The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

Chapter 1431 - Squirrel as a Lantern

Chapter 1431: Squirrel as a Lantern

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Fangzheng smiled. “If you want to eat it, just eat it. One per person. Don’t be greedy.”

“Master, let me try it first!” Lone Wolf’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard that. He bit down and when the pill entered his stomach, Lone Wolf’s eyes lit up!

To be precise, it was really bright! The two big eyes seemed to be stuffed with light bulbs as they emitted a golden glow. Wherever his gaze went, it was as if a flashlight was being swept…

“Master, what did you feed Eldest Senior Brother? Why did he turn into a flashlight?” Squirrel covered his mouth as he asked in disbelief.

Fangzheng was also dumbfounded. It was clearly a life-saving medicine, but how did it turn into a flashlight?

At that moment, Lone Wolf suddenly let out a shrill howl that shook the heavens! All the pores on his body emitted beams of light, dyeing the entire wolf golden! The golden light grew brighter as it turned white. The white light illuminated the entire area like it was daytime!

At the same time, Fangzheng smelled a faint fragrance. Just a slight whiff made him feel ethereal! Fangzheng knew that it was the aura emitted from essence energy!

At that moment, Red Boy and Salted Fish charged over. Red Boy exclaimed, “Master, what did you give Eldest Senior Brother?”

Salted Fish widened his eyes and said, “Master, although there’s no electricity on the mountain, there’s no need for you to make such a huge light bulb…”

Fangzheng didn’t have the time to bother with Salted Fish. Instead, he asked Red Boy, “After consuming a pill that can help treat illnesses, it can allow his soul and body to rapidly grow. There won’t be a situation where his soul can’t control his body.”

Red Boy grinned. “No wonder. I can sense that Eldest Senior Brother’s soul is rapidly growing, and his body is growing as well… The pills in his body contain immense essence energy. Master, I have a feeling…”

Fangzheng asked, “What feeling?”

Red Boy said, “Eldest Senior Brother will probably become a spirit!”

When Fangzheng heard that, he said in shock, “Become a spirit? Didn’t you say that one can’t become a spirit on Earth?”

Salted Fish said, “Whether you can become a spirit depends on a combination of factors like the laws of Heaven and Earth, the amount of essence energy, cultivation methods, and others. Although Eldest Senior Brother has never cultivated before, he spends his days in One Finger Monastery, absorbing the Buddhistic aura and the wish forces of all life. He is cleansed by the morning bell and evening drum, and his body has long surpassed the realm of wolves. With this foundation, now that he has eaten such a pill that contains immense essence energy, his soul and body are rapidly growing. Becoming a spirit is very simple…”

Fangzheng subconsciously looked at Squirrel and Monkey. “Does that mean our monastery will have a few more demons?”

Red Boy said with a smile, “Master, you can say that. However, this pill probably only allows them to channel themselves into a spirit. It’s still impossible to transform into a demon.”

As he spoke, Lone Wolf’s body gradually dimmed. Fangzheng realized that Lone Wolf’s silver-white fur had turned whiter!

As for his head, it became one size bigger! When he stood there, Fangzheng sadly realized that his height only reached Lone Wolf’s neck! This meant that Lone Wolf was more than two meters tall!

Her eyes were like bronze bells. He looked around… giving off a silly temperament of a husky.

That’s right. Lone Wolf suddenly realized that he was very tall. He lowered his head and looked at Fangzheng and company. He subconsciously opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. A smug expression hung on his face. Instantly, all his mighty and extraordinary image was destroyed.

When Fangzheng saw this, he felt helpless as well. He tiptoed and extended his head. He sadly realized that he could not reach the dog’s head… Therefore, Fangzheng could only give Lone Wolf a stern kick. Lone Wolf lowered his head in grievance and let Fangzheng touch him.

Only then did Fangzheng put on the look of a master. “Jingfa, you are a wolf. In the future, look more like a wolf. Stop acting cute.”

When Lone Wolf heard that, he immediately raised his arrogant head, looking like he was the most awesome being other than heaven and earth!

He had the air of an alpha wolf…

But at the next moment, Lone Wolf lowered his head and looked at him with a sneaky look. He asked, “Master, is it like that?”

Fangzheng scratched his nose and sighed. “Forget it. That’s all I can expect from you…”

“Wow! Master, Eldest Senior Brother has become so big after taking the pill! So handsome, so cool! Master, I want to eat it too! When I become tall and mighty, I want to rule all the squirrels within a radius of fifty kilometers. I want to be the boss of the squirrel world, the king!” Squirrel exclaimed in excitement.

Fangzheng knocked his head and said, “As a monk, you should hold yourself aloof from the world. How can you be a king?”

Squirrel rubbed his head and said bitterly, “Can’t I have a dream?”

“Alright, cut the crap. Eat it.” Fangzheng handed the pills to Monkey and Squirrel.

As expected, their bodies lit up after they ate…

Especially Squirrel. He was like a tiny sun. When Fangzheng saw this, he thought for a moment and picked up Squirrel by his tail and then leisurely went out.

“Master, where are you going?” Lone Wolf asked out of curiosity.

“To the washroom.”

Lone Wolf asked perplexed, “Then why did you bring Junior Brother?”

Fangzheng said matter-of-factly, “For illumination…”

Lone Wolf: “…”

When Squirrel and Monkey’s golden light dissipated, what surprised Fangzheng was that Monkey did not transform into King Kong. Instead, his body became even more well-proportioned. Standing there, he looked rather human. His fur was smoother and his muscles were extremely strong. When he stood up, he looked about the same size as Fangzheng…

Squirrel did not turn into a super large squirrel as he had expected. Instead, he turned into something that resembled a lightning ferret with a silver-white stripe on his back. However, the lightning ferret looked fat like a tiny ball… It looked cute and adorable.

Fangzheng got Red Boy to test the changes of the three disciples, but…

“Master, I’ll be more direct. With Eldest Senior Brother’s combat strength, he can easily defeat a bunch of tigers by himself without being injured. Second Senior Brother’s speed can easily beat a cheetah. He can even chase after birds… His claws and teeth are as sharp as metal. Third Senior Brother is the most balanced, but his strength seems to have greatly increased.” When Red Boy said this, Fangzheng looked at Monkey, who was carrying a five-meter by three-meter rock and throwing it around for fun. He sighed and said, “I feel like there’s nothing normal in our monastery…”

Red Boy: “…”

Fangzheng shook his head and said, “Alright, since everything is fine, I’m relieved.”

With that said, Fangzheng walked into the temple hall and sat on a mat. He secretly contacted the System and said, “System, exchange for the Heavenly Eye.”

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