The Miracle Doctor’s Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 1266: Ending (3)

Chapter 1266: Ending (3)

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“Hurry up and get rid of this scourge. What are you still hesitating for? Are you afraid that Yan Xiaosi will be sad? Why would she be sad? You’re doing this for her own good. He can’t enter the cycle of reincarnation and can’t take care of her forever, but you can.”

The Holy Master’s sword stabbed at the Demon Lord.

Yan Xiaosi suddenly opened her eyes. “Brother Zhou Jin!”

Even she was shocked when she called him Brother Zhou Jin. The Holy Master’s body suddenly stopped, but it was too late to retract his sword. Yan Xiaosi turned around and pounced in front of the Demon Lord to block this sword for him.

However, the sword did not stab into her body. The moment she pounced over and hugged the Demon Lord, he woke up. He hugged her soft waist and turned around, flattening her on the soft grass. However, the sword pierced through his chest from his back.

Yan Xiaosi shouted, “Brother Xiao Zhao—”

Blood splattered on the Holy Master’s face. The Holy Master suddenly came back to his senses. He looked at Xiao Zhao, who had fallen into Yan Xiaosi’s arms, and then at the sword in his hand. His vision darkened and he fell to the ground.

Yan Xiaosi’s blood surged, and the dragon soul seized the opportunity to stir in the sea of stars. In the end, Yan Xiaosi also fainted.

In the end, the newly appointed demon passageway had someone pass through it. That person was very annoying. After ascending for a while, he actually wanted to go back and even brought three people with him.

It was its first day having someone pass through his passage. How could it withstand four people passing through its body at the same time?

Then, that person left two red eggs for it.

What f*cking red eggs!

When the Demon Lord woke up, he found himself lying on an unfamiliar bed with Yan Xiaosi sleeping beside him. The ancient dragon soul in Yan Xiaosi’s body had already been suppressed by the aura of the Longevity Technique. When she woke up, she could slowly digest it herself.

Why was there a Longevity Technique? The Demon Lord was shocked. Then, he realized that his injuries had also recovered. He sat up strangely and saw Sect Master Lin and his subordinates guarding the bed.

Needless to say, the identity of the demonic cultivator had already been exposed, but the Holy Sect actually did not deal with him. Seeing that he had woken up, the demonic cultivator heaved a sigh of relief. He took a step forward and said, “Demon Lord! You’re finally awake! You scared me to death!”

Sect Master Lin also took a step forward. He opened his mouth but hesitated, as if he had something to say that was difficult to say.

The Demon Lord let go of Yan Xiaosi’s hand and tucked her in. He asked the

demonic cultivator, “What happened? Why am I back?”

This place was filled with the aura of the Holy Sect. It should be the Holy Sect. However, if he remembered correctly, he had fainted in the upper realm. Not only was he not dead, but he had also returned to the Holy Land?

“It’s a long story. It’s all thanks to Immortal Lord Jiuchao…” The demonic cultivator told him everything about Immortal Lord Jiuchao bringing the three of them back to the Holy Sect from the upper realm. “Immortal Lord Jiuchao is so angry! ”

He was angry that the two stinky men had kidnapped his precious daughter, and he was also angry that the Demon Lord had grabbed his daughter’s hand so tightly that he couldn’t break free. If his wife hadn’t stopped him, Immortal Lord Jiuchao would have long chopped off the Demon Lord’s claw.

The Demon Lord cleared his throat awkwardly. “Ahem, I’ll go to the Immortal Sect to apologize after that. By the way, where’s your Holy Master? How’s his mental demon?”

He was asking Sect Master Lin.

In fact, when he was fighting with the cultivators from the mystic realm, the

Demon Lord had already sensed that something was wrong with the Holy Master. However, at that time, he did not think about the mental demon. It was not until the Holy Master stabbed at him that he felt the power of the mental demon.

Who would have thought that the holy master, who was like a Buddha, would also have a mental demon? Once a cultivator had a mental demon, they would have half a foot into the demonic path. Only by killing the mental demon as soon as possible could they return to their own righteous path.

Mental demons were not so easy to kill, but with the Holy Master’s temperament, it should not be a problem. At least, that was what the Demon Lord thought.

However, Sect Master Lin’s expression was a little heavy. The Demon Lord asked strangely, “What’s wrong? Your Holy Master is so powerful, can’t he even kill a mental demon?”

Sect Master Lin said sadly, “It’s not that he can’t be killed, but he’s unwilling

The Holy Master’s inner demon… was Zhou Jin.

When everyone found out that the Holy Master had reincarnated, they did not take this life seriously. The Holy Master had lived for more than ten thousand years, so how could he change for a mere eleven or twelve years? This was simply insignificant and could be completely cut off.

The Holy Master probably thought so too. He forcefully suppressed everything that belonged to Zhou Jin. He thought that as time passed, he would be able to treat Zhou Jin less and less seriously until… he became his inner demon.

This was the Holy Master’s love tribulation. Killing the mental demon could sever the love tribulation. But he was unwilling to do so.

Between the Holy Master and Zhou Jin, he chose the latter.

“You mean… he became a mental demon? How could he fall to the demonic path? Does he not care about the life and death of the holy land…” The Demon Lord was halfway through his sentence when he felt an unfamiliar and huge power surge out.

For the first time in his life, he comprehended the Six Dao Reincarnations. The demons could not sense reincarnation. They were people who were blocked by reincarnation. Unless… he had the power of reincarnation on him, but how was this possible? His eyes widened in disbelief. “This is…”

Sect Master Lin nodded with reddened eyes. “It’s the power of a Holy Master.”

“Holy Master, are you really going to do this?” Sect Master Lin remembered kneeling down and begging him.

The Holy Master said, “He’s the fusion of the Holy Demon. He can withstand the power of the Demon Soul and can also accommodate the power of the Holy Master. Perhaps it’s predestined. Otherwise, why would he appear so suitable? He’s destined to become the true Master of the Shengze, unify the Holy Land and the Nine Prefectures Demon Domain, and save me from my sea of suffering.”

Sect Master Lin cried at that time. “How can you say that you’re in a sea of bitterness? Could it be that after so many years…

The Holy Master looked at the distant sky and smiled easily. “After so many years, I’ve only been truly happy when I was Zhou Jin.”

It was as if he didn’t know what he was giving up. He abandoned his status as a Holy Master and became a mental demon. He no longer had an afterlife. He used his lifetimes to help Xiao Zhao achieve his lifetimes.

“Where is he?”

“He left,” Sect Master Lin said.

Xiao Zhao lifted the blanket and got off the bed. He quickly walked to the bed and looked at the blue sky. He seemed to see Zhou Jin.

Zhou Jin turned around and smiled at him. “You can’t just take care of her for one lifetime..

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