The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1431 - Getting Along 5

Chapter 1431 Getting Along 5

Mu Yuchen caught her fist and pulled her into his embrace while his hand swiftly circled her waist. He tightly pulled her into his arms and held her head, then he lowered his head before a cold kiss abruptly stopped her words.

She struggled for a bit, but her little wriggles were just amusing to him.

Before she could react, she felt something cold behind her, and she found herself trapped before the wall with his tall figure looming before her.

The man recklessly had a taste of her, and then with one hand propped against the wall, he looked down at her with an unfathomable gaze. His eyes seemed as if they wanted to swallow her. She could not help but tremble slightly as she subconsciously pushed him away. “Don’t come so close. I can barely breathe.”

“Say those words from earlier again. Who’s got cheap taste now?” His lowered voice had a hint of pressure to it!

Oh no, he had heard her!

Xi Xiaye looked up at him embarrassedly, and then silently lowered her head, not making a sound. She knew all too well that keeping quiet now was better than saying anything more.

When he saw her acting like a young married woman, he said unhappily although he actually thought it was funny, “Don’t think that you’re off the hook just cause you keep quiet. I have ways to make you speak up. You’re quite the hardy one, aren’t you? You want to put who in their place? Tell me again.”

“I was just rambling…Mister Mu, please don’t take it to heart. I didn’t mean it…” she explained in a daze.

“It’s too late for you to admit your mistake now!”

“What…? Mmm!”

When he pushed her against the soft bed behind her, Xi Xiaye’s first reaction was to practically shout out towards the door, “Xiao Mei, come in!”

“No one’s allowed to come in!”

Just as she said that, the man’s low and intimidating voice was heard. Xiao Mei, who had just walked up to the office door, immediately stopped and ran far, far away.

“I was wrong, Mister Mu. Can’t I be wrong? It’s almost time!”

“I’ll let you off this time, but it won’t be this easy the next time.” He shot her an unhappy glance, then nipped her neck as a punishment. She cried out and then kicked him unhappily. “Are you a dog?”

When Master Mu heard that, his expression sank. He looked at her and then said cruelly, “I’ll get back at you tonight!”


“You’re quite the rebel now, are you?”

“I’m not just a rebel. I’m unreasonable too, so what about it?” Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him as she pulled her skirt down. “If you take another step forward, I won’t go.”

Mu Yuchen frowned in bewilderment. His girl seemed to have more of a temper recently!

He thought about it, then asked obscurely, “Are you on your thing?”

Xi Xiaye was puzzled by this question.

Thing? What thing?

She thought about it, then realized what he was referring to, so she immediately grabbed a pillow from the side to toss at him angrily.

“You’re the one on your time of the month! You really can’t say anything good, can you!?”

“You show me how!” He looked at her with a chuckle, then reached out a hand to her. “Alright, let’s not go too far now. Gather yourself and then we can leave. Your hair’s looking like a bird’s nest.”

She paused, then put her hand into his warm palm.

The resting lounge had a simple dressing table. However, when she saw her hair in the mirror, she was quite shocked.

That fellow was quite good with his hands. At first, he was not great at it, but she let him torment her hair a few times, and now he could create a simple and beautiful bun. While the pattern was one that she did often, it was done quite neatly.

When the husband and wife left Fuhua Real Estate, it was already half past 6 p.m. The car was waiting at the entrance, and the two of them got in quickly.

Glory World’s annual meetings had always been held at Imperial Sky Hotel these past few years. In fact, every year it was done on a huge scale. They had joined the movies and television scene for quite a while now and signed many artistes on. A-listers like Caitlin would come over every year to add to the fun which was the annual meeting’s highlight. Besides that, people like Chairman Mu and his wife were well known public figures in the scene. Every year they would show up together, which was a rare sight to see.

Everyone knew that Chairman Mu rarely attended such banquets because of his Madam Mu. If he could not attend events, he would reject them unless it was an occasion that he had to show up at.

When the husband and wife went over, the banquet had begun. Vice President Zhang Lan was giving a speech as Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye went straight to their seats.

However, what surprised Xi Xiaye was the fact that Yang Sheng had come over too. His seat was at the same table as theirs. She smiled and nodded at Yang Sheng to greet him while she asked the man beside her, “You invited him?”

Mu Yuchen was speaking to Vice President Liu Lingyu beside him at the moment. When he felt Xi Xiaye nudge him, he stopped talking and turned to look at her. His gaze quickly went to Yang Sheng and he responded, “It should be Qi Lei who’s here, but I guess he can’t make it, so Yang Sheng decided to come.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Xi Xiaye asked, puzzled, while her brows were furrowed into a knot.

“It’s not convenient for him to show up at the moment. I’m afraid he’s overwhelmed with work these past few days. Earlier, VP Liu told me about the situation on his end. There’s nothing much. They can start after the New Year. The new company’s opening ceremony will be on the 15th day after the New Year, which coincides with the Spring Festival. The invitation has been sent to me.”

Xi Xiaye understood Mu Yuchen, so she nodded. “Good then. We can invite him to Xiaocheng’s first birthday too. Since it’s just a family dinner, there aren’t many people anyway.”

“I’ve told him already, and he’s coming.”

After a few glasses of drinks, Xi Xiaye could feel the alcohol kicking in, so she went to stand on the balcony while Mu Yuchen continued to chat with some business partners. She did not want to disturb him anyway.

“CEO Xi!”

Xi Xiaye had just lowered her head to take a sip of tea when she heard someone call out to her from behind.

Stunned, she quickly turned to look and saw Yang Sheng walking towards her.

“Assistant Yang? Are you happy with the banquet so far?” Xi Xiaye held her tea as she drank to him.

Yang Sheng responded to the courtesy and took a sip of his drink too before he continued, “Very good, very happy. Glory World’s progressing quite well. Even Master Qi’s in admiration. You and Chairman Mu are both capable people, CEO Xi.”

“How’s Qi Lei? We haven’t been in much contact since his return.”

Knowing that Mu Yuchen would help resolve matters made her feel more at ease. Beneath that sub-conscience of hers, she could feel that Mu Yuchen assured her. Even when it came to Qi Lei, he could definitely resolve things well.

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