The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 912 - 912 Immortal Slayer Divine Sword

Chapter 912 - 912 Immortal Slayer Divine Sword

912 Immortal Slayer Divine Sword

As the Immortal Slayer Sword fused into the Qiankun Cauldron, Ye Qiu instantly formed a hand seal. In an instant, a noble power erupted. It was baptized with the Red Lotus True Fire and instantly fused into the cauldron. With a loud bang, rolling flames burned.

In an instant, a shocking murderous aura erupted from the cauldron. It was the murderous aura of the Immortal Slayer.

“What a shocking murderous aura!” With a cry of surprise, a beautiful figure landed beside Lin Qingzhu. “Mistress?”

Lin Qingzhu was slightly stunned. She did not expect her mistress’s cultivation to be so unfathomable that she could appear behind her without anyone knowing. After carefully sensing it, she could feel a gentle aura from her mistress. It was completely different from her master’s righteous aura.

This was a natural aura that gentled everything, giving people a sense of amiability. She seemed especially holy and inviolable as she stood there. This effect was brought about by the green lotus. Lin Qingzhu naturally didn’t know. She only felt that her mistress had changed.


She was no longer as cold and distant as before. Instead, she had an exceptional influence on those close to her. Not only that, standing beside her gave her a relaxed and happy feeling, as if many principles that she could not figure out in the past had suddenly become clear.

“What a magical realm.” Lin Qingzhu was shocked. She didn’t know what shocking Dharmic Dao her mistress had comprehended that could actually bring such astonishing effects. She stood there as if there was a ball of fog in front of her that she could not see through.

Sensing Lin Qingzhu’s strange gaze, Lian Feng smiled gently and said, “Are you very surprised?”

“Yes.” Lin Qingzhu nodded in confusion.

Lian Feng did not hide anything and said, “There’s no need to be surprised. When you truly comprehend your Dao one day, you can still do it. Clear mental state is the supreme truth of cultivators. Girl, the path of cultivation is not just an increase in cultivation. Cultivating the heart and body is not a mistake. Once you cultivate only one, you might be consigned to eternal damnation. Do you understand?”

After hearing her mistress’s answer, Lin Qingzhu was stunned. She really didn’t expect the cultivation of mental state to be so important. In the past, she thought that it was just a supplementary effect.

Now, she suddenly understood why her master had emphasized many times that they should train their mental state three times a day. It turned out that when one’s cultivation level reached a higher level, their powerful spells often needed an even stronger mental state to be used.

For example, the external realm that could only be grasped above the Dao Sacrificial realm. If one’s mental state was unstable, it was impossible to achieve the external realm.

“Mistress, have you successfully fused with the Dao?” Lin Qingzhu asked curiously.

Lian Feng nodded and said, “Yes, I fused my own technique and used the Green Lotus Dao to implement everything in the world and fuse it into my entire body. What you see is actually the effect of the green lotus.”

After hearing this, Lin Qingzhu finally understood that she knew nothing about these stronger divine powers and spells. Because her cultivation was still shallow and she couldn’t come into contact with it, Ye Qiu didn’t explain it to her.

After answering her doubts, Lian Feng looked at Ye Qiu, who was reconstructing the Immortal Slayer, and asked curiously, “Girl, what is your master doing?”

Lian Feng was very puzzled. She was originally consolidating her cultivation in the hall when she suddenly felt a shocking murderous aura. She thought that a great enemy had invaded, so she rushed over.

Unexpectedly, there was no great enemy at all. This murderous aura was caused by Ye Qiu.

Lin Qingzhu replied, “Mistress, Master is recasting and upgrading the Immortal Slayer Sword.”

“Immortal Slayer?” Lian Feng was stunned when she heard this. She had heard of this sword, but she had never heard that this thing could be upgraded. After hesitating for a while, Lian Feng did not ask. She only said, “As expected of the strongest killing weapon in the world. This shocking murderous aura is even more terrifying than the souls under the Nine Nether.”

Ye Qiu raised his hand and threw all the materials on the ground into the Qiankun Cauldron. “Sacrifice!”

Ye Qiu’s aura changed as he used the vast technique of heaven and earth. He was like a god. At this moment, he had completely entered a magical state. He did not expect to obtain such an unexpected gain from recasting the Immortal Slayer.

As if he had entered a state of selflessness, the thousands of fog in front of him was pushed aside and he saw some rules inside.

“The laws of heaven and earth are implemented without hesitation! Could this be… the order?” Chains locked the darkness in front of Ye Qiu, as if order was waking up in the chaos. Ye Qiu was pleasantly surprised. He could vaguely feel an immortal energy waving at him.

This was a huge breakthrough. If he could master this immortal energy, it would be his greatest improvement. Having an immortal energy and not having an immortal energy were two completely different concepts. The improvement was unimaginable.

This was also why it was said that there was a huge watershed between the Dao Sacrificial realm and the realm above that.

This was a huge gap between humans and immortals.

As long as Ye Qiu grasped immortal energy, he would be reborn. All the blood in his body right now had entered a boiling state and had obtained a huge increase under the baptism of the immortal energy.

“This feeling is too violent! Haha!” Ye Qiu was overjoyed. The moment this Immortal Slayer Sword that he had eliminated was recast, its murderous aura from its source erupted and it entered a state of loss of control.

It was unexpected that Ye Qiu accidentally entered this magical state. When he saw the order in the chaos, it was as if a new world had opened.

Although he might not be able to completely master an immortal energy this time, he had gained something because he already had the embryonic form of an immortal energy. Furthermore, it was the highest level of power of order. It was the dominator and it was irresistible. It represented annihilation and new life.

“Merge!” With another cold snort, he activated it with all his might. The materials that had been fused into the cauldron instantly turned into thousands of forces that fused into the Immortal Slayer Sword and began to reconstruct the Immortal Slayer Sword, gradually taking shape.

In the chaos, Ye Qiu already saw the reconstructed sword embryo emitting an extreme red light. It was exceptionally bloody and violent. This was a divine weapon that symbolized killing and destruction. At this moment, it gradually began to take shape under Ye Qiu’s reconstruction.

It was no longer the rusty fire stick that was like a stone back then. Instead, it had become a brand new and dazzling divine sword!

“Hiss…” When Ye Qiu exerted strength again, the sword embryo in the cauldron slowly flew out and appeared in Lin Qingzhu and Lian Feng’s vision. Lin Qingzhu was completely shocked. Was this still the Immortal Slayer Sword she was familiar with? Why did it seem so unfamiliar at this moment?

“Disciple, blood!” Ye Qiu couldn’t be distracted. He shouted and Lin Qingzhu immediately comprehended. With a flip of her hand, a small dagger cut her fingertip and a drop of blood flew into the Immortal Slayer Sword. “Blood Sacrificial! Fuse!”

Ye Qiu instantly exerted strength. He used Lin Qingzhu’s blood to sacrifice the Immortal Slayer and help her completely refine it. From this moment on, this sword was her Intrinsic Divine Sword. Other than her, no one else could use it even if they obtained it.

The moment the blood fused with the Immortal Slayer Sword, Lin Qingzhu had already sensed the existence of the Immortal Slayer Sword. It was a kind of telepathy, as if this sword was a part of her body.

“What a magical feeling!”

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