The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 539 - Meeting Ling Wei

Chapter 539: Meeting Ling Wei

Tang Hao stood there, in a daze.

He watched the car drive away and disappear from view before he turned around.

Cao Fei and the others walked up to him while winking and flashing perverted grins.

“Who’s that Dongying beauty, Brother Hao? Last night did you two… you know?”

“Wow, you’re so blessed, Tang Hao! You’ve scored yourself a Dongying chick, and she’s even paying you for your company. Don’t tell me that you’re hustling? Let me see how much it is for one night with you…”

They leaned close to look at the check. Their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they saw the number.

“Fif… fifteen million?” Cao Fei spoke with a trembling voice.

“And… it’s Mer… Merrican dollars too!’ Another boy stammered. He was utterly shocked.

They had never seen that much money in their lives before!

“Bro… Brother Hao, how many times did you make her come last night? Five? Seven? Ten?” Cao Fei swallowed hard and asked.

His gaze toward Tang Hao was filled with admiration.

In his mind, Tang Hao must be extremely resilient in bed, which was why he managed to get so much money from that woman.

‘That’s right. Tang Hao isn’t a mundane person. He’s the one who invented Masculine Wind Aphrodisiac and Vitality Sports Drink. People call him the leader of the Masculine Wind Cult, and he has a following of millions on the Internet.

‘Such a man must be a champion in bed too. No, perhaps he is a god in bed.’

He wanted to kowtow to him immediately so that Tang Hao could guide him on the path of Masculine Wind.

“You’re amazing! Truly amazing!”

“You’re a real man, Brother Hao! You’re my idol! Don’t worry, I won’t let Bingyao or Beauty Queen Shi know. ”

The other people also had respectful expressions on their faces.

‘I didn’t know some women are willing to pay fifteen million dollars for one night. That’s amazing!

‘How amazing is Brother Hao’s prowess in bed?’

Tang Hao rolled his eyes and kept the check away. “What are you thinking? Nothing happened. This is a donation for a charity foundation,” he said exasperatedly.

“Tch!” Cao Fei and the others obviously did not believe it.

The beautiful woman had specifically mentioned that she was very satisfied last night, and she had kissed him in front of everyone. Even an idiot could tell what happened.

The money must have been paid for services rendered.

Tang Hao felt guilty. He had indeed sold his body for fifteen million dollars.

“I’ll be leaving now!”

Tang Hao waved at his friends and hurriedly left.

“Hey, don’t leave yet, Brother Hao! Teach me how to become just like you!”

“I want to be your disciple, Brother Hao!”

Cao Fei and the others shouted behind him.

Tang Hao took a bus back to his apartment. He opened his fridge and saw that there were no ingredients inside. He prepared to go to the wet market so that he could make soup and roast griffin meat.

His phone started ringing when he was at the entrance. He was shocked to see that it was from Ling Wei.

His emotions were in a muddle.

His relationship with Ling Wei was rather peculiar. After all, they had lived under the same roof for some time, and they even made out in bed once.

He hesitated for a while and eventually picked up the phone.

The other end of the phone was silent, as though she was thinking of what to speak.

“Is there anything?” Tang Hao said.

“Are you free tonight?” Ling Wei said hesitantly.

“I’m free. What’s up?”

“Can you… come and pick me up?” She requested.

“Oh!” Tang Hao hesitated for a while and eventually agreed to it.

“Um… well… I’m sorry for the last time that I didn’t get to meet you. I was really busy meeting with an important client. It’s not that I didn’t want to see you,” she said apologetically.

“I know. Uncle Ming told me!” Tang Hao said.

“Oh!” She replied softly.

Then, there was some silence.

“I’ll come over now?” Tang Hao said.


After the call ended, Tang Hao went out of his house, rode on his A8, and drove toward Tai An Plaza.

It was almost six o’clock in the evening. The sky was getting dark.

He saw several luxury cars parked outside of the building, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other expensive models.

A handsome young man stood in front of each car. They wore perfume, dressed trendily, and sported impeccable hairstyles.

They carried flowers in their hands — not one or two stalks, but entire bouquets of roses. Some were also holding presents in their hands.

They looked as though they were waiting for someone to come out from the building entrance.

Tang Hao was shocked when he saw the scene.

‘Don’t tell me they’re all waiting for President Ling?

‘That should be it. They’re all born from rich families. There’s only one woman in the entire building that would catch their attention.’

At that moment, he understood why Ling Wei had requested him to pick her up.

Tang Hao slowly drove over, parked his car next to the row of luxury sports cars, and got out.

The young men turned and looked condescendingly at Tang Hao and his car.

“Go away. Where did this poor kid come from?”

“That’s right, it’s only an Audi A8. How dare he park his car next to us? Doesn’t he know any shame?”

Tang Hao shot them a cold glance and ignored them.

“Hey, kid, I’m talking about you! Are you deaf?” A tall young man in a dark blue suit pointed a finger at Tang Hao and yelled impatiently.

Tang Hao ignored him, which frustrated him a lot.

“F*ck! He’s pretending to be deaf!” He yelled.

“Not only he’s deaf, but he’s also blind! I don’t think he knows who we are!” A bookish-looking young man in gold-rimmed spectacles said coldly.

Tang Hao ignored them all. He took out his phone and sent Ling Wei a text message.

“Never mind, just ignore him. We don’t have to stoop to his level!” One of them said.

The young man in the blue suit glared at Tang Hao and smirked coldly. “Who are you waiting for, kid? You’re only driving an A8. She must be some unrefined woman.

“Don’t you know who we’re waiting for today? Let me tell you, she’s the president of the company that owns this building. She’s Ling Wei, the famous beautiful woman of Provincial City. Whoever you might be waiting for, there’s no comparison to her.”

He smirked after saying that.

“Tch, don’t be so proud of yourself, Chang! President Ling will definitely not ride in your car. She must like gentle and knowledgeable men, like me,” the bookish-looking young man said derisively.

“Nonsense! President Ling wouldn’t like sissies like you. She definitely likes tall, handsome, and masculine men like me,” the man in the blue suit huffed.

“Ha! We’ll see then!” The bookish man said.

Tang Hao tried hard not to burst out laughing. His eyes flashed with cunning, and he opened his mouth.

“Say, that President Ling, is she very pretty?”

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