The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 377 - First Time In River Delta City

Chapter 377: First Time In River Delta City

Everyone parted ways after dinner ended.

It was already past ten o’clock. The streets were deserted.

“I’d like you to take a stroll with me, Lil Tang!” Qin Xiangyi leaned close to Tang Hao and whispered gently in his ear.

She was wearing a black form-hugging dress which accentuated her body curves. Crystal sequins on the dress reflected light from the street lights.

She looked as though she came out of a dream.

Even though they had lived together for a long time, Tang Hao’s breath was always taken away whenever he looked at her. His heart started beating faster.

“Mm!” He replied gently, took her hand, and started walking.

There was no one else on the street.

They held hands as they walked along the street, with no destination in mind.

“Lil Tang, do you remember that summer night when we walked along this road… and this store, too, do you remember?”

Qin Xiangyi pointed at both sides of the street as they walked.

They had strolled along that street many times. It was full of memories.

“I think it’s quite unbelievable when I think about it. It’s only been a little more than half a year, and your business has grown by so much… It looks like I chose the right guy after all.”

She smiled proudly and sounded smug.

“Our Lil Tang is now a big boss and an accomplished citizen!” She said mischievously.

She suddenly stopped walking and looked unblinkingly at Tang Hao. Then, she abruptly leaned forward and kissed him.

Tang Hao wanted to respond, but she chuckled and quickly stepped backward. She looked mischievous while doing that.

Tang Hao could not help it but laugh.

“Sis Xiangyi, now that I’m a big boss, shouldn’t you find someone to take over the clothing factory? You don’t need to work so hard every day.”

Qin Xiangyi was surprised. “Why, you want to be my sugar daddy? That sounds like a good idea!” She said with a smile.

She thought about it for a bit and eventually shook her head. “Nah, I don’t think so. The factory is my life’s work, and I want to see it flourish. Also, if I’m not working, then I’ll be very bored.”

“That’s true!”

Tang Hao nodded and never mentioned it again.

They continued walking hand in hand.

“In the future, not only do I want to expand my factory, but I also want to produce better designs. Have I told you about my dream? I always wanted to create an internationally famous clothing brand…”

She spoke about her ambitions as they continued walking.

Soon, they turned around and walked back.

“Right, Lil Tang, are you free in a few days? Go to River Delta City with me!” She suddenly said.

Tang Hao was surprised. “Why are you going to River Delta City?”

“I’m going there to join a university student gathering… I didn’t want to go at first because, as you should know, nothing much happens at student gatherings. I’m not too close to my classmates in university anyway.”

She furrowed her brows and looked disgusted.

“The person who had called for the gathering was my rival back in university. She doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her either. We don’t talk much. That gives me less motivation to go.”

Tang Hao understood after she said that.

Tang Hao did not enjoy going to student gatherings either, unless he had very good friends there.

When he went to the junior high school gathering, he found that most of his classmates had become snobbish. Moreover, Sis Xiangyi’s classmates graduated from university and found jobs.

After working in society for several years, people tend to become materialistic.

“Her name is Yan Lili,” Qin Xiangyi continued, “She’s very rich, and her father is a billionaire! She’s the typical rich daughter of a wealthy family. She is quite beautiful, which made her arrogant and petty.

“Back then, I was the beauty queen in the university. She was envious of that and was always trying to pick fights with me. I usually ignored her.

“She organized the gathering this time in her family mansion. She’s been bragging in the chat group about how she married a great husband. You can’t tell how cringeworthy that was.

“That’s why I’ve changed my mind. I want to bring you there to bring her down a notch! You don’t have any other plans, right?”

She looked at Tang Hao with sparkling eyes.

“No! Of course I don’t!” Tang Hao shook his head.

“That settles it! We’ll leave for River Delta City in five days. We can have a vacation there too!”

She grinned and held Tang Hao’s hand. There was a spring in her step as they continued walking.

It was eleven o’clock when they returned to Beyond Heavens Restaurant. The restaurant was closed for the day, and it was quiet all around.

She looked around. “There seems to be no one here…” She mumbled.

She abruptly turned around and looked at Tang Hao with a fetching gaze.

Tang Hao knew that expression too well.

His heart skipped a beat. “Right here?” He blurted.

“What do you think?” She chuckled. She bit her lower lip which made her look more seductive than ever. Evidently, she was in the mood.

Before Tang Hao could reply, she reached out and grabbed Tang Hao’s shirt collar, pulled him over, and kissed him intensely.

‘Holy f*ck! This is too intense!’ Tang Hao thought.

The couple went into the car.

The car shook rhythmically, though whatever happened inside shall be left to the reader’s imagination. An unknown amount of time passed before the car stopped shaking. Tang Hao got up, tidied his clothes, and started driving home.

The next morning, Tang Hao went to Dragonrock Village.

The construction at Dragonrock Village had been going on for a month. Concrete houses were built on both sides of the wide asphalt road. After they crossed the river, he saw that the village council building had been torn down and rebuilt.

He chatted for a while with the village elder, then went deep into the mountains to collect sap from the Liquor Tree.

He brought many oak barrels. Once they were filled, they could sustain the liquor factory for two or three months.

The liquor factory started operations three days later.

Tang Hao went to attend the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, preparations for the formation of Haotian Group had begun.

The next day, Tang Hao brought Sis Xiangyi to the high-speed rail station and traveled to River Delta City.

River Delta City was nicknamed ‘the Magical Capital’. It was Huaxia’s economic nexus. The city was a lot more prosperous and crowded than Provincial City of Province Z.

Tang Hao looked at his surroundings with childish curiosity after they arrived at River Delta City. It was the same expression when he first stepped into Provincial City.

Qin Xiangyi was familiar with the place. After all, she had stayed there during her four years in university.

They had left Province Z in the morning, and it was only noon when they arrived at River Delta City. They walked along the streets to take in the bustle of River Delta City.

In the evening, they returned to the hotel to prepare for the gathering.

Tang Hao changed into a suit and leather shoes. He also wore a watch and tidied his hair, which made him look like a noble.

Qin Xiangyi changed into a black bareback evening gown and a pair of crystal high heels. She wore a pair of jade bracelets on her fair wrists.

She also wore a jade necklace, which elevated her beauty and charm.

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