The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1126 - Ridiculous Joke! (2)

Chapter 1126: Ridiculous Joke! (2)

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Gu Lingsha bore the grievance and pain as she walked out of Doris’s ward.

The second she walked out, she saw Ah Yong talking to the bodyguards.

She thought about it before wiping away her tears and forgetting about the pain on her face. Then, she walked up in a few huge strides and called to interrupt him, “Ah Yong! Hold on! Where’s my father? Why isn’t he with my mother? Where did he go?”

If it were in the past, Gu Qiwu would have been right by Doris’s side by now, but now he was nowhere to be found. Gu Lingsha thought it was very weird, so she could not help but question.

When Ah Yong heard Gu Lingsha’s voice, he turned to look and saw the clear mark of a slap on her face. Evidently, it was Doris’s work.

Doris was always like that. Even in a public place with everyone around, she did not give Gu Qiwu any face at all, much less Gu Lingsha.

However, from the looks of this, Gu Lingsha seemed to be unclear about what had happened. He thought about it before responding, “Miss Lingsha, Boss isn’t too feeling too well, so he went out…”

“I’m asking you where he is right now. My mother’s in such a state. Where else would he have the mood to go? What’s the deal with the thing with Mu Zi? Do you know about it as well? Tell me!”

“No, no! Miss Lingsha, I’m just a subordinate. I don’t know anything! Boss has already returned to the mansion. It’s best if you ask him these things yourself!” Ah Yong was quite confused about everything, so he naturally dared not comment much.

Gu Lingsha took a deep breath and said a few more things to him before she left the hospital.

Nonetheless, she had barely stepped out when the reporters that were stationed outside immediately surrounded her, obviously, to ask about Gu Qiwu and Mu Zi, as well as how she had pushed Doris down the stairs.

“Miss Gu, what do you know about Mr. Gu and Mu Zi?”

“Are you and Mu Lingshi really sisters?”

“Did Madam Gu’s child make it?”

“You accidentally pushed Mrs. Gu down the stairs. Did you know about her pregnancy before that?”

“Mr. Gu didn’t acknowledge Mu Lingshi. Is it because of Mrs. Gu’s pregnancy? Why won’t you all accept Mu Lingshi?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything! I don’t know!”

The questions came one after another, each sharper than the last. Gu Lingsha felt like her head was about to explode!

By the time the bodyguards managed to get her out, she was already in a sorry state to the point that when she reached Qi Feng, she started to sob uncontrollably.

Qi Feng’s eyes were profound as he looked at the vulnerable Gu Lingsha. After a while, he sighed helplessly and handed her a tissue. His raspy voice was filled with emotional concern. “Alright, don’t cry now. Get in the car first.”

As he said this, he shifted and made space for her.

Gu Lingsha sniffled as she sobbed. She blinked her reddened eyes and felt extremely sad. “Ah Feng, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I was just worried that Mother was going to be hurt by Mu Lingshi. I didn’t know Mother was pregnant. I hurt her, but I really didn’t do it on purpose!” Gu Lingsha explained sadly. Her voice had become hoarse from all the crying too. Right then, she was filled with guilt every time she thought of Doris. She felt like a knife had been plunged in her heart. Initially, their relationship had already been strained because of Weiwei and Qi Feng, and now from the looks of things…

“Alright, Mother’s still angry now, but you should calm down too. Go over in a few days.” Qi Feng did not know how to console her either. He lowered his gaze and advised her calmly before getting the driver to start the car.

Gu Lingsha wanted to find out what exactly was the deal with Gu Qiwu and Mu Zi. Last night was a mess and she could not get things straight!

How was Mu Zi suddenly related to Gu Qiwu now?

Was Mu Lingtian her brother? And Mu Lingshi her sister?

How could this be?

“Chauffeur Li, go straight to the Gu Mansion!” Gu Lingsha had just instructed when Qi Feng immediately spoke up with a different order, “Back to the Qi residence right away!”

“Ah Feng, no, I want to go to the Gu mansion. I want to ask about all of this!” She quickly held onto Qi Feng’s arm and said uncontrollably.

“Shasha, I think right now you need to calm down. Now’s not the time to ask about these things. There are still those reporters following us behind. If you want to make things worse, you can go. I won’t stop you! Weiwei’s frightened and still hasn’t woken up till now. You should care about her first.”

“Weiwei…right, there’s still Weiwei…” Gu Lingsha was dazed as she muttered before suddenly turning to look at Qi Feng. “Ah Feng, I’m sure that Mu Lingshi and the rest were behind this. We can’t let them off! I don’t believe that Father would do that to Mother! Tell me, this must be a hoax, isn’t it?”

When she asked that, Qi Feng’s eyes darkened and he fell silent for a long time without answering her.

“Answer me!” Gu Lingsha urged anxiously while uneasiness gathered in her blue eyes! She was afraid of knowing the answer!

If Mu Lingshi really was her sister, that meant…

“I hope that this all isn’t true too, but based on my understanding of Mu Yuchen and the Mu family, no one would joke about this. The thing with Mu Zi has always been a secret. It’s not a bad thing to let it remain a secret. Mu Yuchen was just a step ahead of us. He really gave it a lot of thought!”

You could not quite tell how Qi Feng was feeling underneath that distant tone of his.

“Does that mean all of it is real? Is Lingtian my older brother? And Mu Lingshi is my younger sister from the same father but a different mother?” Gu Lingsha widened her eyes at Qi Feng as her hands that lay on her knees suddenly tightened!

“Mu Yuchen has no doubt tossed us a bomb this time. I heard about it from Morrison too. A while ago, Mu Yuchen had already sent Father and Mu Lingshi’s DNA for a test, and the results showed that…he was probably holding back till this day. He put all of the wrongdoings on Father and Mother to show that Mu Zi was the innocent one. I didn’t know that Mu Yuchen could pull such a despicable move.”

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