The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 4 - I Will Go into Seclusion for Some Time

Chapter 4: I Will Go into Seclusion for Some Time

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Lin Qingzhu was shocked when she woke up again and felt the changes in her body.

Before they came, Liu Qingfeng had introduced to them that among ordinary people, there was a distinction between nobility and commoners. There were also geniuses and trash among cultivators. And the best representation of whether a person had the talent to cultivate was this divine bone.

The Heaven Mending Sect had been established for several thousand years, and only a few dozen geniuses with innate divine bones had appeared. Every one of these geniuses are outstanding individuals amongst the people.

As for divine bones, other than those that they were born with, they could also be obtained with heavenly materials. However, it would cost a great price, therefore, most sects were unwilling to do so.

She really didn’t expect that when she had just entered the sect, Ye Qiu was actually willing to use a Divine Marrow Pill to awaken her divine bone. How could she repay this kindness?


“Thank you for the medicine, Master!” No matter how much she thanked him, it was hard to express the admiration in her heart. Right now, in her heart, Ye Qiu was like a god that stood tall and proud. If she were to follow such a master, why would she worry about not being able to take revenge? Why would she worry about not having a bright future?

“Alright, get up!” Ye Qiu lightly said when she looked at the kneeling Lin Qingzhu. “Three months from now, it will be the Heaven Mending Sect’s once every sixty years Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. As the eldest disciple of Violet Cloud Peak, I hope you can get a good ranking in three months and fight for our Violet Cloud Peak’s reputation.” Ye Qiu said calmly.

A day ago, he did not dare to think about attending the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting, but now…

Hehe, with this Ten-thousand-fold Return System, what else was impossible? Just wait. Three months was enough!

“Don’t worry, Master. I definitely won’t embarrass Violet Cloud Peak.” Lin Qingzhu said firmly. How could she disappoint her master when her master valued this Seven Peaks Martial Meeting so much? No matter what price she had to pay, she had to take back the first place of the seven peaks and fight for Violet Cloud Peak’s reputation.

She might still have felt some pressure if it was before. But now, the Mystical Ice Bone in her body was constantly replenishing her strength, so her confidence soared. She had not forgotten the humiliation that Qi Wuhui had given to them in the Jade Pure Hall.

This time, no matter what, she had to prove to them that Violet Cloud Peak wasn’t completely useless.

“Very good!” Ye Qiu looked at her with satisfaction and continued, “You have awakened your divine bones and entered the first level of Qi Mastery realm on your own. You don’t need to feel the Qi anymore.”

As he spoke, he took out a book from behind his back and handed it to her. “This book is my Violet Cloud Peak’s heritage cultivation technique, the Violet Cloud Treasure Tome.

“You only need to learn how to circulate the Qi according to the content in the book. If you have any questions, ask me.”

“I understand.” Lin Qingzhu accepted the Violet Cloud Treasured Tome as if it was a precious treasure. This was the first step on her path to immortality.

After that, Ye Qiu taught her some basic knowledge as well as some professional terms to prevent her from not understanding the secret manual.

“Alright! Go back and rest. From tomorrow onwards, you have to do your introspection from dawn on the Wangduan Cliff. You have to do three assignments a day. Don’t waste your time. When your cultivation reaches the Black Finger realm, I’ll teach you the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship…”

“I will remember this.”

Ye Qiu waved his hand and continued to say, “I will be in seclusion for a few days. You cannot advance rashly if you encounter any questions in your cultivation that you don’t understand. I will naturally answer them for you when I come out of seclusion.”

“Master, feel free to go into seclusion. I will definitely not neglect my homework and cultivate diligently.”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

With that, Lin Qingzhu left the training hall and returned to her wooden hut. She couldn’t wait to open the Violet Cloud Treasured Tome, wishing to see the profoundness of the immortal techniques within.

In just a few minutes, she was able to control the Qi in her body. She was surprised.

“This divine bone actually has such miraculous effects? Unbelievable. I never thought that Master would be willing to pay such a great price to help me awaken my divine bones. No matter what, I absolutely cannot disappoint Master’s expectations of me. I must cultivate diligently and strive to obtain a good ranking in the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting three months from now.”

After making up her mind, Lin Qingzhu immediately entered a cultivation state. She did not wait for tomorrow. What she wanted to do the most now was to break through to the Black Finger realm as soon as possible and give her master a surprise when he came out of seclusion.

At this moment, Ye Qiu had already left the training hall and entered the mountain cave. This cave was a special training ground for Violet Cloud Peak. In Ye Qiu’s memory, his master spent most of his life in this cave. Right now, he also wanted to come here. After all, this place was extremely quiet, no one would be disturbing him, it is extremely suitable for seclusion.

As soon as Ye Qiu entered the cave and closed the door, he impatiently said, “System, activate Return.”


[You imparted the Violet Cloud Divine Art to your disciple and triggered the Critical Hit Return. Do you want to activate it?]


[Congratulations, host. You have triggered a critical hit of ten thousand folds. You have obtained a God-grade cultivation technique, a True Primordial Record.]

“Gasp… God-grade! D*mn, I’m really rich now.”

In less than a moment, a pile of bone text diagrams and obscure scriptures surged into his mind.

[Do you want to learn?]


In less than a moment, Ye Qiu had already learned that obscure scripture. He needed to slowly comprehend its profundities and then he could completely grasp it. Coincidentally, if he consumed this Immortal Marrow Pill, he might be able to break through the Black Finger realm and directly reach the Celestial realm.

Ye Qiu let out a deranged laugh after he took out the Immortal Marrow Pill that the system had just gifted. “Hehe, I’m going to eat you. Don’t worry, I’m very gentle.”

With a single gulp, that enormous power instantly merged into Ye Qiu’s body. In a moment, his body was filled with immortal power, almost bursting Ye Qiu’s body.

“Holy f*ck! This immortal pill is so powerful. I was careless.”

As expected, he still had to take things one step at a time. He had to pay a heavy price if he wanted to reach the heavens in a single step. Ye Qiu was currently paying this price.

The power of the immortal pill reverberated throughout his limbs and bones. Blood quickly dyed his clothes red. Ye Qiu’s expression was extremely painful.

After washing away all the impurities in his body, his immortal power surged into the prefecture sea and formed a lotus flower deep within it.

Ye Qiu was shocked when he saw this scene. He was not a noob like Lin Qingzhu who knew nothing about cultivation. When he saw this flower, he instantly understood what it meant.

“Flower of Great Dao!”

“Natural Dao Body!”

If divine bones were said to be one in a million physiques, then… an innate Dao Body was one in a lifetime. Such a physique could be said to be one of the strongest in the human race.

Ye Qiu never thought that a single Immortal Marrow Pill could actually allow him to awaken his Dao Body. This sort of treatment was something that even a great primordial clan might not be able to achieve after spending the power of a clan.

Ye Qiu was inherently close to the Great Dao with the existence of the Flower of Great Dao. In his eyes, any profound Immortal magic could be seen at a glance. Moreover, this Dao Flower was nourished by heaven and earth and fed back to Ye Qiu, allowing his cultivation to rapidly increase. This ability was not something that the divine bones could compare with.

“I’m rich, I’m rich! I’m really rich this time.”

At this moment, Ye Qiu could no longer remain calm. The power of the Immortal Marrow Pill had yet to dissipate. After forming the Dao Flower, Ye Qiu immediately entered a cultivation state. According to his original expectations, he thought that he could only break through to the Celestial realm at most. But when he saw the residual immortal power in his body,

Ye Qiu fell into deep thought.

“Yes, let’s breakthrough to the Infinite Ditance realm!”

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