The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1108 - Banquet (4)

Chapter 1108: Banquet (4)

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It was as if Mu Zi’s memories were being played on the screen, starting from the time she began her career. Many photos were included in the video, as well as some old videos presented in the form of a comic. There was also a scene showing the elders of the Mu family objecting to her starting a career in the entertainment industry. Everything felt so real…

Mu Zi’s legend was being presented to everyone, reminding them of their past memories of her, right from when she had still been a nobody, showing her experience little by little.

As an exceptional beauty with an amazing voice, her talent was discovered when she entered a singing competition. With her own efforts and her company’s contribution, Mu Yinan supported her in the dark. She became a superstar as a singer, and all of these were being presented to the crowd.

A man’s figure slowly appeared in the video. He was wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses. Every time Mu Zi performed, she would try to search for him in the corners, but no one could see the man’s face clearly.

It was as if she always knew where he would be. Her smile was bright and brilliant when she looked at him.

The atmosphere was turning heavy as the video continued to play.

The video was beginning to show how Mu Zi fell into depression, how she met the mysterious man, and how she had to retire from her career because she had to give birth to Lingtian.

Even so, the mysterious man continued to remain anonymous. Mu Zi’s depression became worse after she gave birth to Mu Lingtian. The elders discussed with Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong, and decided to get Mu Tangchuan to take Mu Lingtian in as his son. Mu Tangchuan went from an uncle to a father, and the news of Mu Zi giving birth was kept a secret from everyone. Afterward, Mu Zi actively participated in therapy, so her depression improved and she returned to her career.

Mu Zi was still popular, so she returned to the top spot in the blink of an eye, but it did not last very long. She was reunited with the mysterious man after a performance, and could not escape from the trap of love. At the same time, this man followed instructions from his family to court a foreign noble lady while dating Mu Zi at the same time…

He ignored Mu Zi completely after that and had a stunning wedding to show how much he loved this noble lady. The man even gave her half of his company’s shares as dowry.

After he got married, Mu Zi still thought she could change him. She tried her best but to no avail. After he left her, she found out that she was pregnant again. Indeed, it was Mu Lingshi this time.

Her depression became severe as she could not make her man stay. She seemed to be losing her marbles, yet she never once revealed who this man was no matter how many times her family asked her.

She had once been a prideful woman, but she could only quietly accept the pain because she did not want to bother his peaceful life. While she did not expect it to affect her family, she felt sorry for her parents and her children.

Mu Zi left the entertainment industry for good and gave birth to Mu Lingshi. However, her depression reached its peak post-partum and she showed signs of schizophrenia. Some time after she gave birth to Mu Lingshi, she ended her life by jumping off a building in the city center.

The Mu family continued to take care of her children without knowing about their father. They were both put under Mu Tangchuan’s name. The family treated the children like their own. Nearly 30 years later, the children grew up but still did not know who their father was…


The long video recorded the brilliant side of Mu Zi, at the same time, mourned her short lifespan.

Not only did the Mu family appear in the video, but there was also Qi Qiming and some people who were very close to Mu Zi when she had still been alive like her manager, Lu Xinlan, who had passed away.

Many people among the guests were Mu Zi’s fans. They started to tear up when they watched the video.

After Mu Zi passed away, Mu Yinan and Qi Qiming did their best to suppress the news.

Everyone could already guess who the man was. When the fact that a foreign noble lady was mentioned, along with a grand wedding, the first thing that came to mind was when Gu Qiwu married his wife, Doris!

Who else could it be aside from Gu Qiwu?

Everyone fell silent after watching the video!

Mu Zi’s death had always been a mystery. Who would have expected the truth to turn out this way?

Mu Zi’s short life had ended too quickly. Who else still remembered her? Only her tragic story was left lingering in this world.

The whole hall turned quiet as if everyone was mourning for Mu Zi!

If Mu Zi had not met with Gu Qiwu, just how far would she have gone?

She was the daughter of the Glory World Corporation family, the Mu family’s treasure. Her father was the CEO of Glory World and her mother was military personnel while her brother and sister-in-law were well-known figures in the government. She was a woman full of talent and power.

Who would have expected a lady like her to meet her end so early?

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