited. “How are you going to cure her?”

“This is easier than last time. I’ll use acupuncture followed by medication. She’ll be cured in a few days!” Tang Hao said.

“Acupuncture? That’s not very scientific, but I trust in your methods, Divine Doctor Tang!” The doctor said passionately. “Wait for me here. I’ll get the Hospital Director and the others to come.”

Then, the doctor dashed out of the room.

The people who remained in the room were stunned and did not come to their senses for a long while.

They felt as though they were in a dream.

‘Don’t tell me… this boy is actually a divine doctor? Why doesn’t he look like one?’

“Lil Tang, you…” Uncle Li said, still in a daze.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Li. I can cure Auntie Zhang’s disease! You’ve helped me during my most difficult times and gave me a job. I’ll be repaying my debt of gratitude to you today,” Tang Hao said.

Uncle Li’s jaw dropped and could not say anything.

Soon, footsteps were heard from the corridor outside. It sounded like a very large group of people.

A group of doctors in their white coats flooded into the room. All of them wore excited expressions on their faces.

“Divine Doctor Tang is here again!”

“If Divine Doctor Tang is here, that means the patient is saved!”

The group of doctors chatted and discussed among themselves, while some of them came over to shake hands with Tang Hao.

The people in the room were once again wide-eyed and slack-jawed when they saw the scene.

They were forced to admit that what Tang Hao said was true. He would not have been able to deceive so many doctors at once.

Mrs. Zhang, standing aside, felt ashamed of herself.

She had laughed at the boy and said that he was a lunatic. Who knew that he was a true divine doctor!

From what the doctors said, it seemed that there was a high chance of curing the disease. If that were the case, the Li family would have saved a lot of money.

She began to regret her decision earlier.

“Mr. Li, Divine Doctor Tang has amazing medical skills. With his help, I can say that your wife’s illness is all but cured. I would highly recommend that you allow him to treat your wife,” the hospital director told Uncle Li.

“Well… Alright then, I’ll let him try it!” Uncle Li said.

“I agree with it too. I trust Lil Tang,” Auntie Zhang said.

“Do you need anything, Lil Tang?” The hospital director asked Tang Hao.

“I need two nurses. That’s all,” Tang Hao replied.

“Alright! Let’s go outside and wait!”

The group of doctors went out of the room.

“It’s up to you, Lil Tang!” Uncle Li said as he firmly shook Tang Hao’s hands.

“Don’t worry!” Tang Hao said with a smile.

Everyone else left the room while two nurses came in.

Tang Hao walked toward the bed and retrieved his set of golden needles. “Don’t be nervous, Auntie Zhang. It’s just acupuncture. It won’t hurt a bit.”

Then, he instructed the nurses to lift Auntie Zhang’s shirt, exposing her abdomen.

Uremia was caused by declining kidney function. At that stage, one’s kidneys had already failed, and modern medical technology could not save them. The only possible cure was a kidney transplant.

However, Tang Hao had a way.

If the kidneys had failed, he only had to revive them.

He would stimulate the meridian points in her body, then channel qi into her body to revitalize the kidneys.

Acupuncture alone would not cure her uremia. He would also need to provide her with medicine to nourish the kidneys.

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