The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

Chapter 1429 - Spending Seconds Like Years

Chapter 1429: Spending Seconds Like Years

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The man subconsciously gulped as he stared intently at the apple and water in Fangzheng’s hand.

Finally, the man could not take it any longer. He suddenly rushed forward and shouted, “You bumped into me. You have to compensate me with these items! Give me these to make up for the money!”

When Hua Yue saw this, she panicked and was about to shout something.

The monk slowly pulled out a small knife from behind him.

When the man saw this, he immediately stood rooted to the ground and stopped moving.

Fangzheng smiled. “Patron, what are you doing? Are you robbing?”

The man looked at the knife in Fangzheng’s hand and nodded. “You are ruthless. You are ruthless!”

With that said, the man quickly ran back to the motorcycle and unwrapped a long black cloth bag hanging in front of it. He took out two watermelon knives and with one hand, he turned around suddenly. “Bald Donkey, using a small knife to scare your grandpa? I’ll show you what a big knife is!”

When he shouted, he turned around and was dumbfounded!

The monk was holding a ten-meter long saber in his hand as he chuckled at him. “Patron, what’s a big knife?”

The man opened his mouth but did not say a word. He really could not figure out where the monk had obtained such a long saber!

Fangzheng added, “Patron, what do you want to do with those two knives?”

As he spoke, Fangzheng brandished the saber in his hand. By the side, a tree had been chopped off…

The man only felt his legs turn soft… Ten-meter long saber. How heavy was that? A tree that was as thick as a bowl was split into two… If it were to hit him? The man instantly broke out in cold sweat…

Fangzheng continued asking, “Patron, answer me.”

The man hurriedly said, “Master… I don’t mean anything else. I just want you to see my watermelon knife and show you how to cut fruits.”

Fangzheng nodded. “Very good. Help This Penniless Monk peel an apple.”

Therefore, the man walked over bitterly and peeled an apple for Fangzheng.

As a result, on a usually deserted village road, a car was parked there. A man’s eyes nearly rolled back because of the sun. He even had to peel an apple for the monk beside him… He licked his lips greedily but was helpless.

An hour later…

The man was really unable to withstand the heat. He gulped his saliva and felt his throat burn with pain…

Finally, the man said, “Master, I don’t want the money… You are impressive. Since you can endure it and you came prepared, I submit… I’m leaving… alright?”

With that said, the man got up, ran to the motorcycle, got on it, started the engine, and revved… But…

“What’s going on? Why is the tank empty?” the man exclaimed in despair.

“Patron, it looks like it’s Heaven’s will. Why don’t you stay and have a chat?” The monk’s irritating voice sounded.

The man turned back to look at the monk before looking at himself. He then looked at the motorcycle… Thinking back on all the unbelievable things he had just experienced, he felt a little creeped out…

The man returned and asked, “Master, how should I address you?”

“This Penniless Monk is Fangzheng. What about you?”

“Oh, Fangzheng… Fang… F**k, Fangzheng!?” the man suddenly exclaimed.

“Patron, is there a problem?”

“No… You… You are the one from northeast China? That Fangzheng who ascended?” The man suppressed his panic and asked.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. He’s not. If that Fangzheng from the northeast were here, you would have long been thrown to hell!” said Hua Yue.

When the man heard that, it seemed to make sense. However, when he recalled what he had experienced just now, he really felt that things weren’t right…

Hua Yue did not see Fangzheng take out a ten-meter-long saber. It was all an illusion created by Fangzheng using A Golden Millet Dream. Only the man could see it.

However, Hua Yue was also curious. The man had taken out a knife to posture. But in just a second, he came over obediently to peel an apple for Fangzheng… What was happening?

The more the man looked at Fangzheng, the more he felt that the monk was mysterious and unfathomable. The more he thought about it, the more he felt like he had stubbed his toe into a metal… Furthermore, this metal plate was one that had been exposed to the heat of the sun. The monk looked at him like he was a sizzling metal plate for cooking…

“How should you be addressed?” Fangzheng asked the man as he ate an apple.

The man said, “My name is Chen Huachun… Master, can we negotiate? I still have something on, so I have to leave first.”

Fangzheng touched the long saber behind him and said, “Run nine meters first…”

The man looked at Fangzheng’s ten-meter long saber and said in a sobbing tone, “Master, I know I’m wrong. I admit my mistake, alright? Let me go. I… I’m almost dehydrated… The sun is evil. Look at my parched lips…”

Fangzheng shook his head. “Patron, what’s the rush? Aren’t you still alive? If there’s anything, we can talk about it after you die.”

“Die… Talk about it after I die? Master, how do you talk after one is dead?” Chen Huachun asked.

Fangzheng said, “It’s fine. I can speak to the dead. No matter what, don’t be anxious… Don’t you want money? How about this? Let This Penniless Monk give you one yuan for every hour in the sun. Let’s start off with five yuan. How about that?”

“Master… I don’t need money… Let me go…” Chen Huachun almost knelt down.

Fangzheng shook his head. “Leave? How can you do that? Look at how you slammed into the car. Aiya… The front of the car is damaged. How bad are your injuries? Wait a little longer. What if a police car passes by, we can make a report together and get the police to take photos for evidence. We will send you to the hospital for a checkup. Alright?”

“No… Master, there’s no need for anything. I just want to go home…” Chen Huachun began crying.

Fangzheng looked at the sobbing Chen Huachun and said, “Patron, why are you crying? It’s not like you are prohibited from returning home? It’s just basking in the sun and waiting for the police. Isn’t that nice?”

“Why would I want to wait for the police? I was just engaging in racketeering. I don’t want the money anymore. Let me go,” Chen Huachun yelled.

Fangzheng looked silently at Hua Yue. Hua Yue silently took out her cell phone and asked Chen Huachun, “What did you just say?”

Chen Huachun hesitated for a moment…

Fangzheng said, “There’s no rush. Let’s sit a little longer.”

Time ticked by…

Chen Huachun only felt that the sun was becoming more and more scorching. It was so hot that his entire body was burning, and his eyes saw black… He felt that he would die if he didn’t get to drink any water. He needed to think of something. The monk in front of him had begun to blur. Vaguely, he seemed to see Ox-Head and Horse-Face—demons to escort the dead to the underworld—standing behind the monk, smiling at him.

At that instant, Chen Huachun trembled in fear. He jolted and sat up straight. When he looked behind the monk, he saw nothing.

When he looked at the monk again, Chen Huachun found him more and more familiar. He imagined him in a white monk robe… His head was filled with cold sweat.

Silence continued…

However, Chen Huachun realized that the sun was getting worse, and time seemed to be slowing down… Time usually passed quickly, but today, he felt as though every second lasted as long as a year.

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