The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 2108 - Happiness In One’s Lifetime (1)

Chapter 2108: Happiness In One’s Lifetime (1)

The next morning, Lan Xiu woke up from his trance. He subconsciously reached out towards the side for her but did not feel Leng Xinran, so he woke up immediately. He quickly turned his head and saw that beside him it had long been empty, there was still her warmth under the blanket, and her fragrance filled the entire room.

The scenes from yesterday flooded into his mind. Even now, he still could not believe that it was real. That bone-piercing feeling made him inexplicably tense up.

He laid his hands behind his head leisurely, thinking about how she had fallen asleep with an aggrieved look on her face. He did not let her go either—

He had to admit that everything seemed to be very beautiful.

He eased up a little and quickly got up. He took a sleeping robe from the side and put it on, trying to find Leng Xinran’s figure.

Behind him, he finally found Leng Xinran at the bay window of the bedroom balcony.

Leng Xinran was sitting at the bay window, looking at the scenery outside. She was only wearing a large shirt of Lan Xiu’s. The thick curtain on the side covered her. If one did not look carefully, it would not be easy to find her figure.

“Good morning!”

Lan Xiu walked over and handed over one of the cups of tea in his hand.

“Good morning.”

Leng Xinran turned her head and glanced at him. She obediently took the tea from his hand, lowered her head, and took two sips. Her five fingers simply combed her messy hair.

Lan Xiu looked at her for a long time, but he did not ignore the marks on her neck. His gaze darkened for a moment, and Leng Xinran seemed to have realized something. Seeing his deep gaze, she turned away with a blush and looked out of the window.

Seeing this, Lan Xiu knew that she was a little embarrassed. He chuckled and sat down beside her. “How are you?”

Seeing that her face was a little red, Lan Xiu could not help but smile.

Leng Xinran glanced at him indifferently and did not answer.

Lan Xiu could only take a deep breath. Suddenly, he reached out and gently held her hand. Looking at the back of her thin hand, he suddenly tightened his grip and looked up at her. “Xinran, let’s get married, okay?”

At this point, he also felt that they should get married. Previously, he did not know how to break through this gap. Now that everything was so natural, it seemed that there was no reason not to think about this matter.

As soon as Lan Xiu said that, Leng Xinran paused for a moment. She drank the tea in her cup carelessly. After a long while, she replied calmly, “I’ll leave it to you. Let’s just register, and forget about the rest.”

Leng Xinran did not have any expectations for marriage, so she did not care about the wedding. She had never been interested in these things, so it was better to do something practical.

Lan Xiu understood what she meant. He thought for a while and said, “A wedding…”

“It doesn’t matter whether there’s a wedding or not. After registering, aren’t we a real couple? I don’t think you care about that. I’ve been busy with work recently, and I don’t want to spend too much time dealing with these things.”

“Let’s register our marriage tomorrow,” Lan Xiu said quickly, afraid that she would change her mind. Because she was calm and indifferent, he felt a little scared and uneasy, so it was better to get things done as soon as possible.

Leng Xinran seemed to be able to catch Lan Xiu’s anxious tone. She looked at him deeply, “It’s because of what happened last night, so…”

“I’ve always wanted to marry you, but you never agreed to it. Now that… things have come to this, it’s good.”

He did not want to drag this on any longer. This matter had to be done as soon as possible so that it would not be too late. After thinking about it, it was best to be more decisive. After all, he was sure that it was her.

“I keep feeling like we should be together anyway. So, at least we’re excited for our future life. We…”


Before Lan Xiu could finish his sentence, Leng Xinran suddenly agreed.

“If that’s the case, then we’ll do as you say.”

Leng Xinran was not such a pretentious woman. Now that they had reached this stage, they should be able to fulfill their wish, right?

At this moment, she did not feel too much. Perhaps, when she wanted to get along with him, she had already made all the preparations.

Seeing that she had agreed, Lan Xiu heaved a sigh of relief.

“The weather is still cold in the morning. Take a shower and change your clothes. I’ll go get your clothes for you.”

Of course, he did not dare to look at her white and fair pair of legs. Otherwise, the scenes from last night would flood into his mind, causing him to be unable to hold back the excitement in his heart. At this moment, he also felt like he was running away.

Lan Xiu was also a person who acted quickly. He was a man of his word. The next morning, after breakfast, Leng Xinran, who was preparing to go to the office, was stopped by him just as she walked to the door.

At that time, Leng Xinran was naturally a little strange. He reminded her in annoyance. Later on, Leng Xinran only remembered that they had previously agreed to register.

Therefore, the two of them spent some time and went straight to the civil affairs bureau.

Because they came early, the procedures were completed smoothly and quickly. Before 10 o’clock, the two of them had finished all the procedures and walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“Get off work early in the evening. We’ll celebrate and then go back to the Leng family to visit.”

Lan Xiu walked her to the car and reminded her.

Leng Xinran nodded and turned to look at the rising sun. “I see. You should go back to the company too. I remember you have a meeting in the morning. I’m afraid you won’t be able to make it in time.”

“It’s already moved to the afternoon,” Lan Xiu answered and opened the car door for her. Leng Xinran did not stand on ceremony and sat in the car. She fastened her seatbelt, then turned her head and said to him outside the car window, “Then you can take care of yourself. I’m going back to the company. I have to go to the factory later, time is a little tight.”

Lan Xiu nodded and watched her leave with a smile.

Leng Xinran did not think too much about it. She started the car and left.

Lan Xiu stood in the same spot silently and watched her car disappear into the crowd of cars in front of him. He did not know how to react for a long time.

He did not know how much time had passed until he felt a warm sensation on his body. He finally came back to his senses. He lowered his head and looked at the document bag in his hand, it felt heavy—

Inside it was the information of the two of them, their marriage certificate…

That was a certificate that meant they had become a couple.

For some reason, when Lan Xiu held the document bag, he could not help but feel a surge of emotions…

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