The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 753 - 753 I'll Impart You A Hundred Years of Cultivation

Chapter 753 - 753 I'll Impart You A Hundred Years of Cultivation

753 I’ll Impart You A Hundred Years of Cultivation

Ye Qiu instantly became excited when he suddenly thought of this. “Hehe, system!”


[I’m here.]

“Let me see what the limit of imparting cultivation is.”


[Alright, I’m checking for you.] The system’s cold voice sounded.


[Investigation successful. The upper limit of the cultivation you can impart is a million years!]


A million years! What kind of concept was this? Ye Qiu was shocked. However, after a short moment of joy, Ye Qiu suddenly thought of something. If he remembered correctly, the conditions for imparting cultivation were very harsh. Moreover, the cultivation returned was limited.

The number of years of cultivation wasn’t Ye Qiu’s gains after cultivating for a million years, but the talent of ordinary people. Therefore, even if it was a million years, it would not have much cultivation. It would be diluted during the impartation process and transform into the limit of an ordinary person.

This was a very fatal problem. It was also because of this that no one in this world would impart cultivation randomly. This was because even if you imparted 100% of your cultivation, the other party would only receive less than 10% of the cultivation.

The process of imparting cultivation had wasted too much cultivation, making it difficult to accept. However, this wasn’t a big problem for Ye Qiu. In any case, he didn’t lose anything no matter how much he imparted.

“Hehe, let’s do it. Give me ten or a hundred times more. I’ll definitely earn it.” In any case, Ye Qiu wouldn’t lose out no matter what. He might even become rich in one go. Who knew?

“Big Brother, what are you thinking? You’re smiling so wretchedly.” Bai Junlin asked honestly when he saw Ye Qiu laughing. He had never seen Ye Qiu laugh like this before and suddenly felt a little terrified.

“Get lost!” Ye Qiu said angrily and scolded Bai Junlin away. How could this silly kid know what he was going to do? He only knew how to cause trouble.

However, on second thought, this kid had worked hard to follow him all the way here. It was time to think about how to compensate him. How should he put it? He really didn’t take in this underling for nothing. If there was anything, he would be the first to do it. He was very loyal.

Bai Junlin’s current cultivation did not have much of a problem. His strength was considered an outstanding existence among the younger generation. However, his methods were a little lacking. Other than the inherited precious technique, he did not have any powerful ultimate moves.

That was why he lost to Ye Feng last time. This blow had a huge impact on him. Although he was heartless all day, his thoughts were actually very heavy. He still could not accept the reality of his defeat and was in a daze all day.

“Hmm… I’ll study a set of supreme saint Dao techniques for him later.” Ye Qiu thought about it carefully. He would solve Yaya’s problem first and then solve his problem later.

In any case, Ye Qiu didn’t lack powerful secret techniques. Be it fire techniques, lightning techniques, sword techniques, Dao techniques, Ye Qiu had everything.

“Wait, lightning technique?” Speaking of lightning techniques, Ye Qiu suddenly remembered that the Bai Ze Clan was born with lightning techniques. They were born with the Heavenly Lightning Domain and were extremely aggressive Immortal Ancient ferocious beasts.

And Ye Qiu happened to have a Supreme Holy Lightning Technique, Divine Punishment! Why not teach him this heaven-defying lightning technique? If he combined it with his origin lightning technique, there might be a different heaven-defying change.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu immediately made up his mind and did it. However, before that, he had to settle Yaya’s matter.

“Alright! Disciple, your current cultivation has already reached a bottleneck. If you want to break through again, you can only take another step forward by comprehending or encountering an opportunity in the world.

“However, there aren’t many such opportunities. There are still two years before the Heaven Mending Grand Competition begins. We don’t have much time left.”

Hearing this, Yaya’s heart tightened and she felt uneasy. She knew very well that she represented the Violet Cloud lineage and fought for the honor of her sect. Therefore, she could not lose in the competition no matter what. Be it for her, her master, or her sect, she could not lose.

Therefore, she began to feel nervous when she heard that she still had two years. Currently, she has only reached the Martial Monarch realm. If she wanted to take a step forward, two years was comparable to ascending to the heavens.

“Master, what should I do?” Yaya began to panic. She did not want to embarrass her master and her sect because of her poor performance. The determination to become stronger gradually spread in her heart and became stronger.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu smiled in satisfaction. He wanted to remind Yaya at all times to make her nervous and uneasy, making her not dare to relax and want to become stronger all the time. Only then could she grow up the fastest.

“There’s no other way. Looks like I can only do this.” Ye Qiu pretended to be troubled. After a while, he said, “Disciple, sit properly. Today, I will impart a million years of cultivation to help you become an immortal.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere instantly fell silent.

“What! Big Brother, you’re crazy. A million years of cultivation?” Before Yaya could react, Bai Junlin was the first to panic. “Now is the time for you to exert strength. The era of great competition is about to arrive. As a forward, every bit of your cultivation is incomparably precious. How can you easily impart your cultivation? Those people are watching you from behind. Once you fall behind, they will catch up. At that time, how can you maintain your lead?”

Bai Junlin’s reaction was extremely intense. As Ye Qiu’s most loyal follower, he valued Ye Qiu’s cultivation even more than Ye Qiu. Once a million years of cultivation was imparted, Ye Qiu’s cultivation would definitely plummet. At that time, the latecomers would definitely catch up. How could Ye Qiu maintain his lead?

In his heart, Ye Qiu was an invincible existence. He wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

Yaya panicked even more. She did not know what imparting cultivation meant at all, but after hearing Bai Junlin’s words, she deeply understood how much imparting cultivation would affect her master.

She hurriedly shook her head and refused. She cried and said, “Master, you’ve already treated me well enough. You can’t waste your cultivation for me. Even if such cultivation can make me become an immortal, I will probably have to spend her life in guilt. I can’t accept it.”

Yaya lost control of her emotions. She did not expect her master to be willing to sacrifice his cultivation for her. This showed how much he did for her. She was extremely touched. However, how could she accept it? Her master treated her so well. If she still accepted it with a clear conscience, wouldn’t she be an ingrate?

Yaya could not be more grateful to her master for his kindness. How could she hurt her master?

Seeing their intense reaction, Ye Qiu smiled in relief. He could tell what true love was and what fakeness was. Be it Bai Junlin or Yaya, they objected from the bottom of their hearts. However, you have no choice but to agree. How can I trap the children if you don’t agree? This won’t do! I’ve waited so long to become rich with this wave.

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