The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 3868

Chapter 3868: The Ziwei sect wavering in wind and rain

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“Not bad!”

Tang Hao was quite satisfied after he entered green bamboo peak and walked around.

The scenery on this peak was beautiful, and the architectural style on it was simple and elegant, which deeply impressed him.

Sect master Xu and the others left quickly.

He simply cleaned and decorated the place.

In the palace on the mountain peak, he set up a few more layers of formations.


He sat down in the hall and looked around. He was the only one in the huge Palace, which seemed cold and cheerless.

“Let’s refine the corpse first!”

After a while, he shook his head and composed himself.

Ancestor corpse and the nine-colored creature were still being suppressed by him. They had to be refined to death first. If they caused trouble in the future or even broke out of the seal, it would be bad.

Moreover, if he refined and devoured them, his strength would increase by a lot.

With a thought, the great formation in the hall was activated, isolating it from the outside world.

Then, he summoned the divine Ice Mountain and started to refine ancestor corpse the same way he had done to ancestor Qi.

Compared to Qi ancestor, corpse ancestor’s strength was a lot stronger, and it was also harder to refine.

However, this was not a problem for him, it would just take a little more time.

Time passed by without him knowing.

At first, that ancestor corpse was still full of vigor and kept cursing, but gradually, he stopped speaking and lost the strength to curse. Following that, his aura gradually weakened.

In the end, he was completely refined to death like Qi zu.

Tang Hao first seized the eternal divine fire and devoured it. Then, he absorbed all the essence from the corpse.

The last item was a nine-colored divine crystal.

“As expected of the essence of the ancestor’s flesh and blood!”

He opened his eyes after he finished absorbing the energy and exclaimed in admiration.

The essence of corpse ancestor’s blood and flesh was several times stronger than Qi ancestor ‘s.

“My cultivation base has increased by a level, and my physical body has improved even more …”

He looked inside himself and couldn’t help but smile in joy.

One corpse ancestor had increased his fighting strength by a large margin.

Now, even without using the divine spear of darkness, he could easily defeat ancestor God white bone and the others. He could take on two or even three of them without a problem.

“Among the ancestral gods, I should be considered somewhat powerful. However, there are many people in the ancestral continent. There must be many old monsters that are close to the divine King realm. Compared to them, I’m still lacking.”

“However, I have The Dark Divine spear and the divine rune of ancestor frost. I can protect myself even if I encounter such an old monster.”

“I won’t refine the remaining one for the time being. I’ll go out and take a look first.”

After a short rest, he removed the formation and walked out of the palace.

“Who’s this guy?”

“I’ve never seen him before!”

He left green bamboo peak and walked around casually. On the way, he met many disciples, and they were all surprised to see him.

“Ya! Elder Qin!”

A divine light was passing by in the sky, but it suddenly stopped.

The divine light fell and turned into a graceful figure. It was Fang qingrou.

“It’s elder Fang!”

Tang Hao cupped his hands and smiled warmly.

“What’s wrong? did something happen?”

He asked after observing her expression.

At this moment, elder Fang’s expression was not very good, as if something had happened. There was a deep worry hidden between his brows.

Fang qingrou smiled bitterly.

“Elder Qin, you don’t know! Many things have happened in the sect during your five years of seclusion …”

“It’s been five years!”

Tang Hao was surprised.

He had thought that it would only be three or four years.

“Yup! You’ve been in closed-door cultivation for five whole years!”

Fang qingrou said with a bitter smile.

He went into closed-door cultivation on the first day he entered the sect. This elder Qin was really a talent. Furthermore, he went into closed-door cultivation for five years. Many elders in the sect were very dissatisfied with this.

“I really didn’t pay much attention. I just refined some treasures. I didn’t expect it to be so long ago.”

Tang Hao smiled.

“AI! In the past five years, we’ve lost quite a few properties, and we’ve lost quite a number of disciples. We’ve also lost quite a few elders, and just a while ago, one of them died. ” Fang qingrou shook her head and sighed.

“Is the situation that bad?”

Tang Hao furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s all because the Zi Wei sect doesn’t have the support of the patriarch, so they’re all unscrupulous! Which of the surrounding forces doesn’t want to get involved? they want to cut a piece of meat from us. ”

Fang qingrou said helplessly.

Now that the sect’s situation was deteriorating by the day, the People’s hearts had also begun to disperse.

“Old ancestor, he … Still hasn’t made any moves?”

Tang Hao asked.

“No, I didn ‘t! Otherwise, those people wouldn’t be jumping around like this. ”

Fang qingrou said dejectedly.

“This is troublesome.”

Tang Hao furrowed his brows.

For a power like the Ziwei sect, the ancestor God was the backbone. Without the backbone, the sect would easily fall apart and then completely decline.

The elders couldn’t be blamed for running away. After all, the sect was already in such a state, but the old ancestor still hadn’t come out. This meant that his injuries were very serious. No one knew when he would come out. If he came out after a few hundred years or even a thousand years, it would be too late.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

He said solemnly.

He felt bad for staying here for five years in vain.

“This … I’m fine for now.”

Fang qingrou thought for a moment and shook her head.

With the current situation, he really couldn’t help much. As long as he could stay in the sect and not secretly run away, that would be enough.

“Alright, if there’s anything, you can contact me.”

Tang Hao took out his communication jade talisman and handed it over.


Fang qingrou took it, said goodbye, and left.

“The situation doesn’t look good!”

Tang Hao looked around and sighed.


The current Zi Wei sect was truly wavering in the wind and rain. Although it wasn’t completely destroyed, it was inevitable that it would decline.

He walked around casually and returned to green bamboo peak.

After activating the formation and isolating the aura, he took out his own gods Palace and went in to take a look.

Over the years, the immortal world in the gods Palace had changed a lot. Countless true immortals had emerged, and there were even many golden Immortals and zenith heavens Immortals.

“Not bad!”

He looked around and was quite satisfied.

In this immortal world, there were 100000 of his avatars, the demons and ferocious beasts that he had gathered from all over the world, and countless humans that had moved here from the endless planes.

In terms of scale, it was no smaller than the Tianhuang immortal world.

As long as they continued to develop, they would one day completely surpass the immortal world of Tianhuang.

After leaving the gods Palace, he entered the herb garden.

There was a large number of primogenitor divine herbs planted in the herb garden. Under the care of Xianyun, they were growing well.

The primogenitor divine medicine and the primogenitor divine weapon were the currency used by half-ancestors and ancestral realm cultivators on the primogenitor continent. They were very useful.

After looking around, he returned to the hall, took out the nine-colored creature, and began to refine it.

The strength of this creature was slightly weaker than that of the corpse ancestor, so it was much easier to refine.

After refining it for more than three years, he had completely refined it and then devoured it.

When he came out of seclusion and went out to take a look, he found that the Ziwei sect’s situation had worsened. In a short three years, two more elders had run away, and even some disciples had run away. The sect was already in a state of panic.

As for the old ancestor, there was still no sign of him coming out of seclusion.

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